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Lighten the hair
06-23-2012, 01:15 AM,
Lighten the hair
Hey guys I recieved a hairpiece but my problem is that it's a bit darker than my own hair. Are there any remedies to lighten the hair a bit without damaging it?
06-23-2012, 01:32 AM,
RE: Lighten the hair
A copied info piece from Irish Paul - Hope you don't mind bud?

The colour always looks a bit darker at first....it will ` lift` after a few shampooing`s and sun-exposure...... I always give my new systems 2 light shampooing`s...you`d be surprised how much ` excess` colour comes out....last system, the water went a really dark shade !
If you took your hair sample from the back/crown area, that hair is always darker than at the front/sides so it`s worth bearing that in mind....take bits of hair from a few areas.

Your post is a constant new piece question- above are the first things you should do to try and tone the color down. Regards
06-23-2012, 01:35 AM,
RE: Lighten the hair
Hi foras,Have you given it a wash /shampoo yet? They usually look darker than what you might expect when they first arrive.... it lightens over time, from repeat washings and sun exposure [oxidation]. Sometimes an easier solution at the start [if you have shampooed it and it`s still too dark/deep for your liking] is to simply add some colouring mix to your growing hair to deepen it so it matches the system .... Loreal do a good range of hair colouring products for men and women, available widely. It may advise you on the pack to leave it on/in for say, 20 minutes.... if you only want to go marginally darker, just try 10 minutes first, rinse it out, dry your hair and see how it looks....you can always re-treat it if you need to go deeper.
06-23-2012, 03:03 AM,
RE: Lighten the hair
Thank you for your answers! It's my first post but since I registered I've read all the newbie threads haha. the hairpiece is European hair so I didnt know if it was going to fade with a couple of washes
06-23-2012, 03:58 AM,
RE: Lighten the hair
MattNH... There`s 3 minutes time-difference in our posts..you must have been posting yours as I was typing mine... I just posted it and logged out... no bothers man ..copy/paste anything you want anytime !.
foras..... ALL hair fades over time..even growing hair will be almost bleached from exposure to the sun, in very hot countries, especially. ..the difference is growing hair grows out in time and the ` bleached` [oxidised] hair is trimmed off by the barber when you go for a trim....system-hair is a sitting-duck, so not alone do you need to keep it moisturised/lubricated, you need to use a good leave-in conditioner, which has sunscreen in it too, if you will be out in the sun a lot....people who take ` sun-holidays` should even pop on a straw hat if possible to protect their hair.
But back to ` normal` daily wearing .... yeah, a lot of shampooing will also lift the colour, so I avoid it as much as I can..... I often just give the lace a rinse/apply shampoo to it in a sink while avoiding the hair, in order to remove sweat residues etc., in the interest of hygiene...... even at that, as a system ages, I re-colour it to spruce it up again.

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