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Intro/My second attempt at wearing.
04-21-2012, 09:59 AM,
Intro/My second attempt at wearing.
Hi everyone.. Just wanted to say hi and thank everyone for their posts on here.. these threads are so helpful, and i never would have been able to make the step to wear hair without the info i've found here.

I first started wearing in January this year (2012) after a few weeks of stalking the forums and trying to learn as much as possible.. but i still think i rushed in a bit too fast.
i ordered a stock unit and pretty much shaved the top of my head to the size of that stock unit, and began wearing the day i got it. I cut it in myself (while it was on my head), and styled it with Brylcreem. It looked pretty good, but the hair was too straight (mine is naturally quite wavy), the color was too light, and the density was a bit too heavy.
Regardless of these issues, i convinced myself it looked good and went ahead and wore it to work. People asked me if i had a haircut or had it colored.. i told them i had it straightened and colored. most seemed to accept that, but one girl wouldn't let up. kept asking me a million questions, and said it looks like i have more hair... it made me so uncomfortable.. i really felt like she knew i was wearing and was torturing me!
Anyway, a week after i started wearing, i got up for work one morning and just couldn't get it to look right. No matter what i did, it SCREAMED wig, and in an act of panic, i ripped it off my head and shaved my head.

Pretty dramatic, i know.. but i was so relieved to do it. That whole week, i pretty much thought of nothing by my hair. it was mentally exhausting.. And for the last couple of months while my natural hair has been growing back in, i've felt fine about my decision..

But in the past few weeks, i've found myself coming here and reading posts again.. and after looking at HairFanatic's pics - http://www.forum.toplace.com/showthread.php?tid=5074 - i feel like i can do it again.
I rushed into it last time. I didn't get a custom piece. It just wasn't right for me, but i was so eager to get started, i fooled myself into thinking i could make it work.. But because it wan;t right for me, and i got the drilling by that girl at work, i was constantly thinking about it all the time.. everywhere i went i was paranoid people were looking at it.

So i'm going to give this another try.
I've made a template, and sent it off to TopLace with a sample of my hair for a color match, and will finalize the order next week.
I'm going to order a piece very similar to HairFanatic's in those pics. 60-65% density, medium wave, blond front (so i can color it later and have the blond roots), and a graduated hairline.
And when i receive it, i'll be sure not to just slap it straight on my head the day i get it! i'll play with it and make any appropriate tweaks, and just take my time.

I guess i just learned the hard way that patience is a virtue, and near enough isn't good enough!

Sorry for the long post. Smile
04-21-2012, 07:56 PM,
RE: Intro/My second attempt at wearing.
Interesting story..... I like the fact that you`re not discouraged and are giving it another go... it`s SO easy to just give up at the first issue....so I like your tenacity.... I`m wearing quite a few years and even yesterday, I had a `bad hair day`! Couldn`t get it quite `right`, but that`s a rarity. Stocks have their uses but also their limitations.... even a Custom system can be a bit `off`in some aspect or other but it`s usually minor enough and can be worked-on.... the colour can be quite `stark`when it`s just out of the envelope from the factory.... a light shampoo or two before wearing will remove `excess`colour and factory-residues such as silicones which they spray onto the hair .... hope the new system will be far more satisfactory [I`m sure it will] and keep us posted/pics etc. Cheers.
P.S. I find pomades like Brylcreem are fine, but can `build-up`and leave a system looking `dull` and / or `wiggy`, requiring more frequent shampooing, which in turn, can lead to colour-lift.... I swear by just daily spritzing with water, and a good few darts of `Enhance` leave-in conditioner a few times a week onto damp hair before styling,to maintain hair in good condition.... just Google `PPI Enhance` for suppliers.
04-21-2012, 09:51 PM,
RE: Intro/My second attempt at wearing.
the great thing about wearing is,youve got a ton of options,
and youre in control,not dam male pattern baldness,
i really do wish id started wearing alot earlier,rather than using concealer beyond what it was intended for,and being dissapointed with the results,my own fault,not the product,
why the hell not look great,than try and hold onto dwindelling locks,with to many compromises,
with wearing ,theres no compromise,and what a fantastic feeling that is,
styling youre hair is a pleasure,
i dont enjoy full debonds but its a must for wearing,(who does lol)
dont mind touch ups,
anty Smile

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