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New here
01-19-2012, 06:16 AM,
RE: New here

Yes using concealer is a daily maintenance thing, but so can wearing a hair piece.
By trying concealer, you will also get to test how you will cope with 'passing off the illusion of more hair' that concerns you.
You'll be able to see if anyone notices or comments and how confident you are about carrying it off.
If you feel incredibly self conscious just using a concealer, chances are you'll be equally self conscious about replacement hair.

Lots of us who wear today went down the concealer route first.
When the proportion of concealer exceeds the proportion of natural hair, its becomes obvious and much more trouble than a hair piece.
In fact a hair piece becomes a breeze at that stage.

Concealers for blonde/brown hair can be difficult to match and using a combination of 2 tones is often recommended.

Good luck.
01-19-2012, 10:15 PM,
RE: New here
(01-19-2012, 05:15 AM)Trey22 Wrote: Thanks, furball ! My hair loss is getting more noticeable, especially in windy conditions (i.e frontal hair is getting clamped up, making my temples look huge). I feel as though using concealer is only a temporary solution, as it's more of daily maintenance type of thing. Also, I exercise quite often, so using concealer on a long term basis would just be a mess, I think. I just want to have a full head of hair again, and I feel that now, as in the next couple of months, is the time to make that transition.

As far as the financial side of wearing is concerned, I'm well-prepared. Also, I've tried and am still currently trying to read as much as I can from experienced wearers, and those that just started wearing. I don't feel like there's something major, whether it be positive or negative, about wearing that I have yet to read. I'm sure there are some minor details, which I'll only find once I start wearing, but I think I can handle those.

However, I would still like to know what you were referring to in your post when you said I should be prepared for what's involved in getting there and the trade-offs. Would you be so kind as to enlighten me ?

Also, do you know what color concealer, be it Nanogen or Toppik, would suit my crown ? I'm looking to thicken up my crown area, so the transition to a hair piece will be even less noticeable.

Thank you so much,


Hey Trey,

Yes, perhaps I sounded a bit vague or cryptic in my post ... my bad, nor did I mean to sound discouraging. Speaking from MY experience (which may not be everyone's), I only meant that wearing has it's negatives, but they're worth it IF you've passed a certain threshold of hassle with your own hair.

It sounds like you've done some research, and have a decent idea of what's involved. Maybe you've passed that threshold I spoke of ... if discouragement over your hair loss is starting to consume your thoughts, or if you are beginning to avoid certain activities because of your hair ... swimming, windy conditions worry you, etc.

Well, swimming, windy conditions and the like are still challenging situations wearing sometimes. Even w/ a perfect or non-exposed hairline we still worry about blending a piece w/ our own hair. Getting a natural look takes a little effort, and certain social activities can still be challenging, but worked around w/ preparation. As a wearer I'm not able to be as spontaneous w/ certain activities as someone w/ their own hair ... roller coasters, swimming, exercising, etc.

So the trade-offs involve making sure of your attachment, products to keep everything natural and undetectable, condition of your piece, and the time, money and energy to manage this. It does get easier, and becomes second nature, but it's an adjustment at first.

And by "getting there," I meant that it can take a few orders, a few pieces and some experience to get a look you're comfortable with. Often John, or your salon guy, can get you pretty close from the gate, maybe spot on ... but color, density, texture, curl often needs a tweak to be right ... sometimes you get a bad piece, or one doesn't last very long, etc. and we can feel a bit stuck until we can get another. And even when you get your specs down, there is still some inconsistency between pieces ... frustrating at first, but worked around with experience.

For me, I like how I look wearing MOST of the time (especially compared to how I looked w/ a bald crown and visible transplants in front) ... but not 100% of the time ... And this result took some time and effort to arrive at.

I just wanted guys w/ a good amount of their own hair left to be aware of the downside. I'm just sayin' ... Wink

Attitude is the biggest factor in wearing successfully. There are guys here who wear full caps, totally clean shaven head, who will show up one day w/ hair, and the next without ... with little concern over what anyone else thinks. I have not yet achieved this mindset ....


P.S. Can't help w/ concealer advice, never used them ... my hair loss was too severe by the time these became a viable solution.
01-19-2012, 11:27 PM,
RE: New here
Furball's post above reflects my experience & sentiments about wearing pretty much exactly.
01-20-2012, 12:04 AM,
RE: New here
Yeah ..well-put post, and gives a good overall perspective on this whole `game`..... gives the `real` picture.
01-21-2012, 01:42 AM,
RE: New here
(01-19-2012, 11:27 PM)Hersute Wrote: Furball's post above reflects my experience & sentiments about wearing pretty much exactly.

(01-20-2012, 12:04 AM)Paul In Ireland Wrote: Yeah ..well-put post, and gives a good overall perspective on this whole `game`..... gives the `real` picture.

Well then, I'm gratified to be in such good company ...

I meant to be clearer about the trade-off idea for Trey's benefit (and other's who are thinking of making the leap) ... and to highlight the upside of wearing to balance out my previous post.

So we put in the effort to improve our hair loss situation (as detailed in the previous post), and when it's looking good (which is most of the time), I get compliments on my hair often ... from those who know I've "done something" AND from those who don't. Sometimes its just a comment about looking good, without specific reference to my hair. In fact, when I've got it nailed, my hair looks better than my own hair ever did !! Fact. (... the trade-off being the time and effort required to get that result, and that some days, no matter the effort ... it ain't happening).

The attitude part ... so my hair is improved, but someone finds out it's not growing out my head. How do I feel?

If my attitude is:

"No one must know my terrible secret."

... then my self esteem takes a hit, and I've gained little w/ the wearing game. This mindset carries a lot of psychological pressure.

Or my attitude can be:

"I had a problem that bothered me. I found a solution I can live with."

Those that wear successfully arrive at something like this latter attitude.
It took me most of my 48 years to even learn that I could CHOOSE my attitude. And I've found that most people will accept, and adopt, whichever one I choose ...

... including other attitudes like ... who cares if I have hair or not? ... it's only hair, after all Wink

01-21-2012, 01:48 AM,
RE: New here
AH! That explains it!
Furball and I are not dissimilar in age.
The latter attitude has become much easier as I've got older.

Again, very well put Furball.
01-26-2012, 08:46 PM,
RE: New here
Thanks for all the replies, guys ! I'm sorry I have not been very active. Exams are coming up, so I'm studying 24/7 at the moment, lol.

Some updates:

I've made an appointment for february first (wednesday next week) to make a template/ take hair samples/ density etc. As I've decided that I'm ready to take this next (very big) step, and that the timing is just about right.

I'm just glad that I found a place that has a good reputation among the Dutch wearers, is active on the Dutch boards, and is also decently priced..

It should take around 8 weeks/2 months, give or take, for my order to arrive. Also, I found out that they have a video on youtube, demonstrating some of their work. I'd like to know what you guys think.



01-29-2012, 10:28 PM,
RE: New here
01-30-2012, 12:15 AM,
RE: New here
Trey, there isn't a lot I can tell from the video (except that everyone working in that salon has a black bubble perm) because it doesn't show enough of the piece itself.
As a promotional video, its exactly like several other companies on Youtube.
The colour match looks good but the end cut wasn't brilliant, but maybe it was exactly what the customer wanted and that is the main thing.

The fact that the place has several good reviews on hair forums is far more important than a video.
Pictures & videos can only tell you so much.
Its customer's experiences that count.
So, based on that, I think you'll be in safe hands.

Remember to ask as many questions as you want and get as much information from them as you can, because that is part of the service you are paying for.

Good luck and keep us posted on the results.
02-24-2012, 04:51 AM,
RE: New here
Hey guys,

Just a quick question. I bought some nanogen (light brown) for my crown, for the remaining 7-8 weeks (until my systems arrive). Just to make the transition into wearing even less noticeable.

When using concealer, how necessary is hairspray? Some people mention that they use it, as it "locks" the fibres in place. However, I shower every evening, so I reapply concealer every day. Should I still use hairspray? I'm asking, because I would rather not use the hairspray..



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