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First cut in with thin skin (PICS)
02-03-2013, 08:43 AM,
RE: First cut in with thin skin (PICS)
Agreed. Thanks hairenough! Fantastic post. Very helpful. Confirms and puts into words a lot of the things I have been thinking. Answers a lot of questions I had as well.

Definitely injected for me.

Last question:

The only close up pic I have found of injected hair piece is this one from a different retailer. They wouldn't specify in e-mail the thickness of their base (they said they didn't know - imagine that), but I presume it is similar to TL.

Anyway, I'm just wondering: It does look super incredibly realistic in terms of hair growing out of the scalp. But there is also an almost computerized regularity to the spacing of the hair. Looks a tiny bit unnatural in its uniformity (doll's hair).

Have you had that issue with your own pieces, or is this something I am just imagining?


Thanks again. I plan on a lifetime of wearing, so your experience is very helpful.

Also, I found a good v-loop picture I think that exemplifies some of the flaws you were describing (disorganization, random directions):


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