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Just wanted to say thanks :)
04-26-2013, 03:10 AM,
Just wanted to say thanks :)
I started losing my hair when I was about 23 years old after my fiancee passed away. I went through a deep depression, and although I was able to recover from the depression and pick myself up, my hair was never the same. Perhaps the depression just coincided with when my hair was going to fall out anyway, but either way, my hair was saying goodbye to me, which in itself was making me sad once again, since my profession (acting and singing) puts a lot of importance on youthfulness and good looks. My trademark became wearing a hat, but when it came to acting, I was not going to be able to wear a hat in every play or movie that I did.

I heard about TopLace when I was looking at hairloss forums for tips on using Toppik and Dermmatch. A few years went by when I finally decided to make a purchase. As soon as I got the piece cut in, and as soon as it was attached to my head, I could see myself again, the way I pictured myself. I can't describe the joy I felt as those tears ran down my face and I saw that full head of hair once again.

I've been wearing now for about three years, and am now 33 years old, and although people always thought I looked younger than I actually am, I look even younger now with my new hair. People think I am either a senior in high school, or not a day over 22! I have more confidence, and now I feel there is nothing holding me back from looking my best and going after what I want.

Sure, people might think that it's all superficial, that it doesn't matter what you look like, and although it's true, liking what you look like helps bring out that inner you for everyone to see. And when girls are looking your way, smiling, flirting, winking, and even complimenting your hair, well, where's the negative in that? Smile

So thanks, John, and TopLace, for helping me get that confidence back. You've truly changed my life! Smile
04-26-2013, 06:57 AM,
RE: Just wanted to say thanks :)
im pleased youre part of the magic we all enjoy.

it takes bravery and Perseverance , yeah the de bonds a pain, touch ups easy as hell.

the reward, well I think you put that over better than I could,

its a buzz!

04-26-2013, 11:20 AM,
RE: Just wanted to say thanks :)
Hi Mender,
Thanks for that wonderful post! It's always great to hear about people that change their life with hair. It IS a life changer. You feel complete and more self confident. People view you differently and you see yourself differently--both inward and outward. Thank you.
04-26-2013, 12:30 PM,
RE: Just wanted to say thanks :)
Congrats to you !!!! When you look good and feel good about yourself you radiate joy and happiness, others are drawn to that. Ware on !!!!
04-26-2013, 06:33 PM,
RE: Just wanted to say thanks :)
Dude, i can relate so much to everything you just said...Im only 22 right now and while i haven't started wearing, my dream is also to be an actor, and it broke my heart when i started losing my hair, i've always wanted to be an actor my entire life...i didn't want something that i cant control ruin that, i want to feel young again, i want to look at myself in pictures with confidence instead of seeing a receding hairline, i do fine with girls because im funny, but i think about how much more of a difference if i had a kick ass head of hair. I can honestly say that after reading this post im ordering a piece immediately. Thank you for your encouragement and best of luck in your career and i hope to see you at the academy awards some day! Wink
10-02-2013, 08:42 AM,
RE: Just wanted to say thanks :)
Totally late reply (sorry!), but thanks so much! You can do it man! Don't ever give up on what you want to do. Congrats on taking the plunge and I hope that you've been more confident since Smile I'll see you at those academy awards some day!
10-02-2013, 11:36 AM,
RE: Just wanted to say thanks :)
Hi Mender, I have a question for you. I am also into acting and am wondering what you do in terms of the hair and makeup department. (Since wearing I've been too nervous to act and have been focusing on video production - cinematography and stuff). For any role on any set they put makeup on you. I've found that they tend to do a base coat on your face to reduce shine and even skin tones, while doing this coat I notice the usually push back your hair at the hairline and put makeup into the first half inch or so of the hairline. Is this a problem while wearing? I fear they would A: Accidentally peel back the lace a bit unless I have a rockstar attachment and see that I'm wearing or B: put makeup into the lace making it easy to see the lace.

Have you run into issues there? I also know that between takes the makeup person will frantically run onto the set to fix your hair if it has any fly-aways or moved weird in the last take. Seems like you constantly have someone's fingers in your hair or a comb running through it. Before the shoot they also tend to style your hair. Do you just have to tell them before hand that you wear? I just feel it would be impossible to hide it. Not to mention all the extreme close-ups under harsh lighting. Obviously famous actors can get away with it because they hire a personal assistant for hair and makeup... but for less known actors what issues do you run into? Thanks so much! I've literally stopped acting because of wearing! But I love acting and want to start back up!
10-03-2013, 03:02 AM,
RE: Just wanted to say thanks :)
I think it's pretty safe.
I wear and i'm a producer.
Just give the make-up department a heads up.

Just look at this trailer for a pretty big movie, everybody wears hair in this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnaojlfdUbs

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