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Wearing due to an accident
11-19-2011, 04:32 AM,
Wearing due to an accident
Does anyone wear due to a acident that caused their hair loss, When i was a kid back in 1977 I was involved in an airplane crash which caused me to be burned on the crown of my head about the size of a fist, my entire life if i wore my hair in the swept back fashion it was hidden pretty well, i went to explore the route of getting ht's but got scared and chickened out, my first experiance with ordering hair was with BA, my first order was not even close to my color so i figured I would have to dye it and that was the way it would have to be< my second order was a used piece with hair missing< took me two months to get a replacement out of him< then i found toplace i feel at easy with ordering from them its as simple as going to the market and picking up milk, now with the piece the color is right on and the texture and destiny is the same as my own, i needed only a small part to cover my spot, but i decided to shave my entire top and use the stock piece in the size that it comes in < it amazes me that the barber ive been going to most of my life thought that i had a ht on the bald spot, so with a really good attachment it hard to detect< it wasnt even cut in< i just didnt go to get my hair cut for a couple months so the long hair didnt arouse any suspsions, so in closing i just wanted to say my 2 cents in how confident Iam in toplace and their products/service
11-19-2011, 07:47 AM,
RE: Wearing due to an accident
Now I see where your screen name came from!

I don't wear due to an accident but I have met others who do and have consulted a couple of gentlemen who had no choice but to wear due to botched hair transplants or scarring from the procedure.

Good to see that this is able to help more than just us guys who are "follicularly challenged".
11-19-2011, 09:19 AM,
RE: Wearing due to an accident
its been a blessing to have been connected to this site, i feel i made a wise choice in going to the piece route then have ht done at some point i would like to try a shorter hair style< i also have been interested in a skin piece buy cant afford the gamble thAt it wnt look as good on me as a lace piece

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