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Template for a full cap (Pics)
09-16-2012, 03:40 AM,
Template for a full cap (Pics)

i want to try a full cap. i have very short hair at the moment. i shaved it completley some days ago. so i think its easier to make a template for my full cap. is there any big problem making a template for a full cap other than making a template for a topper?

as i shaved my hair and many people saw me with very thin hair, do you have any suggestions how to deal with the situation when getting a hair system?

thank you for your answers!
09-17-2012, 03:24 AM,
RE: Template for a full cap
I recently made a new template for a Fullcap, and sent it to John...... I left ` spare` material around ` outside` the black marker-lines... in other words when I was trimming it before removing from my head, I left excess material on it... I still had to add more material to it the following day, due to shrink-up of the template..... like ,I had used an eyebrow pencil ,to mark my scalp-skin, laid down my material [clear film and sellotape] and traced the line onto the template with indelible marker. When I had enough material on it, I then carefully trimmed off a lot of the excess material, ` outside` the black [perimeter] line...... approximately half an inch...... by the following day, when I put it back on my head, it had shrunk quite a bit..... I had to add more sticky tape to enlarge it.......so , the ` moral` is not to send off your template immediately after making it.... let it ` stand` for a few days and make sure it`s providing correct coverage, especially on the ear-flaps. ... a certain amount of shrinkage on a [relatively] smaller topper template is not going to be as noticeable, but a Fullcap is a horse of a different shade entirely ! Other than that, just ` watch` your temple-points, as they can be tricky at times, and depending on your age, a certain amount of ` natural` recession built in to your system can help with the overall look of your system. I`m afraid, there`s little you can do in the meantime while waiting for your system to arrive, but re-grow what you shaved off and maybe use a bit of concealer-product like Nanogen etc., to give a look of thicker hair, than you actually have..this will help ease you into the transition...... you could also order a slightly thinner density [on the crown / top area] especially, thus allowing for more scalp show-through, then increase the density on a subsequent order. Hope that helps.
p.s. --- I`ll see if I have those pics still of my recent Template, so you can see what I mean about the shrinkage, and I`ll post them to this thread.----found them..the outer black line/perimeter is the one I`m going with..you can see the ` inner` one which retracted to where it is now.. you can clearly see the added-material.

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09-17-2012, 05:33 AM,
RE: Template for a full cap
hi paul,

thx again for your input! the info about the shrinking template is important, I think. is it possible to buy a full cap by measuring my head and buying it with this information? I know, its not good and you should make a template because its the better way. My idea is to buy a slightly larger full cap and cut it in excact shape myself when I get it. some people do it with a topper. they just buy a stock unit. its the same, only with a full cap.

the idea with nanogen or toppik is maybe a good one! god, I hate how my head looks now where my hair falls and falls. I don't know if i want to grow it out again. nanogen is only possible at larger lengths, up from half an inch or something.

Maybe I just put the full cap on and go out in public or is this a very bad idea?


09-17-2012, 06:35 AM,
RE: Template for a full cap
Andy, it`s entirely up to you, but for me, I`d prefer not to be having to cut the system ` down` to size...... measuring is ok, but heads come in various curvatures etc., and I just think with a Fullcap, a template is the way to go, for a snug fit. You`ll have enough to be dealing-with, without cutting into the lace........
As to just ` biting the bullet` and sticking it on and going ` out` with it---well, just depends on your own ability to deal with the inevitable ` questions` from people who know you....... some people would be really apprehensive and self-conscious, others have a relatively carefree attitude...just depend on yourself I guess !
Have you checked out JRob`s site [hairjive.com] for tips on all aspects of Fullcap wearing?
09-17-2012, 01:29 PM,
RE: Template for a full cap
Hi Paul, how has the fullcap been working out for you? Since you made the switch from a topper would you say that you prefer the fullcap more? Just curious as I have been interested in fullcaps myself
09-17-2012, 09:36 PM,
RE: Template for a full cap
Yeah Drew..... happy enough overall... I just couldn`t be bothered with the hassle of trying to get even a thin-density topper, to blend-in with the sides and back hair which was still in `` retreat``--- at my age, I guess it`s just the way it goes... I feel sorry for very young guys in their late-teens/early 20`s who have to deal with hair loss..... must be extra stressful. I put off going Fullcap for as long as was possible, but eventually I was just flogging a dead horse.... I had to make the change... it was relatively easy, having already being used to wearing toppers and all the de/re-bonds and maintenance etc. It`s really not a lot ` different` overall ---apart from the cost!!!!! :-)
10-05-2012, 07:43 AM,
RE: Template for a full cap (Pics)
The main problem with ordering a full cap from measurements is that the hairline and temple areas will be left to the ventilators discretion, and having the proper shape to the hairline and temples is critical to getting a realistic result. Making a template isn't a huge deal- it's only tape and plastic wrap. If you cut too much off, add some more back on and keep tweaking it until you are satisfied with the shape.

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