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company products and prices
11-27-2011, 02:52 AM,
company products and prices
hey guys < i need to be schooled, Ive been doing alot of looking around and i see for the basic french lace topper, that the prices are hugely different, for instance at TL its almost $200 and Ive seen it acouple hundred more to thousands for for a french lace topper with remy hair, what is the differance < any chance they come from the same factory< there must be a reason for the huge mark up< TL must be the cheapest< because i have seen any cheaper, i just started wearing and i have the re/de down to a science, also, ive been thinking about a skin, besides the base, what are the major differenaces betwen skin and lace regarding longevity, ive heard you cant have a undetectable hairline with skin and then ive heard the opposite<im not worried about someone feeling my head, more worried about the visual
11-27-2011, 04:12 AM,
RE: company products and prices
If you've done a lot of looking then you've come across hair loss forums? If you've read the forums you'll know that the hair wearing game is just 'smoke n' mirrors'? It's been discussed & talked about millions of times. For 17 years I was paying $1100 dollars per topper every 6-9 months & $70, plus fuel, every five weeks for a fitting. This was relatively inexpensive as well! I can now buy exactly the same hair for $120 inc shipping. I then purchase strips of tape every 3-4 months & buzz my own hair. TL provides remy hair on their pieces, it says on the information & F.A.Q'S. Regards
11-27-2011, 05:06 AM,
RE: company products and prices
Hi B D, not being flippant with you but if skin system hairlines were `that`visible, no-one would wear them...... any hairline-- irrespective of base-material --can become visible if you wear an exposed style...atmospheric dust can lodge there against the tiny bit of adhesive material which may be not quite covered, or on skin-oils .......usually a wipe with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol will remove dirt and you may then have to do a little `touch-up`with some glue. Poly itself is hard-wearing and easy to clean too.... the newer `thin`skins may be less durable .... much like the trade-off between French lace [`heavier] and Swiss lace [`lighter`] ..... glad to read you`re getting quite comfortable now with your regime....I really do admire you guys who go the DIY route, without ever having been to Salons/ hair-clubs , where you generally need to put up the deeds of your home to pay the fees !! The very notion of wearing is a huge psychological step for most people , so, once the decision is made, to choose to `go it alone`(apart from the cut-in) is so brave of the individual... I had the experience of a few years of going to various salons.... with good ,bad and indifferent results..but ALL had one thing in common....mega-bucks !! This wearing game is still like an unharvested field for many companies---ripe with `innocents` who can be easily parted from the contents of their wallets.... don`t be fooled by all the hype and `spin`...... I have no issue with anyone making a decent living out of supplying hair ..I`m sure the money is well-earned with the amount of behind-the-scenes work there is in dealing with all types of enquiries, issues, shipments etc., so no, I don`t begrudge anyone their livelihood, but when people can afford 4 holidays a year to the Caribbean, lying sipping Malibu in their hammock slung between two coconut trees, from the proceeds of charging 4-figure sums for a system which should cost 10% of that---- well, then.....hmmmmmm.
Happy wearing to you all.!
11-27-2011, 06:47 AM,
RE: company products and prices
∧∧∧ As Paul said above - who in my opinion should be offered a position of Admin ∧∧∧ I wear years old technology at the mo, it's a mono piece with poly perimeter, as I've stated in the past this suits me fine at the mo 'cos I need longevity over perfection. I started going it alone several months ago when I moved to the U.S, it was the simplest transition I've ever made. All the things that salons charge mega bucks for are freely available on tonnes of sites at a fraction of the cost! My next piece will 'definitely' be a french lace piece from TL, the price & quality of service (reading customers forum posts) are second to none. I will go for french lace, with poly perimeter, because it seems the piece will last longer than swiss plus I'm dieing to feel the wind on my head. I haven't had this for 17 years using the thicker mono pieces Sad Regards

I must add too that even though I used dollars in my first post I was paying a nice chap/salon on the South Coast of England (where I lived previous to the wonderful America) in pound notes!! He took several holidays a year, had a large investment portfolio, lived mortgage free in a large house & ONLY worked 4 days a week!! His client base was pretty small too. While I don't begrudge someone a living...I'm now glad I can live & not support another persons lavish lifestyle. God...I wished I'd sussed out the DIY route 10 years ago. C'est La Vie I guess
11-27-2011, 06:58 AM,
RE: company products and prices
Matt where do you get your hair? You are finding it for $120 including shipping? Or did I misread that?

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