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A few questions about attachment
03-18-2012, 06:46 AM,
A few questions about attachment

I have some beginner questions. I could not find all the answers browsing this forum.

1) When attaching the Toplace hair system with glue, do you put glue everywhere on your bald area ? Or just on the border ?

2) I suppose that when using tape, you only put it on the border right ?

3) Do you recommend glue, tape or both for toplace hair System ? (I have seen videos of ppl using glue on front, tape on front, so I don't really know what to do).

Thank you !!
03-18-2012, 07:53 AM,
RE: A few questions about attachment
Howdy.... I will assume your system is all- lace ? Have a look at these vids.--
In answer to your question 1 above: It`s a matter of personal choice / lifestyle needs. Lace provides breathability...coating your scalp with glue is, in essence, defeating that `advantage`--you are in reality, sealing/blocking your pores...... mostly, guys who wear skin-systems, do that type of all-over bond. With lace, you can just do a perimeter bond ----usually guys use glue at the front perimeter because of the curvature of the system...the sides are usually a lot more straight-edged, so strips of tape can be used. I guess tape is faster to work-with [though can be a bit `fiddly`until you get the hang of working with them] You could always place a strip of tape front-to-back on the scalp which will give added hold for the middle part [ I`ve never bothered with it, but some do] ---that answers question 2.
3: Again, you`ll decide what works best for you .... I`d suggest glue at the front and tapes for the sides/back initially...... I find `Walker no-shine`tape pretty good, gives a good hold and clean-up /detachment is easy and non-messy. Just tape your system up, position it on your head, and once happy, mark the skin with an eye brow pencil..just a few light broken lines....apply your glue,evenly and thinly just behind the line for about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch......apply the 2nd coat only when the first is almost cured.....never ever press your lace down into wet glue--you`ll end up with a total disaster of a clean-up as the glue will go through the lace onto the hair and solidify...... it takes 24 hours for glue to fully cure, so don`t fret that it won`t grip the lace--trust me, it will ..... it can take at least 15 minutes for each coat to cure sufficiently ....take your time and don`t rush it. Keep to a regular de/rebond schedule......even if the bond still feels strong, some tapes and glues can deteriorate overnight and go into a gooey/messy state, making the clean-up a real pain in the butt..... many guys go for 3 or 4 weeks bonds.... I`d recommend 7 to 10 days max.
03-18-2012, 11:16 AM,
RE: A few questions about attachment
Thank you for your answer, Paul.

Regarding question 1 : OK. And when you decide to use only glue, you just put the glue on the skin and put the lace on it ? directly ?

Question 2 : OK. On one of the link that you provided they put tape everywhere. Will see what i do.

Question 3 : OK, thank you for your advice. This video is interesting too (about both glue and tape) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0vvxd6kXAQ

I am a bit confused because of the Michigan Baldy video link that you posted because the guy is using tape on front. OK I will have to try and make my own opinion.
03-18-2012, 10:52 PM,
RE: A few questions about attachment
Hi Total..yes, never, ever, put glue onto lace---always only onto the skin, in layers as outlined. It`s VITAL to allow each [thin] coat to go almost dry ...the quickest way to get the coats to `cure`, is to sit in a cool room and refrain from any physical activity..any sweating or raised body-temperature, will interfere with the process, and sweat rising up under the glue, will cause a shorter-term bond. Some guys speed it up a little by blowing the glue with a hairdryer.
In the video , he`s chosen to use what are called `` Contours`` at the front.....they are simply boomerang-shaped strips of tape, which come in various `angles`...some wearers actually make their template at the front, to the shape of their chosen-contour, for an exact match...they are the guys who prefer an all-tape bond......it`s really a matter of personal choice in what you`d like to use..... you have to do a bit of trial and error in this game at the start, especially in finding bonding products which suit your body individually... not everyone will get the same results with a particular glue and/or tape..... I find those contours a bit fiddly/tiresome to work-with, so I`d usually use some glue there....simply apply it inside the marked-line, wait for it to cure, and just press the lace down when ready...it`s a longer process, but personally, I find it easier...having said that, I`m quite lazy with my bonds...sometimes I just stick a small strip of tape there on either side of the very centre-point... it`s fiine for the day and fast to remove at night[ I remove mine nightly--again, a personal choice] If I was bonding on a topper using tape and glue, I`d tape the sides and back as in the video, but just at the temples, I`d apply 2 shorter[ maybe 1/4 -inch strips] and peel back a `start-point` of the backing paper. I`d position the thing on the head, and once happy it`s not too far forward/back, I`d peel the paper off one of hte temple strips, and press hte system in against the skin.....go to the other side and apply the other one...now you have it `anchored ` --it won`tslip/slide on your head. Simply work your way around the rest f the perimeter, peeling off the backing papers and pressing the system `home`...then, mark/trace a line around the front-edge [hairline] with an eyebrow pencil.....fold that `loose` area of system, back onto the hair/head behind it... hold it there by using something like a large elastic band under the chin and up onto the folded-back lace.......you can then work away applying your glue without the thing flopping forward onto the wet glue--you just need to keep it out of your way while you work......when your glue coats are cured clear, and there`s no `wet shine`at all......just tip one finger-tip onto it to see if it`s almost dry.....then remove your elastic band, and fold your lace down onto the glued area..press firmly home..... you`ll then just go around your perimeter like in Jeff`s vidoe.....hope that helps.

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