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Feeling like it will not work?
04-22-2012, 11:17 AM,
Feeling like it will not work?
I am seriously considering trying a hair system..... No I am definitely going to try a hair system but like all you guys when you started I am scared to death.
I can no longer go on as I am,this hairloss is making me almost suicidal and I feel like a piece off crap....I am a Norwood 2.5 but diffused in a Norwood 5 pattern......I still have quite a lot of hair left but looks like shit and I just want to try the hair system route now.....I have been researching hair systems for about 3 years now hoping that I would never have to use 1 but now I know if I want to be half the man I used to be then the only way is this option...I have tried in vain to keep my hair for the past 5 years but to no avail....I am 32 by the way.....I have seen some shocking hair systems on this site and some very good ones.....if I were to do this then I would have to have it look awesome .."..other things that worry me is why do all these systems have a orange glow to them I know the hair is dyed but come on......does wearing hair make a change to your life in a positive note and how really undetectable are they.....there are some great ones but I have seen some real bad ones and these people seem to think that nobody would ever know.....I mean they are just kidding themselves .....I mean you might as well just be bald and kid yourself that you still look ok than kid yourself in a bad wig."......btw a lot of people on this site do a fantastic job and I would like to be like these people.
04-22-2012, 12:54 PM,
RE: Feeling like it will not work?
Orange glow and bad systems? Please show us some examples of what you speak of or it's kind of meaningless. I have ever seen an orange glowing hairpiece on this forum...lol.
04-22-2012, 05:23 PM,
RE: Feeling like it will not work?
I havent seen any shocking pieces posted on this site . I have been wearing for 8 months and have not had anyone give me that second look once , even when the attachment had not been at its best . Wearing hair really is no big deal , order a piece try it . If it works out great if it doesn't it doesn't . There are no risks in wearing compared to going down the surgery route . Before I started wearing I kind of said the same that I will only wear if it looks perfect but have changed my mind on that one no one ever notices anyway . These systems are a mile away from the synthetic rug that most people view as a wig , so when using either a skin or lace piece when there is the illusion of scalp showing no one is thinking wig .
04-22-2012, 08:47 PM,
RE: Feeling like it will not work?
antonio666, do it m8!
i was the same as you suicidal,ruins youre positive attitude, been there,
take it from me, im a worrier, anxiety,hell if i can do it,
i guarantee you they look bloody fantastic,
i see normal hair and swear there wiggs and there just dodgey hairstyles lol,
honestly youll feel bloody fantastic, better than any prozac,the feeling is such a buzz,
youre positive,nothinhg weighing on youre mind,
getting ready to go out on a night out, is something else, the old handome you is back,
and you look great, hell what more can i say.
it looks just like everyday hair, why because it is,
meet someone who already wears and youll be blown away , honestly.
dont wait, worry and spend hours trying to style youre hair,like i did.
yeah its a bigg step but, nothing worthwhile is ever easy,and nor i suppose should it be,
you look better than folk with naturally growing hair,
im 47 look ten years younger and get lots of female attention from 15 to 80
allways been kinda handsome thats why loosing my hair was devistating,
so do what i did,fix it, let me know how you get on ill be by youre side m8,
been there know how you feel,
but you now what it can be remedied fixed,and youre in the right place,
great advice, back up support,
04-22-2012, 08:55 PM,
RE: Feeling like it will not work?
Re Orange Glow

Please remember that most pictures are taken by real customers using ordinary cameras.
The flash & exposure, combined with the fact that they are mostly taken inside, with artificial lighting, means that the hair in the pictures may have an 'orange glow'.

That said, I would prefer to see 'real' pictures, from 'real' wearers rather than professional glossy, perfectly lit images that will have probably been re-touched.

Re why some hair pieces are more successful than other:

TopLace supply the same basic products to everyone.
Its what the customer orders & how they apply it that determines how successful the piece is.
The reason the results vary is because we as individuals vary and have different ideas as to what suits us and what doesn't.

How the pieces are attached, where they are positioned, how well they are colour matched & cut-in is mostly down to the individual customer.

In my opinion, some customers get this spot on and others slightly misjudge the above.
But ultimately we're all here to support each other and offer the best advice we have. The rest is just opinions and choice.

So I'm saying that the 'success' of you wearing is down to you and how confident you are about wearing it.
If you asked for advice or an opinion, I'd be happy to give mine.
If you were to post a picture and claim to be really really happy with the result, it would be far more beneficial to you that you were encouraged rather than slated by the rest of us.

Focus on the technical advice offered on this site, to do with ordering specifications & attachment methods.
Look at graduated hair lines, densities, ventilation, front contours, crown positioning, knotting, base materials etc.
Thats what you need to achieve a good result that will work for you.

When you look at the pictures, don't focus on things like hair style, length, fringe/no fringe, colour etc because they are all matters of personal choice and provided you have the right specs, you can adapt all these to your own personal tastes.
04-23-2012, 03:25 AM,
RE: Feeling like it will not work?
it is easy to fool people. I live in a shared apartment with two other workmates and noone of them ever suspected that i wear hair and we see us daily

The only thing which you have to keep in mind is that please dont think too much about your hair, because an obsestion only leads to fears.

when i am at home i dont care much about how i look. sometimes my attachment is not really good, but i dont give a fuck. even then noone of my roommates looked at my hair. If someone asks me i tell them the truth, but that never happend and i wear since mainly two years.

i told it all my girlfriends and it was never a problem for them (ok i only had two girls since i wear but they did not care about it.)

It is really all about the attitude.m (i am 28 and Nw 5)
04-23-2012, 04:16 AM,
RE: Feeling like it will not work?
thanks for your words people......so you think i can make the transformation to having healthy hair again and most people will not notice a thing if i do it right that is.....i still have a lot of hair left i use concealer when i am at work but the rest of the time i just have it naturally......i just want the old me back again ......as long as i look and feel good then that will be good enough for me...i am going for some counciling to get my brain right before i start wearing and then hopefully i can get on with the rest of my life and ENJOY it.
antwanty you are also from the uk...i am from manchester......as anybody ever said that you look like you are wearing a hair system and have you told anybody and what does your hair system look like,how many times do you rebond.
04-23-2012, 06:16 AM,
RE: Feeling like it will not work?
even if anyone suspected,they woudnt say, thats just the way society works,
theyll tell you when it looks good but not if its bad,
youll get visual cues from passers by if its realy bad,just as you would if you walked about wearing one shoe ect,no one knows except my mother,
debond every 3 weeks,but at week 3 its becomming slightly loose,
if i was working id prob debond twice a month,
would be well worth a visit to see sonia if youre in manchester,
pretty close, not that youll be visiting that often just enough for a few cut ins,
my natural hair prob looked more like a hair system, or a bad wigg than modern systems do.
prior to wearing,whn i wresttled to keep my locks, using nano fibers,when id lost way to much density.
as Hersute says, follow the golden rules, and you wont go to far wrong,
its hair not rocket science.
04-23-2012, 01:36 PM,
RE: Feeling like it will not work?
I have to chime in here with a few comments.
Shocking hair pieces on this site? thats a bit harsh.Im an expirienced wearer and never seen that on this site,you have to remember pieces will not look perfect all the time,and to think otherwise you are being unrealistic.The hairwearing game is a subjective one,what one person will think thats a piece,another person wouldn't have a clue.
The cleaner who knows i wear,asked me the other day if my hair actually grows as to her it looks like it is(tell me that isnt a compliment,and she wasnt blowing smoke up my arse)

If you get into wearing with a piece thats of
density and colour to match your own hair with a good cut in, you will have a workable solution to hairloss.But it takes effort to achieve this,but you will get better as you go along.

Regards topcat
04-23-2012, 08:24 PM,
RE: Feeling like it will not work?
I was going to start a new thread on the topic
Touched on in you're post,
How to give the illusion of growth,
Do you use different styles,product,to sell the
Or sounds pretty drastic swap between peices??
If you work or are around the same groups of people,has anyone ever passed comment on
You're hair never gets.any longer?
Or you're hair never changes?

Points probably been covered before.
*Written on my Samsung galaxy s 2*

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