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tape vs glue for all lace
11-24-2012, 02:10 AM,
tape vs glue for all lace
The unit I am wearing is my first one. It has the poly band around it. I do not like the "bump" that is there. I am considering going to all lace without poly on next order. Three questions.

I want to get two weeks between removal. Will extenda bond tape last that long?

Which will do the most damage and shorten life of all lace unit... tape or glue?

I realize nothing is perfect but which will be harder to detect on all lace... tape or glue?
11-24-2012, 06:29 AM,
RE: tape vs glue for all lace
Glue is less detectable .. tape is easier to remove and clean up. Try both and make up your own mind. I hate to promote other companies, but hairdirect has a sampler tape package that you can buy. It includes different types of tapes.. so you can try different ones and see what you like best. Liquid glue looks the best on the hairline, but if your attaching with all glue than clean up might be a hassle.

People get different results.. Extenda bond tape could give you a 2 week hold but it depends on your chemistry. YOu can get more or less. SOme other tapes to also try out.

Supertape.. A lot of people love it. they get a really good hold and easy cleanup
blue lace tape... Strongest tape I believe.. But if you wear it straight for 2 weeks it will break down and get messy..
Stickit tape Some like this tape good hold.. and easy clean up.
proflex tabs, airflex, i dunno goes by a million names.. One side is blue other side is white with holes in it.. Supposedly good hold and easy clean up

For glues Id recommend trying ORWG (oil resistant white glue)

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