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A good tape for poly
09-25-2012, 02:44 PM,
A good tape for poly
Now I am not sure if this applies to the super thin skin that is currently out right now, but for PU edges and even the thinner polys, the tape I like the best for it so far has been duo tac. They even have a thin version of the tape, so maybe that one would work better for something like the new generation? Anyway I say this because its really the only tape ive used so far that comes off clean and gives a solid hold. Stickit tape, even the no residue sunshine tape left a sticky annoying film on the poly and was hard to take off at times. The duo tac has one side blue liner and one side red, The red goes onto the poly, and so far it gives a strong attachment but easier to peel off and comes off clean. Just throwing it out there for anyone who has a poly edge, or pu perimeter etc.
09-25-2012, 07:58 PM,
RE: A good tape for poly

How long do you keep the duo tac tape on at a time?
09-26-2012, 06:50 AM,
RE: A good tape for poly
think it was about four days. The tape makes sense for poly, blue tape is one of the strongest tapes and that side is to your scalp. The red tape side goes to the poly. With poly you don't need a strong adhesive. It works out so far for me. Everything was leaving a sticky film on the poly for me I tried a lot of diff tapes.

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