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First cut in with thin skin (PICS)
02-03-2013, 04:47 AM,
RE: First cut in with thin skin (PICS)
To clarify things guys, I think lace hairlines look more natural than thin skin injected hairlines but the grid pattern and sticky mess is a real pain. And they lace only looks good at the front if you have blonde hair, or order a blonde front on dark hair and color it yourself. Even then it goes yellow after a while and I do not like it. If you have dark hair and don't get a blonde front the unit will not come with well bleached knots. Your supplier will tell you it will but trust me, on dark brown or black hair those knots will be there, making you self concious. This is why every time you see hi resolution pics posted of hairlines, they are light color hair or they have a light front. And to expose the hairline fully the attachment has to be flawless all the time. It's too much work. So I would brush it forward half the time anyway. Which defeats the whole point of having a lace hairline And random hairs on lace stick up crazily, like straight up, because the knots loosen and the hair changes direction against the herd and it doesn't look natural.

Injected forward thin skin hairlines are hard to spike straight up and back without strong gel and look less natural when trying to wear that style, so a forward or to the side style works best. I want a covered hairline anyway to make life easier so I do not mind this. When brushed forward it looks perfect and I much prefer the hair at the front to hair on a lace system because lace has knots and multiple hairs tied to knots which is not so natural and feels thick and heavy. Injection lets every hair be separate and this gives you a soft realistic feel to the hair all over. You know when you run your hand through your lace hair and it just doesn't feel real? With injection that's not so much the case.The hair on a thin skin injection unit can be parted anywhere and you get a perfect realistic look to the part, even at the hairine.

I hate V-Looping because the hairs go all random directions. A short style does not work well because the hairs do not want to go all one direction, they want to direct out either side of the loop. Real hair does not grow like this. Also, it has far too much bounce and flump and is very difficult to style when it is short and looks bad. Longer styles ( a few inches or more) are ok and the hairline is better than injection for longer styles. But for short, neat styles like I wear V-looping is really bad in my experience. Injection is the closest thing to natural hair growth that's on the market. And so I am happy to have it.

For the injected crown I recommend wetting the hair with warm water and plucking out a few hairs to create a very slightly thinner look. Then you get near perfection and no one is ever going to look at your crown (in a queue or say behind you at the cinema) and think there's anything wrong. With lace if someone stares at your crown at close range it's like "wtf is his crown like that?"

Wind isn't a problem with skin. You get a good tight bond on the hairline and it is not sticky so hairs are not stuck to the forehead. This meand a clean hairline. Plus with the injection going forward it would take a lot of wind to blow it straight back with a short style. So it's no problem. When I wore lace, wind was something I tried to avoid by wearing hats. Then I take my hat off and there is hat fluff or hairs stuck to my hairline. With skin the glue stays between the base and the scalp, so it is clean and dry to the touch.

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