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Changing Tape, any advice?
12-02-2012, 06:53 AM,
RE: Changing Tape, any advice?
Keep me posted on any updates, I'm pretty sensitive to tape as well...
12-03-2012, 01:54 PM,
RE: Changing Tape, any advice?
I get rashes sometimes on my scalp from using tape,what works for me is the following :-

1.I only wear during the week,i detach and leave off on weekends and wear a baseball cap to give my scalp a rest.If i have to go out on the weekend,i use got to be glued spiking glue,just to hold the piece for the night.
2.I detach with alcohol,but use pure over and on the tape remaining on my head,the tape will come of easily,if you drip pure under it with an eyedropper.Pure is an adhesive remover,so i feel this is more gentle than use more alcohol to get the tape off.
3.I clean the skin on my scalp with alcohol,before i put the unit on,this cleans the scalp and disinfects it.

Since i have been doing the above,i have better looking skin on my scalp and less itching.

Regards topcat
12-03-2012, 02:13 PM,
RE: Changing Tape, any advice?
Hello Topcat, I share exactly your proceedure, only extra is that I use Scalp Protector and believe me it really made a big difference for me. When I detache sometimes after 4 weeks there is no red zone that shows up where the tape was attached.. I too give my scapl a rest every now and then and just wear a baseball cap. Remember we tend to spot hair things more than non wearers. I do not think that none wearers are lurching at every corner trying to out us!!!!

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