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First cut in with thin skin (PICS)
10-12-2013, 06:47 AM,
RE: First cut in with thin skin (PICS)
For me....

Lace Pros= Better hairlines, better hair direction and hair control, More attachment options. You can easily use a non res tape like stick it tape or super tape, get a really long bond, and than when you remove you have practically no clean up. I think the scalp appearance on lace can be very good with the right lace and bleached knots. Lace is airy and cooler makes your scalp breath. Can do just a perimeter attachment and feel comfortable.

Cons of lace= Hair can get poked through underneath the lace. Glue can bleed through the lace even though I never had this problem. If the knots aren't bleached properly they can be visible if the unit was made poorly.. On certain types of lace at certain lighting conditions you can see a grid pattern. Anything that leaves a residue like liquid glues can be annoying to clean from lace. Mirror slides etc.

Pros of skin- Can get a good scalp appearance if you get injected skin. glue doesn't bleed through the material.. Liquid glues are easier to clean up off of skin.. can just wipe it down. Hairs won't come through the underside of the base. for some people skin is a good choice for daily wear and attaching with got2b glued products.

Cons- hair direction isn't as good, typically the hairline isn't as good as lace nor the ventilation. Skin, especially the very thin skins limits you to only using liquid adhesives. I also believe skin limits you to doing entire head bonds. If you only do the perimeter the air between your scalp and thinskin will get hot and full of sweat and oils.

The bottom line is it all depends on your needs. If your a guy who wears full head glue bonds, than your better off with skin if you want an easier clean up. If your a guy who likes using tape and perimeter attachments, or you like to wear your hair combed back exposing a lot of hairline, than your better off with lace. It all depends on your situation. You might even benefit the most from a combination of the two.. or a hybrid unit. For me personally.. the best overall looking hair system to me goes to lace.

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