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Hairstyle possible - which specification Fullcap?
07-04-2012, 07:38 PM,
Hairstyle possible - which specification Fullcap?
Hello all,

i am new and would like to know whether this hairstyle is possible with a fullcap or not.
before my illness i had a hairstyle like this:




can anyone please help me with the specification of a fullcap?
i am 21 years old:

French Lace Fullcap
density: 75%
hairstyle: freestyle
bodywave and no curl

this will be my first order and im really unexperienced with wigs but i already read a little bit o JRob┬┤s Blog. So i know a bit about FullCaps.
But i hope that some the experienced users here can give me some advise Smile

07-04-2012, 08:43 PM,
RE: Hairstyle possible - which specification Fullcap?
Hi jave..... that would be an easy style to order/wear. I think 75% might be a bit too thick though.
Bodywave IS the curl as such... it`s one step `up` from straight and will be fine for you. The simplest thing is not to stress too much over nailing-down every last detail on an order...just make a good template of your head.....once you have it made, wait for 3 or 4 days and check it again [for size] by popping it back on....sometimes they can shrink a bit after you make them, and is more noticeable on a fullcap template, as they are twice the size of a topper-template...... you can add more material then if needed. Just send the pics to John and he can pass them to the factory so they can replicate it..they`ll know what density to add.
07-05-2012, 10:43 AM,
RE: Hairstyle possible - which specification Fullcap?
Hi Java,
That's actually a very easy style to wear. It's very casual and your don't show any hair line so you won't need to spend time getting the hair line perfect. You're 21 years old and you should be able to pull-off the 75% density. Paul is right about the body wave. The beauty of this style is that it's so casual---easy to wear without the need for a lot of 'mirror time.'
07-06-2012, 01:25 AM,
RE: Hairstyle possible - which specification Fullcap?
Hi ToplaceUSA and Paul,

thanks for your replies.
The next day i will make a template but i am still not sure how to make it. should i shave all my hair or can i just make my hair wet and then make a template?
and i am still not sure how to design the neck area because JRob said that it can flap up if you bent your neck. i guess 2 or 3 cm under the round bone at the back of the head would be okay, right?

further i dont know what ventilation and hairsize i should choose. what would you recommend?
i thought about freestyle and 5"-6" so that the cut-in stylist have more room to play Smile

this will be my first order and i live in germany. can you please tell me how much it would cost and how many weeks it would last till i can hold the fullcap into my hands?
from john i already know that a fullcap costs 449$.

449$ + 70$ (dropshipping) + 50$ (UPS) = 569$

am i right or did i forgot something? Smile

thanks a lot! i really appreciate your help (:
07-06-2012, 05:53 AM,
RE: Hairstyle possible - which specification Fullcap?
Don`t shave your hair at all... I can only assume from the fact that you want to go Fullcap, that your growing hair is too weak/poor to enable you to wear a topper ? Do you actually really need to go Fullcap at this time ? You are quite young ...is your hair loss/thinning so severe that you actually need to consider Fullcap...... easing yourself into the wearing-world by going Topper first, is usually a lot easier...... and also a lot cheaper !!
If you really need to go Fullcap, just dampen your hair and slick it down flat....then proceed with placing your clear kitchen film onto the head ...there are Youtube videos on line showing how to make template, including Fullcap ones.....one of JRob`s is there too. In relation to the nape/neck, what I found works best for me is [ and you have to use your best estimate/judgement] I mark my neck with an eyebrow pencil, horizontally, where the hair will ` end` / sit , when the system is styled / cut -in. I then mark another parallel line above it, somewhere between half and three-quarters of an inch up...that`s where the perimeter of the system will sit...... so you`ll have 1/2 to 3/4`s of an inch of hair from there ` hanging` down......the nape can be a bit tricky to get right but if you sit in from of a large mirror and use a hand-held mirror, you can easily see the back....get your back hair trimmed / cut to the length you normally wear it and then you can mark where your perimeter will sit, as I said, half to three quarters of an inch above......... mark a line using eyebrow pencil, to follow your natural hairline and temples at the front and down in front of the ears........ when you place the film onto your head and tiw it under your chin, you can then trace that line onto the film using permanent marker before beginning to apply sellotape over it.... you don`t have to get it spot-on...you can easily ` tweak` it later by trimming off/adding more tape....... all systems come with standard 6-inch hair length unless you specify otherwise...if you plan on wearing that style as in the pics, it`s probably best to get 6.
Fullcaps take longer to make as they use twice the amount of material and time, so you could be looking at up to 10 weeks from the time you post the template...depends on how busy the factory is too, you might get it back earlier with a bit of luck. Note, you may have to pay importation tax if required/checked by customs, as it`s being imported into the E.U. from a non- E.U. country. When you have it done, pop it on your head and post some pics [ you can blank out the eye-area for privacy] ..if it needs any ` tweaking` I can mark it for you. Making a template is not so hard.....just take your time.....you may have to scrap one or two, before you are reasonably happy.... but do your best...doesn`t have to be totally down to the last millimetre...just give a reasonable impression of your head-shape and area to be covered.
Just send the pics with the order as I said in the other post.....concentrate on getting the template done and the factory will do the rest from your pics...regards.
p.s. ---John can answer your costs question better than I can....you can always e- mail him for an exact quote.

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