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paul or anyone who is awake please help.
12-22-2011, 09:33 PM,
paul or anyone who is awake please help.
so im doing my first debond without supervision or anyone to help me.
what im about to do is spray lace release all around my piece,
then im going to take it off.
after that im going to spray more lace release so the tape comes off too.
what do i do after that?
im confused wit the adhesive remover part? it comes in a squirt bottle thing. do i squirt adhesive remover on my lace now? or do i just use a micro fiber cloth to tclean it up?
12-22-2011, 10:34 PM,
RE: paul or anyone who is awake please help.
You use lace -release to free your system from your head.If you allow sufficient time [say 2 minutes or so] the lace will come free with little if any residue on it. When it`s off, put it to one side and set to work on your scalp......use glue melter on your head whatever way you like...once your head is sorted out, have a look at your lace. If there is any residue on it, just apply some glue-melter to the residue--no need to run amok and literally soak your lace in it..just apply it `locally`to any residue spots, wait for a minute or two, then use your micro fiber cloth, or some bubble-wrap or simply slide your lace on a glass surface like a large bathroom mirror and it will come free off the lace.
12-23-2011, 09:28 AM,
RE: paul or anyone who is awake please help.
ok and then after that? i just use a hair dryer or something to make sure my scalp and base is dry and then reattach right? that doesnt sound so hard Smile i didnt debond last night. i wimped out. my bond is loose though.. so i have to do it asap
12-23-2011, 09:56 AM,
RE: paul or anyone who is awake please help.
You can give your system a rinse to freshen it up ---- I often just rinse it under running [very cool] water rather than shampooing it..... sure, if you think it needs a little shampooing, do it but not just `for the sake of it`. You may have to apply glue-melter to your head a few times as glues can be `stubborn`...a glue Solvent such as C22 or De-solvit [citrus-based] can make the job a lot easier/faster, as they make short work of adhesives. When your scalp is cleaned off [use kitchen towel] just hop into the shower and shampoo/clean your head as normal. Once your system is dried out fully, and your scalp is clean, you can do your re-bond. I often gave the scalp a wipe with a cotton pad moistened with alcohol just to make sure it`s squeaky-clean before your re-bond......make sure the alcohol has completely evaporated off/dried or it will interfere with your bond..... I`d advise you keep to a regular `routine`or you can end up with a messy job,especially in very warm weather. When you have your bond redone, mist with water and style [that`s when I apply my `Enhance` liberally] I leave it dry naturally.. I just fluff it up a bit with the fingers and a light/gentle brushing here and there.... I find if I leave it dry with the `Enhance`on it, it dries just as it `is`...kind of like it had been been sprayed with hairspray, but not a bit `rigid` and brushes out SO easily with the hair feeling nice and soft and NO build-up.
12-25-2011, 04:38 PM,
RE: paul or anyone who is awake please help.
wow.. i had such a difficult time putting the system back on my head correctly. it put me in depression. does anyone have tips for putting the unit on correctly? and to also get it perfectly back in place. i was always off by a little. too much to the side or too forward.
12-25-2011, 10:11 PM,
RE: paul or anyone who is awake please help.
Hi elvis... are you using glue to hold the front and tapes for the rest of it? It can be a bit tricky to get this right at the start..all part of the learning. A few tricks I learned in my topper days....... the overall `look`can be off when the system is not in the correct position as you`ve seen...this is because it was styled/cut while it was sitting in one particular position and if you now sit it back on the head too far forward/backwards it will not look right. What I found good was to make 2 `anchor-points` approx. mid-way between the front and back of the system...kind of just behind the temple area, with 2 short strips of tape maybe 3/4s of an inch long each. Apply more strips from there back along the perimeter and at the back itself... Peel back a corner of the backing-paper on each and `scrunch` it so it doesn`t re-stick back onto the tape..it`s just to give you a `start-point`and make it easy to peel them off fully when the system is properly positioned and you`re ready to stick it down onto the scalp.
Sit your system onto the head and position it properly.... sitting in front of a large mirror and having a decent-sized hand-held mirror so you can see the back/sides. When you`re happy with it, just lightly mark a few little dots or a line on the skin directly at the front hairline using an eyebrow pencil..you can actually easily mark the skin thereby pressing the teeth of a comb into the skin and moving slightly left/right ..that line / mark will stay visible for quite a while.Making sure the system is still positioned correctly, carefully lift/fold-back the perimeter at one of your anchor-points and peel off that bit of backing paper and press the exposed tap onto the skin.....do the same at the other side...so now you have your system held in place at 2 points on the left and right hand side of the head.Now, simply catch the very front of the system and fold it back onto the hair behind it...fold it back as far as the 2 anchor-points so it`s out of your way.....you could even clip the hair to the hair behind it by using a clothes peg or even using a large elastic band under the chin and up onto the lace to keep the thing pinned down while you apply your glue. Apply glue VERY thinly just back from the line you marked on the skin.....again , about half to 3/4s of an inch `wide`is enough. Allow to go almost dry and then apply another layer...usually about 3 layers is good.... NEVER EVER push lace down into wet glue......you`ll make your life hell if you do !! When your glue has `cured`, remove your elastic band or whatever, and gently allow the lace to fold forward into it`s normal /natural position..don`t pull/stretch it... push `home`the centre-point [in line with the nose] and gently pat the rest of it down onto the glue either side and back to the two [taped] anchor-points. So now you have your front perimeter bonded and back to just behind the temple points area. Now, simply fold up the back of the system, remove the backing paper off the next section of tape [ear area] on one side of your head and fold the system back down [without pulling/stretching it out of shape] and allow the tape to stick to the skin [this is where that `Adjust-a-bond` spray can be handy for a newbie..it prevents the adhesive from `grabbing` immediately ,thus buys you a little `adjusting` time] If you stretch/pull the lace in one area, it can tend to `bunch`up in another and lead to pleats/uneven bits on your perimeter, so try to keep it `even`. Go around to the other side, over the other ear, and peel off that backing-paper too and bond it down and finally do the very back bit..... that `s the way I used to do it anyway,others like to do the back bit first and work their way forward..you`ll find what suits you best. You can `break`the tape-lengths whichever way you like...it`s not always practical to have big long lengths of it due to the curve/shape of the perimeter ..most systems are not `square` so you can easily just put one along the back , and 2 or 3 `broken`lengths heading towards the front [temples] ....hope that helps anyway ..just take your time..it can be tedious too getting a `start-point`on those backing tapes....some can be really `fiddly` and tend to pull the whole strip off the lace while you`re trying to get a start on the backing paper.grrrrr !!! lol. It`s all part and parcel of this game...you have to be patient and take your time....... I think guys who do the `DIY` route are to be admired.... I had the `benefit `[?] of a few years of Salons before going DIY .... see how you go with that method and let me know how you find it..regards for now.
p.s...if you used an eyebrow pencil to mark the front/skin, just moisten a cotton pad with alcohol and carefully wipe it off..don`t allow any to seep onto your bond though.
12-26-2011, 11:04 AM,
RE: paul or anyone who is awake please help.
ok heres my fail safe routine,(nothings gauranteed lol)
and hey it ok to make mistakes, it wont explode or ......
ok first ,
1) release spray alchol or lace release on to the hairline,
or if you know theres a area already lifting spray in and under there, wait a min or two,
if you need to spray more and wait.
you should be able to gently peel the hair peice away from youre scalp,
if theres a stuborn peice of adhesive hey just spray more on that part and wait, no panic.
ok glues messy,there will be traces possibly on the hair or ends, no panic, just spray a little lace release ,or alchol,wat and gently scrape off with youre nail.

2)with the peice off,
lie it hairside down on a surface , till youre ready to clean it.
as the other side wiill be gued up with glue that has changed in composition, become liquid almost gooey.

3)the scalp, concentrate on clean up,
this is pretty easy,i spray alchol onto my salp,and wait a min,then run a metal comb gently over my scalp this take out the bulk of the glue,and is great for getting glue out of youre naturally growing hair.
then really its a case of using , the many products availabe to clean the glue from youre scalp.
citrus ones are great,

i use towels,kitcken towels, sellotape on my head to take the glue off.
then wash youre scalp with a mild shampoo,and naturaly growing hair,
towel dry,
then carry on with anymore glue removal,you may need a few more sprays of alchol,
if there still glue on youre scalp,rub a tiny amount of gentle shampoo into the scalp lather,
and rub dry gently with a towel.
just make sure youre heads megga dry for a rock solid bond.
if you have youre doubts and youre scalp fels oily , then just repeat the avove,they work eventually.

now with the scalp cleaned, you can buzz down youre hair growth with clippers if youve worn for a extended period,and youve got new hair comming through.
dry youre naturally growing hair , hair dryer, head scalp, prepared done.

system clean up
start by turing upside down spray on lace release, alchol ect,and it really the saME gentle proccess for the scalp but as its the hair system just be gentle but firm,
removing glue from the lace, poly,ect with youre fingers rolling it, scrapping it,try clothes ,sellotape works well once the alchols evaporated,
same with the hair if theres gue on it just apply alchol wait and gently scrape off.
spray alchol onto the base again after cleaning and dry a tadd with wam shot of the hairdryer.

now fll the sink with wam water and wet the system,gently work in shampoo of choice(for dry damaged hair ect)
and very gently work in,thmen sumbmerge the system
leave for a few mins, gently lift the hair and massage gently.dont rubb.
and repeat the prccess if you want to.

rinse with wam water, patt dry with towel ,i put my system on the ball of my knee acts like a nice foam head,and begin to dry with hair dryer on warm, and when about dry spray in some leave in conditioner, and finger througfh the hair, then dry.

you may still find odd bitts of glue which wil be white and rubbery after being n contact with shampoo and warm water.

then with the hair prepared.

the placement.
make sure youre scalps megga dry, clean, and the surface of the hairsystem
now appy the adhesive, i use oil resistant white . glue(orwg)
apply with brush and then smear with finger,so its uniform ,then wait 15 mins,
spend the 15 mins checking hair system for glue , make sure it dry,hae a shave clean youre teeth ect.

you can spray alchol onto the scALP,prior to laying the system down,
so if you missplace you can lift and change position,
if youve done a great clean up, once placed the system should give a rock hard hold,
more than enough to style youre hair,you may find some parts of the system arnt sticking no bigg deal if there not to obvioues, just style , the styling prouducts help with hair blending texture and hold.
and you could maybee do another touch up the next day.
frontal touch ups are easier becase you dont have to line the hair up as youre lifting the front only and re bonding.

good look,anty
thats my routine, works like a charm,
12-28-2011, 11:43 AM,
RE: paul or anyone who is awake please help.
thanks guys for taking all that time to reply. im going to try this tonight on my next attachment.
ps alcohol and lace release are the same exact thing right?
12-28-2011, 01:01 PM,
RE: paul or anyone who is awake please help.
The main ingredient in lace release is alcohol, though there may be other additives as well. Alcohol on its own will work as a lace release.
12-28-2011, 08:29 PM,
RE: paul or anyone who is awake please help.
Think the only difference is the % of alcohol between `Lace Release` and Glue-melter...I think the melter is 99% and Lace release has less `strength`[ % of alcohol] as it`s only used to break the `hold`and not actually to `attack`the glue etc..... they are both basically alcohols.

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