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Need Product Help (thanks in advance)
09-16-2012, 12:49 PM,
Need Product Help (thanks in advance)
Well I have had my partial hairpiece for quite some time, but I'm finally ready to take the plunge.

I've ordered my knot bleaching supplies, so no problem there.

What I am having trouble with is the attachment supplies.

I have a small boomerang shaped piece that is a front partial. Probably 3 inches on each temple and 3/4 inch on the front hairline.

I've been reading all day, and researching.

What I'd like to know is how you would attach such a piece, and the supplies I need. I workout and sweat, and I'm a bit oily. My style will probably reveal the hairline, and I have the Spikey Front.

I'm thinking maybe tape on the temples and glue along the hairline? There are so many tapes and glues I'm not sure which would work best for such a piece?

What tape should I get?

What glue?

I know I may need adhesive remover as well. I've read goo gone and auto glym. I'd love to know what to order so I can begin this journey.

Any help is appreciated, I'm overwhelmed at this point because not many folks on here wear partials, or I can't find a lot of threads.

Thanks so much in advance, you will truly be helping me out. I appreciate your time and answers.

09-17-2012, 04:27 AM,
RE: Need Product Help (thanks in advance)
hmmmm, the great ` imponderable` question ---`` what will work best for me`` in terms of bonding materials....... there`s no definite answer to that I`m afraid.... it`s a matter of trial-and-error and can be costly as many glues only come in relatively large tubs and can be pricey .... a lot of guys find ``Oil-resistant-white-glue`` [ORWG] very good for oily-type scalps and for withstanding an ` active` lifestyle....just Google it for suppliers....remember though that it`s best to source it as ` locally` as possible as it doesn`t travel well by air-freight as the cold temperature damages it........ I notice a lot of guys are having good results with ``Pro flex`` strips [just Google it for suppliers]....seems to be a very strong tape... I have some here but haven`t used them yet as I do a nightly de-bond......we all get different results with various products....your own body make-up , local climatic conditions [humidity etc.] and lifestyle all have a bearing....... I use Walker no-shine tape..... quite strong really and most guys get good hold-times with it.... Supertape is very strong too, but some people find it can cause an irritation after a while, especially if moisture [sweat] gets trapped under it.... for a very active lifestyle, you may have to do a more frequent de/ re-attachment and cleaning of the scalp, in the interests of hygiene.
Be careful if/when bleaching knots....dark hair can be hard to properly-bleach and repeated exposure to bleach, can and does weaken hair and lead to early shedding...... mostly the factory does a good job of bleaching so there really shouldn`t be a need for more.
For removal, you need lace-release to free the system form the bonding material/s,
---allow it ` time` to penetrate and free the lace..that way most residue/s will be on the scalp [easier to clean off] ---use the likes of ` Pure` glue-remover [alcohol] to attack the residues on the scalp and can be also used on the lace if necessary.
For more stubborn residues, you can use a Citrus-based cleaner like ` C-22` or the ones you mentioned ..... always wash citrus ones out of the lace fully, or they will interfere with your new bond.....alcohol-based ones will simply evaporate off, thus avoiding ` heavy` washing.
I find the water-based `` White`` glues easier to work with, but then they may not withstand heavy/profuse sweating as well as the acrylic ones..... again, it`s hard to be specific with you....trial and error at the start, is what most of us have had to do.
I like to apply knot-sealer to my knots, once a new system has ` settled-in` [10-14 days into wearing] as this helps prevent knots becoming undone and hair shedding out..there are `Youtube` videos on how to apply it [sparingly !!] Too much, and it will seep through the lace, onto the hair, and solidify into awful clumps.....could easily ruin a system if it`s applied liberally.
09-17-2012, 09:37 AM,
RE: Need Product Help (thanks in advance)
That was spectacular!

Thanks, I'm going to order my supplies and dive in. I think I have enough info now.

From what I've read I need to order my piece blonde from now on and dye the hair.

I'll start trying adhesives and tapes and find what works.

Thanks so much!


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