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change my syle?
11-07-2012, 05:48 PM,
change my syle?
I was blessed with thick curly hair when i was younger, unfortunately my hair has thinned out. while its still curly it does not have the same lust that it once had. Ive had to do this awful fohawk for the past 3 years and i am sick of it! im not wearing yet but i am going to start very soon and i am so excited! i know alot of people are very stern on staying with the same kind of hair i had before, but honestly screw that! im 22 i want nice thick hair and i want a style that i want. Im just wondering if anyone else has done this. I don't want curly hair anymore, my side and back hair doesn't even turn curly anymore, it kind of is wavy now. Does anyone have any pictures or stories? On a side note. i just want to say i am so grateful i live in a time where i can do something about my hairloss, i dont care what anyone says on this site, all the hairpieces i see on this site are amazing. NO ONE in the real world would spot you out. yeah wearing hair isnt easy but nothing that feels good doesn't come with a price. im excited to start wearing hair and put this hairloss crap behind me
11-07-2012, 11:42 PM,
RE: change my syle?
When you said I had thick curly hair when you were younger I assumned you were in your 40's or 50's...not 22.

Must be a sod to lose hair at that age.

I never liked my wavy hair as a teen...always wanted straight hair...it looked so much cooler, but now I'm approcahing 40 I'm extremely grateful for the curly hair it covers so much more than stright hair would.

I keep my hair long and used a very small sraighter piece at the front (its only around an inch acoss by a couple of cm depth) so its very small.

Now some might say I should have a wavy piece not a straight one but I mix my hair in with the piece so it gives a pretty flawless look and straight hair can me curled and is easy to style.

Its hard to give you too much advise without pictures of how your hairloss is and what you want to achieve.

I've always thought use what you have....as long as you can.

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