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First cut in with thin skin (PICS)
02-01-2013, 09:08 AM,
RE: First cut in with thin skin (PICS)
msebas: It hasn't been long enough for me to tell. I secured it the first time with tape. I really want to do the got2b glued method, however haven't gotten it to adhere well yet. I'm still in the testing stage. Otherwise, it feels nice.

hersute: Thank you. It is actually a stock color and was impressed with how close it was. I haven't really tried with the hairline yet. The only complaint I have about it so for is that the hairline keeps curling up and is very hard to work with. I still need to practice.

Hairenough: I actually want a lower density and plan to thin the crown a bit more. I didn't want to jump straight from a very balding crown right into a flawless head of hair.

krd: I will try to get one on this thread.

From what I have seen so far, Hairenough is correct on all accounts. The realism of the scalp against lace can be compared to the image quality of Citizen Kane vs. Avatar. It is top notch. Another problem I had with my lace unit was the venting. My hair would always want to stand straight up no matter what I did. Once I get the bonding process down, I think I will be very happy.

stealth: I'm actually want to try that. I'll let you know.

hairenough: Do you apply knot sealer tot he underside of your skin base?

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