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This is another problem I have (pic)
12-06-2012, 10:15 PM,
This is another problem I have (pic)
I've just taken a shot after washing my hair to see if it's getting worse. I've no comprehension of what type of hair loss this is.

Can I even get a partial to fit here on this thinning area. There is a slim chance that I may be able to improve it but it's slim. Years ago when I was taking dutasteride it remained but when I added a minox-retinA-sawpalmetto topical it went away. Unfortunately I can't use dutasteride anymore because it kills my libido and makes me depressed. My body seems to need DHT.

Many thanks in advance
12-07-2012, 01:50 AM,
RE: This is another problem I have (pic)
If I see the picture correctly, the top seems to be ok and the back/bottom is thinning out. This is a hard palce for a partial to correct. To be on the positive side I have seem many men cutting their hair regulary on the top and almost brush cut sides and back. You might be able to pull that off. When cut short and maybe a little concealler might do the trick. Just my opinion. Hope I opened up a route for you to try. Good luck
12-07-2012, 05:14 AM,
RE: This is another problem I have (pic)
Thanks for you input Paul I am sure you have helped him out . It is not always easy and not all thin patches are the same. In my pre wearing days , I self cut my hair once and to my horror I just seemed to of focused to much in an area in the back . It seemed I was to aggressive and took out to much hair. I was really freaking out.I knew time would correct it with growing hair. In the meantime I went and buy a mascara brush that was closest to my own color and just applied it to the sort of bald spot. Not to much just enough to cover it up. It really worked and I had bought waterproof mascara and it held its color for about 3 shampooings. Maybee an option to concider.
12-07-2012, 05:37 AM,
RE: This is another problem I have (pic)
Hi msebas.... that could work for him --it`s hard to see properly as the picture is blurred--- my feeling though, is that once that thinning has set in, it won`t stop, so probably some type of system will be required..it`s an unusual one though.
Just had another thought too -- I wonder would it be possible to utilise a stock and simply cut out the required size ---- the only thing which might not make it possible, is the
curvature which is built into the stock system, though that would slacken considerably once the cut ` across` was made. It looks like a relatively small area as such. I wonder would the shape of the back-perimeter of the system be problematic ? Possibly not..... a stock has the shape of a Rugby ball [oval] --- this might actually be good at the bottom/nape--just shave the hair in an oval shape---the top could be cut ` across` to whatever shape is desired.------ it`s worth considering as the colour looks like it could be available in a stock....John could give a better ` guesstimate` !
12-07-2012, 06:31 AM,
RE: This is another problem I have (pic)
Honestly.. I would just experiment with concealers. I can't see it being reasonable to wear a hair system for that spot. I mean you could try it, Maybe it would work, I just never seen anyone use a hair system like that before.

Have you tried a different hair style? Like buzzing your sides and back really short, and have it get longer on top like a fade?

Honestly.. if it were me.. yeah its annoying to deal with concealers.. but thats the route I would go. Id even look into that hair tattooing procedure.. which is basically a perm hair concealer. I think it would probably work in your particular case. Try dermmatch and/or prothik. get dark pillow cases so u don't have to worry about stains etc. I rather deal with spraying a concealer on than attaching a hair system in a tricky spot. Those concealers can work amazing.. and I know it will solve your problem. You just have to find the one that works the best for you and get used to using them. But in my opinion with the amount of hairloss you have and its odd location.. Again.. concealers.. hair tatooing.. Id def explore my options in that direction before a hair system.

And in all honesty.. Despite what some people are saying here.. using a concealer is extremely easy once you get the hang of it. It will take you literally 30 seconds or less.. and you will get good results. U can also spray ur hair with a little hairspray and than comb the excess color out. You get better at using them and can reduce the residual color that can rub off. I honestly don't know why anyone would recommend that you shave your head and use a hair system for that kind of hair loss when theres 100 concealers out there that are 10x easier to use and would look great.
12-07-2012, 08:15 AM,
RE: This is another problem I have (pic)
Thanks for all you feedback guys, it is so very appreciated. I have to say I am feeling a bit sorry for myself right now cos I can't get transplant due to no donor, I can't shave it all off due to having craniosynostosis, can't take finasteride cos of side effects and it seems it is gonna be a bit trickier than usual to wear a hair peice. It seems I'm doomed.

I have no idea why I am losing hair down there. It's been thin there is childhood. I wonder if it's bad blood supply due to the pointedness of my head at the back and the skin feeling thinner or if it's some sort of psoriasis of the occipital, it does get a bit scaly there.

I think I am leaning the way of using concealers as they will allow me to attempt to treat the area and hope it sorts itself out. I am gonna start applying lipogain x2 or 3 times daily cos minox and retinA have helped there in the past. Although it doesn't look like it I am thinning at the top as well just no way near as bad. Finasteride or dutasteride never stopped that thinning on their own but when I added the aforementioned minox, retinA, saw palmetto combo years ago it seemed to thicken back up but this was with using dutasteride as well. Can't use that anymore as it makes me depressed and wipes out all of my remaining sex drive, in fact, it's already permanently damaged my libido as it's been 3 years not taking it now and I'm no way near as you used to be.

I'm pretty screwed:-(
12-07-2012, 10:45 AM,
RE: This is another problem I have (pic)
Or what about shaving from front to back and committing to a full on hair piece that goes all the way. Can that be done. I've just about had it with this.

If I can get a hair piece that looks good, is undetectable, stays on under moderate exertion and requires no more that 2 hours maintenance a week and costs less that £2000 a year then I'm in.

Tell me that's possible cos I'm tired of worrying about this?

One other thing. I get itchy from MPB in all the areas I am thinning, front, crown and back of the head. Will wearing exacerbate this?

Thanks again
12-07-2012, 11:29 AM,
RE: This is another problem I have (pic)
I don't know man.. I don't get it. Unless you lost a lot of your hair on top and needed a hair system why would you shave your whole head to wear a system for. I don't know it just doesn't make much sense to me. you have a thinning area in the back of your head. Ill trade with you.. I'll take that over having an entire head thats bald with a headshape of a freaking alien. lol

Honestly dude.. I mean you took cocktails of drugs that fucked you up.. You want to shave off all your hair and tape/glue a hair system on top of what looks like thick hair.. But the simplest, easiest, most basic, and probably the best solution you don't seem that interested in. I really can't comprehend it lol. a few shots of prothik in that area and it would look like there wasn't even a thin spot at all. They have so many types of concealers out there. Why would you look anywhere else? If I were you I would 100 percent AT LEAST try a freakin concealer. If you don't like it, than at least you tried it. And you wouldn't be wasting a ton of money. They have sprays, they have powders, they have one that is like a makeup that goes on easy called dermmatch they have cream and gel versions.

Two i have used and liked are prothik spray, and dermmatch. Once you get the hang of using them its extremely simple and very good results.
12-07-2012, 11:44 AM,
RE: This is another problem I have (pic)
Dude I'm hearing you, I really am. That is definitely gonna be my first plan of action. I already use toppik now and then when I don't wear a cap. I have the applicator spray thingy as well which makes it easier in that area particularly. However nothing works for my hair line so I am definitely getting a partial so I figured why not just get a full on wig. I am just considering all options.

The reason for considering the whole top of the head to be replaced is cos I figured it'd be easier perhaps (correct me if I'm wrong) to blend it in. I dunno I'm totally knew to this so I don't know!

Another reason is a wig isn't gonna come off in heavy rain. A wig doesn't feel like a sticky mess like toppik does after spraying on the locking spray.

I will look into derma match but again that dries the skin so I'm told and I have already got peeling and dry skin in that particular area. This is why I'm considering all options. I'd just like to get a nice peice that looks good and be happy with my hair/ the hair

Cheers once again

Oh and I have no idea what a fade is and buzzing my hair short just makes it look like I have a randomly placed bald patch at the back of my head. I've buzzed the whole lot down before and I look like a lumpy egg on legs
12-07-2012, 12:57 PM,
RE: This is another problem I have (pic)

do a google search for "receded93"

The first link that comes up will be of interest to you regarding front partials.

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