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Day 1 results...
11-24-2011, 03:35 PM,
Day 1 results...
For those who haven't read my original cry for help, you can see it here....


It's been only 2 hours I have been wearing my new thin skin piece. I decided to grow a pair and made an appointment thanks to everyone here. I left the salon and my heart started beating when I was almost home..... I walk through the door, say "Hi", hang out for 30 minutes or so and....SO FAR, it's been cool. I am insanely nervous for tomorrow though. It'll be a Thanksgiving miracle for no one to mention my hair... Some of my relatives know I use concealers and was thinning a bit, but damn....There is no way any concealer could make me look this good....EVER!

So any advice what to tell them if they bring it up? I'm thinking of saying that;

I've been back on Rogaine and Propecia for the last month or two along with a new Shampoo that makes my hair a little thicker...
Or that I'm using a little concealer....?
Or I decided to leave my hair a little longer?
Or should I just say thanks and shut up? Smile

I also posted a pic (More to come hopefully soon)

Along with the piece I bought a Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, Hair Spray, Solvent, Alcohol, and Glue.

My main concerns are:

1. The hair spray that was applied is pretty hard. It's keeping my hair in place which is great, but will it ruin my piece if I don't wet it for a couple days?

2. The piece falling out of place or the hairline slowly peeling off...

3. Showering in it, I was told to shampoo once or twice a week.

4. If I end up doing a de/re, I'm definitely going to need some help with the clean up and maintenance.

Also thanks to everyone including needmorehair, JRob, furball, elvis, Paul In Ireland, fante, standbyme, topcat59, and Spartan for the encouraging words. I'm going to do my best to get this hair wearing game to be successful. God bless you guys and Happy Thanksgiving.

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11-24-2011, 05:43 PM,
RE: Day 1 results... photos
the pic doesn't show a whole lot but what I see looks good man, how's the blending on the sides and back? Good luck tomorrow.
11-24-2011, 07:57 PM,
RE: Day 1 results...
Looks awesome, what did you use to attach?
11-24-2011, 09:26 PM,
RE: Day 1 results...
Oh well -done ! Looks great.. really does.... `you just bit the bullet and `got on`with it so kudos to you. The worst bit is over now..jumped the highest hurdle....as you`ve gone to the salon, they`ll give you any tips on any issues over the phone if you need them. You know you can pop on here too.....
To answer questions: Relax--hairspray won`t `ruin`your hair. I`m not a big fan of those products.....leaves hair feeling too `rigid`for my liking and a few other reasons. A little styling product such as Brylcreem is better as it helps retain moisture and gives a little `sheen`.
Also not a fan of frequent shampooing..I prefer to use a little leave-in conditioner on to water-misted hair, or a little Brylcreem . You MAY get a little `visibility`at the very front edge if atmospheric dust meets/sticks there.....just use a cotton pad moistened with a little alcohol to wipe it clean..this may require you to do a little `touch-up`then with some glue as the alcohol can loosen the glue just there--. just carefully spread a little[ thinly] with one of those coffee-stirrer sticks...wipe off any `excess`on the forehead-skin with the pad. And NO--your system will NOT slip/slide out of place--these glues are mighty strong, so relax.Are you going to the salon for your first de/re?
Cheers for now, Paul.
11-24-2011, 11:30 PM,
RE: Day 1 results...
im happy for you 24hours.. Dont worry about wetting the hair. I literally just wet mine right now in the shower. I didnt let the shower spray it yet because im not sure how that will effect the unit and i still dont have my supplies to rebond. so what i did was i put lots of water on my hand and dumped it over my head a few times.kinda like how a mother bathes her child. The bond is still very secure and my hairlooks great.Iduno why people are afrad the hair looks wiggy after swimming or a shower? I dont understand that. My system looks exactly like how my old hair looked after a shower.
11-25-2011, 12:29 AM,
RE: Day 1 results...
ALL hair looks wiggy when its wet.
Its only the people who are wearing actual wigs that worry about it!

If you ever want to wet the hair but not soak the head, then using a spray mister works really well.
11-25-2011, 03:39 AM,
RE: Day 1 results...
I always mist the hair with a little pocket-sized atomiser bottle. Even if I`m away from home and I want to `tidy`my hair a bit , if I`d been walking about outside and it was windy, I have my little bottle of water to hand....a few blasts of moisture, then `fluff`it up a bit and I`m good to go again.It only holds about 20mls of water and has a pump-action top.
Also, if sleeping with your system bondedon, you should use a satin or silk pillow-slip as cotton can have a drying effect and cotton fibres are capable of snagging hairs and snapping them off as you turn in your sleep.
11-25-2011, 10:54 AM,
RE: Day 1 results...
To my untrained eye, the jaggedness of the hairline looks extremely realistic! Is that your natural hairline with the piece behind it, or is that the actual piece?
11-25-2011, 01:21 PM,
RE: Day 1 results...
Looking good mate.
Couple of things,im not a fan of normal hairspray,it looked good when i put it on,but seemed to glue the hair together and required a shampoo to get it out.I now use a product called Suncoat natural styling spray that washes out in water(i rinse it in the shower),as its sugar based,it also hold your style well,and no alcohol.

You will find other people are not concerned about your hair,unless it sticks out like dog balls because the colour,density etc are well off,like some of the old type units used to look.I don't go into the details about my piece,if people ask(i just generalize),i just get on with life and enjoying a better heathier look with hair and not worrying about hairloss anymore.

Regards topcat.
11-25-2011, 02:57 PM,
RE: Day 1 results...
i must have missed your posts, im not browsing this forum that much anymore bc im overall so happy that the whole wearing thing has drifted to back of my mind/priorities.

but let me say from what i can see it looks fantastic. hairline looks absolutely real and so does the blending. good luck!

if someone asks tell them you had some weird new thickening method done in wich they weave strands of hair into your own. thats what i told my mother and my sister to avoid the embarassment of the word "wig".

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