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Gym/Fitness/Active Lifestyle - Advice Needed
03-06-2012, 09:36 AM,
RE: Gym/Fitness/Active Lifestyle - Advice Needed
(03-04-2012, 06:47 PM)leamon Wrote: Hi Journeyofman. I also have an active lifestyle (I go to the gym 4 times a week. I do lifting and also play basketball).

To keep it hygienic I use Got2BeGlued styling gel. I reattach daily because the G2BG gel washes off with shampoo, no residue, no mess. You can read more here:


Weight lifting using the G2BG is no problem. Basketball is tricky and I don't recommend it because the sweat loosens the bond. If someone were to try to rebound the ball, but accidentally slapped you on the head, the hair might fall off. Sweat will loosen but it will stay on unless someone slaps your head, etc. So sweat like from jogging on a treadmill is no problem.

I'm an advocate for G2BG because it's fast, convenient, cheap, and clean. You should try it out.

So if I use G2BG and I sweat a little and I get slapped in the side of the head theres a good chance the piece would come off? Im not wearing yet but I think in the begining I would like to use G2BG. I dont have an active lifestyle, but I do go out alot and crazy things tend to happen, if I got slapped in the side of the head after sweating a little say from dancing at a bar or being in a mosh pit theres a good chance the piece would come off using G2BG?
03-09-2012, 07:51 AM,
RE: Gym/Fitness/Active Lifestyle - Advice Needed
Paul and others.... I am re/debonding today for the first time. See if its ok?

Hair System
1) Use Lace release throughout the bonding area through the hair and wait 5 mins and remove
2) Use Pure Glue Melter (not too wet) on the lace that has glue or tape residue and wait 10 mins
3) Carefully but firm, do a Mirror Slide or Magazine glossy to remove the residue from Lace in a upward position.
4) Perhaps use an alcohol to clean the base again with cloth
5) Shampoo the hair in one direction and the base (base facing down).
6) Condition the hair, base facing up (avoid the the conditioner touching the knots) and slowly run your finger through the hair. Run the water from the base downward through the hair.
7) Perhaps mirror slide again just in case?
8) Put the system in a small towel and roll it and slowly squeeze the excess water
9) When its damp put a leave in conditioner and comb it.

1) Use Pure Glue Melter on the scalp or Pro-bond adhesive from HD?? to remove the residue. which one is better?
2) Use Alcohol to remove the remaining residue
3) Use Debbie anti bacteria soap
4) Exfoliate the scalp and shampoo accordingly.
5) Dry, shave and use scalp protector.

I think i will be ok with the detachment but i am worried about putting it on (tapes around the side and back, Glue front)
1) After i use the scalp protecter and locate front hairline and mark with an eyebrow pencil. is is better to peel all the tapes all at once and spray adjust bond/re-align and then place it accordingly since i have one minute? OR peel the tapes in section and spray the adjust bong/re-align beforehand? I am thinking of stretching it...not sure which way is the best.
2) i am using ORWG glue for my front hairline....i am ok with the front. i just need advice with the tapes.

03-09-2012, 10:02 PM,
RE: Gym/Fitness/Active Lifestyle - Advice Needed
You won`t have to wait 5 minutes for the lace-release to work..... I find the system lifts off pretty quickly after application...remember, it`s an alcohol and will evaporate off fairly fast, so you can find the adhesive material under the lace can begin to grip again [albeit weakly] if you don`t remove the system.
Glue melter is another alcohol ...tends to make the glue `gooey`...you may well need 2 or 3 applications to get all residue off [the scalp especially] The citrus -based glue Solvents are the ultimate clean-up product..... put a sweat-band around the head once the system is removed, spray it on, and wait around 10 minutes.....you can then simply wipe it all off with kitchen-towel...... shampoo your head as normal then..... it can be a bit `oily`, so if you apply it to residue on lace, it will need to be shampooed out/off or it can interfere with your new bond. I`m lazy with my bonds and don`t do an all-around perimeter bond as I detach nightly, and I find with a Fullcap , I can just apply the strips of tape to the scalp first, peel back a corner of the backing paper , then sit /position the system on, and peel off the various strips one -by-one as I go and press the lace onto them..... I appreciate it can be tricky as a newbie , to position your system correctly, until you get the `hang`of it.... I guess the best thing is to apply strips of tape to you system first, peel back a `start-point` of the backing papers, then sit it onto your head, and once happy it`s in the correct position, just attach it [ on each temple-point is good] ....that`ll hold it at those `anchor-points` ...take your time going around the rest of the perimeter, don`t stretch it too much if you can avoid it, or you`ll end up with it feeling `tight`on one side, and bunched-up/rippled on the other side. Once you have your tapes area done, just mark your front hairline with an eyebrow pencil, fold your system back from the front and apply your glue in thin coats, making sure each coat is almost dry before applying the next.......you can `clip`the hair[ front edge] back out of your way onto the hair behind it with something like a clothes-peg or even a large elastic band anchored under the chin and up onto the folded-back part of the system.That`ll keep it out of your way while you apply your glue...... when you fold it down onto the glued area, if any `stray`hairs get stuck onto any `excess`glue, just dip the end of a Q-tip into lace-release, and dab at the hairs----that`ll free them....... moisten a cotton pad with glue-melter and carefully go around your front perimeter removing any `stray`glue which might be outside your pencil-line and indeed , clean off your pencil -line too.....do it carefully as you don`t want to squeeze glue-melter in behind the line or you`ll affect the bond you need to keep `good`..... this will get a lot easier as you go along...... the early days are always a bit fraught or nerve-wracking.....cheers for now.
p.s. Have a look at the `Michigan Baldie` clip on this link..... it`s the 7th one down the page there....
03-13-2012, 07:45 AM,
RE: Gym/Fitness/Active Lifestyle - Advice Needed
Thanks Paul, ohh and i just bought two bottles of PPI enhance as suggested, cant wait to use it.

I did my first removal on Friday (took me an hour), all of the tapes stick on my scalp, some of the glues stick onto the lace but i did the mirror slide and managed to get all glue removed from the lace. I am going to use the glossy magazine next time for easier clean up. I didn't wear my system until Sunday afternoon. I went out on Friday to the bar with a cap, went to the gym on Saturday morning with my gym-hat and i was sweating like a dog. Went out with friends on Saturday again with my hat. My friends saw me with my hair system before and they thought it looks good and they have no idea that i was wearing one. I don't have the confidence yet to show them during the daytime and also i want to wear a hat so it wont be a drastic change between wearing and non-wearing. On Sunday, i woke up and went to the gym, shower and then do the attachment, it took me 2 1/2 hr from shower, to shaving to applying tape and glue. One mistake was my hairline is a little low that i was anticipated but i am gonna ensure it is perfect on the next de/re.
03-15-2012, 07:31 AM,
RE: Gym/Fitness/Active Lifestyle - Advice Needed
Hi journey... when doing your rebond, just sit it onto the head and position it ...just use an eyebrow pencil to mark the skin around the front , temple-to-temple, then you`ll avoid it coming too far forward when you have it taped up ready to apply it...if using glue at the front, you simply apply your layers on, immediately at/behind the line.....the line can be wiped off easily once your bond is completed.
You`ll find the Enhance really good... I don`t use it daily.. I apply a nice amount one day, and simply freshen the system up next day by spritizing with water...there`s no sticky/messy build-up with it. I always `back-brush`the hair so it`s not lying in it`s normal position...then spritz with water to ensure the hair is nice and damp right down to the knots....then 5 0r 6 good darts of Enhance...style it as required and allow to dry naturally...gives a nice finish and should pay you back by lengthening the serviceable life of the hair...cheers.

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