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Scalp cleanup
11-23-2011, 12:37 PM,
Scalp cleanup
Hello guys,

I know this has been asked before, but I did not find anything in specific about this.
I am a new wearer, and i would like to know what are the best products for scalp clean up (residue) for both tape and glue.
Can anyone also please share the process of cleanup.
I mosty use walker no-shine and supertape.
Also can anyone please suggest any tapes or glues for really hot weather ( consistently in the 90 and 100s). I also sweat a lot.

Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving!!
11-23-2011, 07:41 PM,
RE: Scalp cleanup
I think many guys use blueliner tape ...seems to give a very strong hold in many conditions.
Scalp clean up is dealt with by applying glue-melter, allowing to penetrate,then wiping it off using kitchen towel or bubble wrap . Some residue can be stubborn and require a few applications.... citrus-base melters are very good at breaking down residue.... this one is available on-line and in stores in the U.S. I think http://www.amazon.co.uk/Solv-Strength-De...144&sr=8-3
Also on this site http://www.hairdirect.com/store/Solvents-Removal.aspx scroll down to the bottom and you`ll see `c-22` citrus-based solvent.....most of the other ones would be alcohol-based.
11-23-2011, 09:58 PM,
RE: Scalp cleanup
is normal adhesive remover good enough to help take of tape? i dont do mirror slide with tape right? thats only for glue? and can i apply lace release even with using tape instead of glue?
I studied so much about clean up after debonding with glue. i completely forgot to do my research if i have a tape bond instead. What the differences?
paul could u give me a step by step what to do when i decide to debond this? Its all tape. I know ive been troubling you lately, sorry
11-23-2011, 10:24 PM,
RE: Scalp cleanup
The de-bonding product [lace -release] and glue melters [alcohols or citrus-based ones] are the same irrespective of whether you use tapes/glues. Mirror-slide [ or using bubble-wrap] is mainly for any glue residues remaining on your lace once it`s off you head....some tapes, can break down leaving some sticky residue on the lace , but the tape itself will normally be stuck to the scalp and not the system, because you have initially broken that bond first -- i.e. you broke the bond between lace and tape, allowing removal of the system. You have not [at that stage] `worked`at/on the bond between skin and tape, so this is where you use your `heavy artillery` in the form of glue melters and /or citrus -based products.......the tape will peel off the scalp with a little work.
In summary, lace -release simply breaks your lace free of whatever bonding -product it`s stuck to underneath it, allowing you to lift it off.....most [usually] of the residues will be on the scalp irrespective of whether it`s glue or tape. This is pretty straight-forward....you`ll be coming back next week or whenever, telling me how simple it was.....the main trick in my view, is to not leave a strong bond on for very long times, because some products can be very `stable` one day [towards the end of a particular bond] and literally degenerate overnight into a gooey consistency and give you a really problematic and tedious clean-up.......keep this game as simple as possible, so even if a bond is still `going strong` after, say, 2 weeks, you`re better off to remove it to avoid a problematic clean-up. It`s easy to be tempted to leave `well alone`, but a `regular`cycle of de/re-bond will work best for you.
11-24-2011, 02:22 AM,
RE: Scalp cleanup
hey paul,, when i debond i was thinking il take the residue off my head with a shower. you think i should put soap on my head and wash out after i shampoo? soap makes ur skin dry out i think. so maybe i can get a better attatchment that way? Also, im assuming i wont have anything to clean off my lace because im using tape. You said tape should stay on my head. But just incase, if theres any residue from the tape on the lace what do i do again? peel it off? after that i should wait till my head dries completely and the system is clean.. and then i just rebond using whatever adhesive i choose. Im confused because it sounds like im not going to need any adhesive remover or anything to put onto the lace in this debonding process
11-24-2011, 03:35 AM,
RE: Scalp cleanup
If you pull off any tape residue from the lace without dissolving the glue, the likelihood is that you'll pull out the hairs as well from the base.
Most shedding of hairs is due to this.
Also, you won't always see the residue of glue left behind. It doesn't mean to say it isn't there.
Using adhesive remover is a wise precaution because 1% of residue glue remaining, equals 10% less adhesion on the next attachment.
Using soap afterwards to dry out the skin is ok, but you don't want flaky skin.
11-24-2011, 03:44 AM,
RE: Scalp cleanup
The tape doesn`t normally disintegrate to the extent that strips remain on the head and on the lace simultaneously ....you may have some of the actual adhesive material which the tape is coated in, remaining on the lace ---just dab it with lace-release and do a mirror-slide[or rub it on bubble-wrap] after a minute or so....if that fails, apply some glue melter to it and do your `slide` again. If by any chance an actual strip of tape IS stuck on to the lace, just use some lace-release through the hair again...but I`d be really surprised if that happened..tape is surprisingly strong and remains intact usually and bonded to the head `in one piece`. You`ll be surprised at how easily the bond will break.
Clean your scalp by peeling off the tape and wipe the skin under it with glue-melter ...then just shampoo your head as normal.....if the skin sill feels a bit `tacky`once dry, just moisten a cotton pad with glue melter and wipe it clean.....you might like to rinse your system under running water at this point too.or shampoo it if you think it need it, but that`s usually only in the event of styling product building up... I find a simple rinse with water, and a daily misting with water while wearing , is enough to keep the hair looking `fresh`.... some guys shampoo more often.... it`s best to use a system-friendly shampoo and conditioner..... Lòreal `everpure` [you can Google it] shampoo and conditioner is fine...no sulfates in it. I would advise against using many of the popular strong styling waxes etc.... they will log the hair down and are hard to remove without vigorous `scrubbing` and strong shampoos ..... dryness is your main enemy so use a product [ not heavily] like Brylcreem or my favourite leave-in conditioner `` Enhance`` ..... I did a thread quite a while back on it titled `Enhance leave-in conditioner``...it`s somewhere down the forum. I always try to avoid frequent shampooing--the hair is not `dirty`as such....it has no natural oils etc. and dryness as I said is the main problem which will make the hair brittle and prone to shedding/snapping off......plenty of moisture-retaining product and applying knot-sealer to the knots [VERY VERY sparingly--do NOT apply this heavily---it should be practically not even visible to you as you dab it LIGHTLY on with a cotton pad or cloth---if applied too heavily it will seep through the lace and form hard clumps of your hair which can ruin your system..it`s a liquid acrylic material] Ideally, yes, you won`t really need any glue-melters applied to the lace as it will have lifted off your head `cleanly`by using lace release and allowing it to seep onto the bond and breaking it `cleanly`---- you`ll be surprised at how simple this is once you do it once.... it can get messy when a bond is left on too long or in very warm/humid weather conditions which can cause tape / glue to become unstable if a person is sweating a lot too.
11-29-2011, 05:14 PM,
RE: Scalp cleanup
Thank you for all the insights guys. Its very encouraging.


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