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First cut in with thin skin (PICS)
02-02-2013, 08:59 AM,
RE: First cut in with thin skin (PICS)

Why do you hate v-looping?

All the reasons you posted in favor of skin are the same reasons I decided long ago I would never buy lace. In particular, the issues with lace grid and knots were big for me.

I have not worked with any hair pieces yet as I think I can still use my existing hair a few months longer before I get a frontal partial and go from there.

When you tried the v-loop what did you dislike about it? Was it not as natural looking?

Also, how do you find the hairline with the injected when it is well bonded? I also comb my hair forward (have done so for 15 years now). But what about if there is wind, or you need temple flaps so there is more frontal hairline. Is it acceptable to look at?

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