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Took the plunge. Finally (Pics)
09-10-2012, 12:16 AM,
Took the plunge. Finally (Pics)
Last year I ordered a skin system (not TL). Never used it. It was very wiggy, I ordered excessive density and couldnt get it to attach well in front. Was nervous and cut it too much, so the blending was impossible.

Yesterday finally I took the plunge with a french and poly sides base. During the process I wasnt so sure about it, but when cut with a flowbee AND with a conditioner/gel it really changed for the better. The problem was an excessive volume. I think it looks good now. it isnt perfectly attached and there's excess lace on top of my hair, though.

Well, just to share it with you as last night I was nervous and barely slept...
i suppose most of you can relate

Tomorrow I return to college, let's see.

PD: I think i'll have a funny reatachment, as I used blue liner+proflex+a little ultrahold..

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09-10-2012, 03:00 AM,
RE: Took the plunge. Finally
From what I can see, you did fine.... the 2nd pic is too large to view clearly, but it`s allowing scalp
show-through, which adds realism to the illusion of a full head of growing hair. You can re-size
pics using this simple tool http://www.shrinkpictures.com/ just scroll down and click `choose file`
in the 2nd dialogue-box....it`s simple to use...... if you want to, you can remove your large pic
by clicking ` edit` on the right-hand side of your post, choose ` Full edit` , then scroll down and you`ll see the option
to remove a file....then you can re-post your smaller image. Remember, all new systems need time to
settle-down/ in and will lose that initial ` bounce` after a few washings etc., so give it a little time.
I`ve never used a Flowbee or similar tool, but I have seen videos of them being used.... I guess, like
most things, after a few times/gaining a bit of experience with them, they can become like second-nature.
Well done anyway and welcome to the wonderful world of wearing !
09-10-2012, 03:12 AM,
RE: Took the plunge. Finally
Thanks for the image resizing tip, Paul.

I was surprised by the good blending the flowbee gave me even without thinning scissors or razor comb.

By the way, I used the enhance conditioner you recommend, and i'm happy with it.
09-10-2012, 03:19 AM,
RE: Took the plunge. Finally
Hi Earthling...... can see much better now --looking really good there now ... Enhance is the only thing I really use frequently--it`ll really maintain the condition of your system.... the early days of wearing can be a steep learning-curve......you`ll come across issues for sure, but hopefully nothing too major--enjoy the new-look !
p.s. -- There appears to be a slight colour-difference in pic. 2 ,but it can often be just the camera exaggerating things..... you can easily add a little darkening-product to the hair-tips in time, if it needs it...but for now, the ` Enhance` will disguise things---digital cameras are very unforgiving when it comes to systems.
09-10-2012, 05:39 AM,
RE: Took the plunge. Finally
Earthling, yeaH been there, two years next month for me, oct 2012.
really cant beleive i wear, but i do and ,well it ..changed my life,

hell im a natural born worrier,
the attention i still get from females i should have been cruely robbed of by male pattern baldness,
but hell with that, i fought back!!!,i tried all the fixes remedies for years, religiously consuming so called mirCLE hair restoring medications, i watched and waited and waisted time.

nano fibres saved me for around 5 years.

then i didnt really have the hair tomaintain the style i adored,

i wear a partial, or topper,
and it completes me,
never thought id put hairloss behind me.but i have.

it takes a brave soul to wear, but hell you are rewarded for that bravery,
comming through the other side,

its like wearable prozac,

jusat makes you feel like juming up and down with complete contentment

yeah theres a bitt of work debonding but its worth it for the payback results,
thats why we wear thats why we do it.

09-10-2012, 01:07 PM,
RE: Took the plunge. Finally
hey earthling!

im just going to be completely honest, i think it looks GREAT!! seriously man if i was in public i would not know you were wearing or even be supicious! i think alot "hairwearers" on this site are very obssesed with the hair and want to be a perfection that even normal people with hair dont have! people dont look at your hair man, no one cares as much as we do about our hair. i started using an nano fibers and i was so EXICTED about how my hair look, i was waiting for the compliments or people to say something.....NOTHING hahah it just goes to show you, our worst enemies are ourselves, but im taking the plunge soon to get a hairpeice! i say if it makes you feel better then just F****ing do it! but seriously dont worry about hair, no one will know or suspect! Wink

hey antywanty!

Its really encouraging to read those words! im about to take the plunge into hair wearing! im only 22 but im so sick of propecia and rogaine and all that non-sense, i know wearing hair is going to take time to get used too, but i know it will help put away alot of insecurities that have plagued me for the past 2 years! any tips or advice you can offer? Its nice to see that you really have put it behind you and feel more confident! thats all im looking for man, just to feel like the old me again the confident me, not the me afraid to go to pool partys or avoiding mirrors because i couldnt stand my receding hairline or thinning top at such a young age. im fighting back! and i know with time and starting to wear hair i wont have to deal with this non sense anymore!
09-10-2012, 08:25 PM,
RE: Took the plunge. Finally
when i was comming to the end of using nanofibers,
styling my hair was a nightmare,

id wash it every 3 weeks or four, as once i had my style i wanted to keep it, and used far to much hairspray,

but seeing that style made me feel better,look better.
(open to opinion then) i thought i looked better best i could.

but i suppose i saw what i wanted to see, or was used to seeing,
coudnt see the wood for the trees,lost objectivity,

its great to have a partner, mother , father, ect who will tell you honestly how do i look?

only 2 people know i wear, my hairsalon, & my mother.
my mother is 100% supportive, it looks great.if it didnt shed say shave or cut youre hair short.

but modern hair systems deserve the title hair systems, there not the 70's- 80's cobbled together ridiculous looking "wiggs"
im not saying they were all poor , remember hollywood has been using emm for 60
+ years

back to the point,
i now , today as i type this feel great, i look forward to being out and about looking great,feeling wonderfull.

styling is now a pleasure, just like my pre hair loss days.

bonding de bonding, its not rocket science,
yeah the site can get a bitt technical sometimes, but hey
hair today, given you choose a decent supplier, can look fantastic,

add in to that, styling product, decent cut in, blending, colour matching,
and youre soughted, ready to live, enjoy and put the speckter that is male pattern baldness in its place,
show it whos the boss.

youre bravery,courage to wear will im so sure , bring you the reward youre looking for.

09-11-2012, 08:50 PM,
RE: Took the plunge. Finally
Well, first day in college was ok. Its very natural and soon i was not thinking too much about it.

But.. mind plays games with you at the beginning, and it depends very much on your character. For me its crucial to think of it as a hobby, an option, a decision NOT depending on its absolute perfection everytime. This has been said a thousand times, tough.. but it really is a personality test.

Anty, you always seem so happy about it, I hope I got your mood in a short time!

Hey bamac22! You seem optimistic, man. That's the way it should be. Just do it in hollidays or something and not like me, 2 days before college! This way you will have time to adapt your mind and perfect a few things.

Thanks for the advide Paul, i'm discovering the cruelty of the digital cameras, but in person I really cant see a color difference in full light... so its ok. I have back2 natural waiting for when things get worse.

Now i want to do a few tweaks. Im depending too much on conditioner or its overly bulky and dense (i can show some scalp in the frontline, but overall its dense). So... now im entering dangerous grounds cause ill try shortening a little bit and perhaps the thinning scissors

Ive searched the forum but i havent seen a consensus of "maximm shortness of hair". Now i have a little less than 2 inches. I plan to get it at 1 or 1 and 1/2" (3-3,5 cm), what do you think?

About thinning, I saw in videos to thin it very near the base or it wont semm any lighter. Do you have experience with this?

And now I have some itchiness going on in just 3 days! Showering (without shampoo) helped, but the water cant get below the tape, I think

Well, lets see. Thanks everybody!
09-11-2012, 09:03 PM,
RE: Took the plunge. Finally
one life, youre not going to get a second chance,

instead of regretting,hairloss, youre taking positive action,
to make youre appearence the best it can be,

imagine how youd feel minus the hair peice, maybee you wont mind, some people given the option arnt to bothered about hair, some are, its a choice.

great thing is youre in control, and touch ups ect ,theres a whole hair product range,
and steps you can take to look great.

all the effort,yeah but its worth it for what it gives you back, in confidence,

anty Smile
09-11-2012, 10:23 PM,
RE: Took the plunge. Finally
Earthling.... as I said, the early days of this game are a learning-curve. It`s possible some of your bonding products is not ` agreeing` with your skin [some people report it with ` Supertape`]...it`s a matter of trial and error as to what will give you the required bond-duration, and also, cause irritation....... why not try ` Got2B` glued for an all-over hold, and just a little tape or glue at the very front [maybe just 2 coats of glue, for ease of clean-up, as, Got2B will not hold for, let`s say a full week, normally,so no point in putting on like, 4 layers of glue at the front, only to have to remove it within 3 days because the Got2B needs replacing]
You can then , over time, try different glue/tape,at the front hairline, and see if you get a reaction/irritation [ in conjunction with Got2B]--you can then narrow it down to what is not ` agreeing` with your skin.
In regards thinning..... the crown area looks just fine to me...so no need to thin it further...also... systems always have ` bounce` for the first 2 weeks or so, and can look ` fuller` than they will when they settle, so thinning aggressively at the start, can lead to regrets later !
The best method for thinning is as shown in this link/video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPULkcyVD2Y ---- again, proceed slowly /cautiously and possibly over a few days...not all hair will shed out after one ` treatment` / application......more will shed out when you brush the hair over the next day or two....so go slowly and see how it looks...if you need a further application, you can do it after a few days....... the problem with thinning-scissors, is that it only shortens the hairs...it doesn`t remove the full hair shaft/s ..... you end up with a ` stubble` effect/``feel`` in the system when you touch it, ` below` the longer lengths of hair,and your system still looks almost as dense as before...... the hair is tied into the lace strand-by-strand..looped/tied in a knot...a thinning scissors simply shortens both ` bits` of hair at a time..it does not remove the actual knot/s......some guys pluck out hair with a tweezers.....I wouldn`t have the patience for that !! :-)
Also, glad you got the `` Back2Natural`` --the trick with that is NOT to wait until you notice colour-lift,as it`s not then as effective in restoring lost colour---use it from the word Go, when you wash/condition..... it will help preserve your present colour. Regards for now.

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