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stockunit, right color
03-21-2012, 05:39 AM,
stockunit, right color
Hi everyone,

new here on toplace. I am 22 year old guy from Sweden that is starting losing my hair. Been reading a bit on this forum and saw that some members used stockunits to their templates (by cutting these).

So would like to order a stockunit to cover my beginning receding hairline since a got some hair left. Have been in touch with John on toplace regarding the color.

Thought I could ask you on the forum as well, what's your opinion, which color should match regarding to my photo? (The photo is some years old but my haircolor is still the same).

Also, If I instead of take a color chose to send in a hairsample, how much hair do they need? How should I send? In a envelope attach to a bit of tape?

Thank you everybody for an answer

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03-21-2012, 08:21 AM,
RE: stockunit, right color
Stock systems come in a number of colours as you have probably seen here:
Hair-samples are normally only sent in with a template in the case of a person who is ordering a custom-made system. There are so many `in-between`shades of colour,especially with browns, that a good -sized hair sample is needed......hair taken from the back of the head, tends to be darker than from the crown/front [worth bearing in mind] Hair sample should be about an inch long, and approximately the diameter of a pencil....can be held together with a small elastic band `doubled over`[ bit like a sheaf of wheat] John will know best what colour in a stock will best match your hair colour--- it`s hard to be accurate, as pictures can give a misleading impression of `tones`...... at a guess, looks to me like a medium brown [#7] would be a good match for your growing hair. Best wishes.

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