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Travelling Advice Desperately Needed (Pic)
09-18-2012, 06:22 AM,
Travelling Advice Desperately Needed (Pic)
Hello All,

I know this topic has been discussed before, but it didn't give me the specific answer that i am looking for. If any of you guys can help and provide any advice, that would be very appreciated.

I am about to embark on a 3-week Vacation to Europe in the Fall (Thank god it is during the cool weather) and i want to know:

A) Since these items are flammable, Can i bring any alcohol, Pure-Melter, ORWG, Glue or any glue, tape in my Carry-on bag? If so, what size can i bring? Carry-on supplies is only for back-up, just in case if my luggage is lost.

B) I will be sharing the room with my best friend and he doesn't know that i am wearing. I usually re/debond once a week due to my heavy exercise. I am contemplating of wearing my hair the day of the departure and re/debond on the 15th day. I am not sure whether i can make it...the longest so far was 10 days but then again i've been wearing only since April of 2012. Fall weather might be a little kind to my bonding.
Should i re/de bond twice during the 3-week vacation? I am not sure whether i have those time considering it takes me 2 hours for re-de bond.

C) Will the scan able to detect my hair system?

D) Any tips that you can provide me on travelling or on A, B and C inquiries, that would be great? I appreciate it very much. I am just nervous and i don't want to cloud my excitement of the travelling over the dilemma of hair wearing and all.

Thank you all, This forum Rocks.

PS: Off topic, on Labor day weekend. I went to the gym, came home, took a shower while the system is on. Went to the club that night, there were about 5000 people in a tight space, The place was very hot and humid and i was sweating profusely (my shirt was soaked and the entire dance floor was wet - thats how hot it was) as i was dancing for about 6 hours only taking 2 breaks in between. I was worried that the bond will weaken and it would come off given that i went to the gym earlier and the place was hot and i was sweating like there is no tomorrow. (only using Extenda bonds around the perimeter and ORWG Glue 2 thick layers at the front, Usually 2 thin layers on a normal week). When i came home that morning, the bonding is still in tact, in fact, it was still very strong and there was no sign of weakening. For the very first in my wearing, i am really surprised at how amazing it is and i am proud of myself for testing and pushing this to the limit. For me, the key is not to sweat within the first 36 hours of wearing the system, the rest will be fine. My 2 cents! My next test is to wear the system while swimming...
09-18-2012, 07:32 AM,
RE: Travelling Advice Desperately Needed
A) I have brought glue and tapes in my carry on. As long as you have your supplies in the correct sized containers you'll be okay. I believe the size of the container has to be under 3 oz.

B) I would de bond every week, but everyone is different.

C) Maybe
09-18-2012, 08:24 AM,
RE: Travelling Advice Desperately Needed
Thank you ibetalot.

A) I went to the TSA website - requirement, it said flammable liquid is not allowed checked or carry-on. For this case, the alcohol or Lace release. I am not worried about the glue and tapes. I am worried about the Lace Release and Glue melter. Last year, i went to the Cruise and i went through the screening and they didnt detect any alcohol or Glue melter, but i cant say the same about Air-travel. Decision, decision, decision? Sad
09-18-2012, 08:57 AM,
RE: Travelling Advice Desperately Needed
As far as I`m aware, the restrictions are more or less universal across the world..... no liquids, gels, pastes etc. are allowed in cabin-baggage, if the container is capable of holding more than 100 mils....even if you had a container which originally contained , say , 200 mils, but now was only half-full, it will not be allowed in hand / cabin baggage...... you can buy suitable travel containers in many stores now, and transfer your various supplies / products into them...... you can put larger ones into your checked-in bags, but as you say, it is sensible to have supplies ` with you` in case a bag went missing/or misdirected.
Why not try using ` Got2B` glued spiking glue before you travel, so you can decide if it would be handy /easy to use while you`re away..especially as you`ll be room-sharing.....it`s really easy to debond in the shower and rinse off...you could have a ` spare` system with you and simply re-bond the ` fresh` dry one when you come out of the shower---that way, you can allow the previous one to dry out discreetly just inside an un-sealed suitcase..... you might just need to use a little tape at the front as the Got2B sometimes lifts a little at the very edge, but it`s very much faster to apply and pop your system on than applying layers of glue and / or tapes...... might be worth considering..... as far as I know too, Got2B is fairly widely-available in Europe [in case you were to run low on it] It`s not great if you get caught out in a heavy downpour of rain..it can loosen/move, but once it begins to dry out, it re-grips....might be an idea to carry/pack a little fold-out umbrella ! Profuse sweating will also affect it but as the temperatures should be relatively normal/low in Autumn, you should have no worries on that account. It will give a good level of hold for 2 or 3 days in ` normal` conditions..... ORWG won`t be any use if it`s exposed to very low temperatures as what may be in the cargo-hold ....best keep it in your cabin bag. There`s no point in bringing big pots of glue anyways----you`ll only be gone 3 weeks, so even if you did 3 de/re-bonds, you`ll have enough in your cabin bag to see you through comfortably.
09-18-2012, 12:27 PM,
RE: Travelling Advice Desperately Needed
@Paul - Thanks for the comments... Appreciate it.

Got2B will be the last resort for me. I dont want to de/re bond everyday or worrying that it might fell out. The rainy season in Europe in the Fall is very unforgiving and unpredictable and i prefer to do it with Glue at the front and Tape around the perimeter. There is nothing wrong with Glue at the front, i used it before, but it doesn't look natural for me. HD Camera is unforgiving.

I will buy the suggested travel bottles but i don't know whether i can bring those liquids no matter what the requirement is. Alcohol is definitely a must, or else i wont be able to remove the piece or cleaning the scalp without it. And Glue melter to clean the base.

I am sure some people here have traveled before one way or another by Plane. Wondering whether you can bring alcohol or glue melter into the carry-on bag/luggage especially in the United States.
09-18-2012, 01:03 PM,
RE: Travelling Advice Desperately Needed
You can buy the travel size bottles and fill them up with your supplies.
You should be able to get them through without anyone saying anything.
Like I said above, I always bring my glue and tapes in my carry on, and not once have I been questioned about them. My last trip I bought the travel sized bottles, filled them with conditioner and shampoo and put them in my carry on.
09-18-2012, 09:09 PM,
RE: Travelling Advice Desperately Needed
I think you`ll have quite enough supplies in your cabin-bag, to tide you over for your trip......just ensure they`re in the regulation-sized containers AND are all in one of those re-sealable polythene bags too. You`ll simply be required to pop them out of the bag at security, into the plastic tray along with your watch, coins etc., and you simply put them back in once you and your bag have been screened...... they don`t ask what the products are [in my experience] as long as they are in the regulation-sized containers. 100 mils of glue is enough for many de/re bonds so why put another one in your checked-in bag?
Even 100 mils of lace-release is plenty..... just carry it in a properly [tightly] sealed bottle .... I use a glass ear-drops applicator to apply my lace-release now ... I find it very handy for avoiding getting too much alcohol onto the hair...... I posted a pic on another thread recently... I`ll attach it again here.....you might like to get one...any pharmacy will supply one.
I haven`t heard yet, of one of those body-scanner things detecting/causing an issue for system-wearers....even if it was detected, the security people will be discreet if they wanted to check it.

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09-19-2012, 08:10 PM,
RE: Travelling Advice Desperately Needed
I carry alcohol in my checked in luggage in a small bottle,disguised as something else,.I have never had anyone check what i carried in the bottle,even though they say you can't carry alcohol.

I would do your trip without removing your piece,maybe do a trial run (ie 15 days)before you go away to see what its like to clean up after a long period,you could try heavier tapes that don't break down as easy.To have a spare piece lying aroung with supplies on holiday is going to be hard to conceal.

Been through airport scanners with a piece on,never had a problem.

Regards topcat
09-20-2012, 09:33 AM,
RE: Travelling Advice Desperately Needed (Pic)
you could leave the hair system on.like i do and debond after 3 weeks.
its no bigg deal,clean ups no bigg deal either.
yeah yeah, iv seid this before i detest, debond day. i rekon its not anyone favourite task,

but to be absolutely honest,!!!!

once debonding and all the clean ups done,
and the hair systems on my head,

i feel great, thats why we all tollerate it,
a means to a end,
ofcourse everyones diffrent ,body chemistry, itching, oiliness,sweat release,

its not going to dropp off, fall off,
maybee use a little product, hairspray ,gell,mudd, moose,ect,
you could do what iv done sometimes,
and debond half the system,
the front half , reflect it back,do a clean up, scalp+ system, wash front system hair,
no worries about linning up system,

you can offcourse do hairline touch ups with whatevever adhesive tapes you prefer, i use orwg.
09-20-2012, 12:02 PM,
RE: Travelling Advice Desperately Needed (Pic)
Thank you All for comments, i appreciate it. I will buy the travel size bottles. I will put a small bottle of alcohol in my carry-on bag and also checked-in bag. I will let you guys know if there will be a problem.

PS: I was thinking about purchasing the alcohol in Europe, perhaps. The only option is to purchase it at the Pharmacy.

More comments from fellow members or experience about travelling will be appreciated. We travel one way or another, so i am certain this thread will be useful for those who will be experiencing the same situation in the future.

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