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clean hairline
12-08-2011, 01:17 PM,
clean hairline
To all you veterans of the lace pieces, this is my first winter with the piece, during the summer is was almost every morning i had to clean the dirt/grime with 91 percent and a qtip, since the winter in cooler and you dont sweat as much does the hairline get as much dirty as in the summer months
12-10-2011, 07:06 AM,
RE: clean hairline
I would get a product like got2b glued freeze spray.. after ur done with ur attachment and it is sturdy.. soak a q tip in got2b spray and than gently blot ur hairline perimeter all the way around.. it dries very qick and it dries clear.. this will create a barrier to block any dirt etc.. it dries non tacky so it won't attract dust and dirt like a glued hairline would
12-10-2011, 08:02 PM,
RE: clean hairline
I will have to try this sounds a good idea..
12-11-2011, 10:59 AM,
RE: clean hairline
in my experiance, 14 months into wearing , frontal touch ups are a breeze,at least 7-8 months into it they were,once i figured the whole routine out, and finely tuned it,learning curve, but hell one that pays you back with a better feeling than prozac ever could,
pleased i wear, bloody changed my life, love it,
better than any false medcation promises.
love it,
ignoring the summer months, lol
i use selotape and finger nail,and press lace back down to scalp, so adhesive usually sticks to scalp from the lace then peel off with fingers.
old advice still stands, for megga hold*
make sure scalp is megga dry, lace is as clean as you can get it and megga dry!
leave for 15 mins, assist with warm shots from hair dryer.
and you should have a rock solid hairline for a few days, week, dependant on youre activity
i use orwg,water based
dependent on adhesive used & body chemistry , climate.*
//////still got my first hair system partial, topper not bad 14 months\\\\\will switch to my new one skin , soon i promise, but its my baby , my comfort blanket will be hard to retire it.
12-11-2011, 08:07 PM,
RE: clean hairline
anty, i wanted to ask you something about ventilation. see, you do a similar style to me. i comb my hair forward and spike up the front. i ordered my first system with comb forward spikey venting. but i was wondering if i could just order the comb forward part freestyle instead so it can go back at times as well but still comb forward neatly. so since you do the comb forward thing too i was wondering what venting do you order? And basically if free style can comb forward very neatly? or does it just pop all around the place? lol
12-11-2011, 09:47 PM,
RE: clean hairline
to be honest i didnt order from toplace, just a one lady salon.
and the only real specs where, colour,density, slight wave,and lace,polly combination.
slight wave should do it, never order straight, as my hairdresser stated,
"we call it poker hair" as you cant do a think with it it just sticks up, bitt like chinease hair.
nothing against chinease lol.
cant really beat using gel,and if you havent got time to wait for t to dry or think it might flopp, then as its nearly dry , spray a tadd of hairspray on it.
iv been using gel, hairspray,decent shampoo, leave in conditioner routine,
my first peice has lasted me 14 months,
colours gone,from greyish, to off grey coppery red(slight)
but if i re coloured it i could get longer out of it.
most of the lace has frayed and gone from the hairline,so im nearly down to the polly at the front.
which kind of gives me the confidence to start wearing my new skin system iv got tucked away upstairs.
who knows i might swear by skin v lace hairline.
allways been a handsome ladd, and wearing turned the clock back,.
still getting the female attention bigg time as i used to.
wearing for me and many is worth doing,
keep yahh fake medicines and promises, ill stick to something i control
regards anty

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