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I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
11-18-2011, 01:31 AM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
My friend don t lose your mind..In the bad luck you are lucky..Really.I discovered lace wig 5 years ago and I m 40.So I had to stand about 15 years of pain.All I can say is try .is not so difficult.Make a template(there are a lot of video here) choose a style(even by a picture)and make an order.I started wearing SFS as a first piece.you will have to experiment a little but is not so complicated.
May be just advice you not to expose your front line in the begining.
Another point:try both glue and tape.I use tape but a lot of people here prefer glue.
About tape this is the best for the front
3 Mil Lace Front Low Shine
everything will be fine.
11-18-2011, 01:42 AM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
I feel you need a little perspective too, yes hairloss is a pain and an irritant but it doesn't stop you doing anything thats all down to you. I've felt the same way you have but not at such a young age so I know it would be harder for you. But maybe age gives you perspective. At least now their are options out there. Wearing is a big step but its how you approach it thats important, you can make it as bigger deal as you want. If your going to obsess about it all the time maybe its not the best option if you treat it the same as say women do with hair extensions..in other words...no big deal you'll probably benefit a lot more.

There are terrible terrible things happening in the world and people have to deal with truely horrendous things, so be grateful that hairloss is the worst thing in your life.
11-18-2011, 08:29 AM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
Quote:Another concern that I have is the difference between pieces. I know TopLace offers undetectable and high quality pieces....so if I end up going the DIY route in a couple months and I were to get one piece from a salon and another from John, won't that be obvious?

Don't worry about the unit you get from John. As long as you get a swiss or french lace unit with a decent density and ventilation from the salon there won't be any issues transitioning.

But remember, you might want to consider ordering the hair yourself and finding a salon that will provide the cut-in service and do the first few attachments and removals for you. As you get more comfortable with it you can start to do more of the work yourself. As long as you have a salon as a backup you will have the peace of mind knowing that worst case if you have issues with your first few attachments you can make an appointment and get some help.

Quote:Also, my hair is black and I currently use a concealer to cover it. It is fooling just about everyone but looks really ugly and bad. If I were to convert to a piece it'll probably create less of a mess than the amount of concealers it takes to cover my balding head. I just hope it doesn't get caught by the naked eye.

I would say that during my consultations at least 60-70% of them were making the move from concealers to a hairpiece and without exception the transition was smooth. You are absolutely right- concealers do a great job of hiding baldness but the more of it you have to apply the worse your "hair" starts to look. The good thing is that no one is used to seeing a bare scalp so when you do transition into a hairpiece it will look like you started using new hair products or started going to a great new stylist.
11-18-2011, 01:39 PM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
Hi 24 hrs,

Okay,there has been many replys on this thread for you that are very helpful,and the guys are here with the same problem,and we all want to help each other out if we can,as we have all been there.

Just stand back,take a breath and put this into perspective.You can achieve a very nice result with a piece to the point where hairloss doesn't bother you anymore,and i speak from experience.I have felt like you have before i had a piece,and suffered the lack of confidence at a time when you need it most.

The DIY route is not easy,but the results are very well worth it(its a lot cheaper,and the results are must better),just post your concerns and the guys here will give you unbiased advice.Just read and research as much as you can,if you end up going the DIY route.

I went to a salon years ago,and had the piece clipped onto my existing hair,it stood out like dog balls,so i tossed it.When i went DIY i realised i could get a must better result,as i was in control of what i wanted.

Hang in there mate,we feel your pain.

Regards topcat.
11-18-2011, 02:47 PM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
Hey, 24 -- I was posting while half asleep last night, and I didn't see where you said the salon you're thinking about is only going to charge you $450 with no service contract. If that's all, then just go get it done. The amount you're paying that first time over and above the DIY route is well worth it just to make sure you have a really good first experience. After that, make the template, get it to John, and try the DIY route.

Look forward to hearing from you after you get some new hair on that head of yours. And remember, you're going to look different, but don't think that just because you look different that it looks like you have a wig on. If the salon in question knows what they're doing, that will NOT be the case. Different in this case will equal better.
11-18-2011, 06:11 PM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
Thank you all for the help and kind words. Means a lot. I want to make an appointment with that salon. I already called them but they're going to be away tomorrow and Saturday for Thanksgiving....I need a piece ASAP.

Also, just to give me you guys a better idea, here's some pictures.

The balding picture (Attachment #1) isn't that current. It's from 9 months ago...Infact, it's pretty much worst right now....especially on the top-sides, it's all thinned out.

The other picture (Attachment #2) is very recent...it's me with a concealer.

My main goal is to get something very similar to this...

Also, any advice on "thin skin" pieces? That's what the salon is offering me and they recommend it more than lace....at least that's what they say.

And, I need to have all the right adhesives purchased before I wear just in case anything goes wrong. I'm very busy and can't rely on salons....especially when they're always closed after work.

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11-18-2011, 08:51 PM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
Can you post a pic of your side/s ? I think you`ve done a good cover-up job with the concealers so I wouldn`t sweat too much about people noticing your new hair when you get it.
The style you show in that pic is a spiky front... I`d be surprised if any salon would have a stock system with that style....much more likely to give you a freestyle system to ease you into wearing and then order a custom-made in the required style. Please don`t `rush`into a `contract`/ commitment with an expensive price-tag / monthly charges etc. a lot of these places operate the same way and gouge loads of cash from vulnerable clients.....you can have the same[ probably better] system from Toplace at a fraction of the price. Skin versus lace...hmmm...well it`s a case of `suck`em and see`...we all have our preferences in terms of base -material and how it feels on our head and our lifestyle [maybe heavy sweating during work-outs etc] The salon may recommend a certain one, but you may find you prefer another for your own reasons etc. Without seeing your side/s, this is a guess now, it looks to me like a freestyle system would suit you just fine to ease you in to wearing..you could have a poly [type of `skin`material] strip around the sides/back, with either Swiss or French lace `middle`/front [French is more durable /less delicate than Swiss] Poly is SO easy to bond and clean so it`s great for a newbie until you `get the hang`of it all...... you can then go for a subsequent system with let`s say, no poly strip, French lace with a Swiss lace front and spiked-up hair at the front as in the pic. --- that type of style obviously `exposes`the front hairline and so Swiss lace will be the most undetectable to sight there. This `game`is not so hard...don`t let them hoodwink you into believing it is..with a bit of research, a selection of products and a template of your bald area you`ll get on just fine.....you`ll never look back. There is NOTHING like having all your own hair...that is not an option for you or me now so plan B has to suffice...... no-one can guarantee that you`ll NEVER get busted if someone casually runs their fingers through your hair, but it`s not hugely likely or inevitable that it will happen.....the main thing is that you get some of your self-confidence back again and begin to look your age too.....hairloss really `ages` people in my opinion..wearing at least gives you back your looks and helps with your `sensitivity` to it. You can easily make a nice template yourself no bothers at all ..there are videos on Youtube showing it and also Snipe has done a tutorial step-by-step on the ``Info links for newbies`thread up at the top of the page there..... I know how this whole hair loss thing can make a person feel so low/depressed that they feel so helpless/hopeless and it can literally take over every minute of every day and leave you feeling almost paralysed emotionally......you`ve taken the first steps now already, so keep on going ..... this is pretty simple, as most wearers will tell you..yeah there are/can be issues but nothing too drastic usually..... cheers, Paul.
Just found the link to Snipe`s excellent tutorial....there are 2 pages of instructions for template-making...hover your cursor/mouse over the individual pics. to get the little `menu`of instructions pertaining to each pic. http://s768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325...ideshow%3E
11-19-2011, 01:31 AM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
I hear your pain but look at the positives, you still have side and back hair...look at those links and try making a template.

When you make the template, don't cut it too exact. Try it on the next day and see if it fits, for me it seemed to shrink overnight. But its no problem if you leave it a bit bigger and then trim it closer the next day.

Do you have any pics of the front? It seems like you have your own front hairline?
11-19-2011, 02:51 AM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
Got a few things for you:

1. That's a nice job with the concealers.

2. Call today and make a firm appointment with the salon. Do it right now. Not in a minute after you read another post or two, but RIGHT NOW. You can suggest a date and time and they'll likely accommodate you.

3. As for whether you need a lace unit to achieve that spikey-do look, just take that pic with you to the salon and ask them straight up whether their thin-skin unit can achieve that. There are thin skin units available these days that will allow you to expose the hairline. Not so much in the past.

4. You really do need to slow down, now (except for making that appointment with the salon), given how well you're able to mask the issues with the concealer. Just go to the salon as soon as they reopen (after first setting a firm appointment), and you'll have your new piece around the first of the year. Great way to start the new year. You'll make do until then.

5. If you're still reading this, STOP!!!!!!! Now go make that appointment.

6. Have you made the appointment yet? Have you made arrangements to leave work a little early to make that appointment? If not, DO IT NOW!!!!!

7. Still reading? You shouldn't be unless you've already made that appointment.

8. See items 2, 5, 6 and 7 above.

Get moving, dude. No more posts for you until you can report that you have an appointment with the salon set.

As for supplies, have you checked out Debbie's site that I linked in an earlier post. I can only assume you haven't, or you wouldn't still be asking about supplies. Get on there NOW (assuming you have already called and set up a firm appointment with the salon). Here's the link to the website, again http://www.splitendshairreplacement.com Here's Debbie's email address [email protected]. She's leaving for the holidays on the 21st and will be gone until December 4th. If you email her today -- and I mean RIGHT NOW -- I bet she'll get back to you and will tell you exactly which supplies you need to get started. Get a move-on, son. 3 days have passed, and you're still right where you were when you first posted. GO!!!!!!! You don't need a piece immediately given how well you're doing with concealers, but you do need to be making progress towards that end.
11-19-2011, 07:25 AM,
RE: I am losing my mind... (Please help a fellow out)
(11-18-2011, 02:47 PM)needmorehair Wrote: And remember, you're going to look different, but don't think that just because you look different that it looks like you have a wig on. If the salon in question knows what they're doing, that will NOT be the case. Different in this case will equal better.

I agree with this 100%.

In the beginning it is quite a shock to see a healthy looking head of hair when you are used to seeing a bald head. This is one of the traps a lot of people (myself included) fall into when they get their first unit. They aren't used to seeing something that looks great and they start to question the realism. Give yourself at least a few days to get used to it. Once you see other people's reactions (or lack thereof) your outlook will change.

I also agree that you are doing a great job with concealers. As long as the salon gets you into a decent unit and gives you a good cut-in this will be a smooth transition. The style you showed is definitely doable, BTW.

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