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Hair underlying Fullcap [ pics]
09-07-2011, 08:21 AM,
Hair underlying Fullcap [ pics]
OK ---expriest asked me about how much hair I left remain growing under the fullcap. In relation to the back/nape area you will notice on pic1, that where the skull curves in to meet the neck [nape] area, I have shaved the hair off above that point....that`s where the occipital bone is located [that round bone you can feel at base of the skull] and that`s where the perimeter of the system sits/ is attached...the system hair lies `on top`/covers the growing hair....when I still wore a topper, I kept my own hair cut up quite short at the back as it`s so sparse it looked terrible when longer..... the stylist styled the system to a more `normal`-looking length and I simply allowed the growing hair to grow down a bit longer to it`s present length..... I haven`t `integrated` it like you do with a topper.....just simply acted as if I had no hair at all at the back there for the cut-in/styling.......since it was first fitted in late June, my own hair has lengthened down ---that`s only to create a bit of an optical-illusion for anyone casually glancing at the back especially if I were to incline my head forward and down...the system hair would naturally `lift` from the nape so the bit of growing hair underneath would `soften`the look. At the front there it looks like I`ve kept a lot...it`s only the way the camera makes it look...it`s only a few millimeters in width and again it`s just to `soften` the look to the casual glance....also attaching a pic of a really good serum I use to maintain the hair between washes ....gives a little `body`to the hair and feels really smooth while adding a little shine too.... I`m sure any good serum will be of benefit/use to many wearers. Note: this is my existing [and first]fullcap which I`m wearing since late June. The last 3 pics show it [1] sitting upside down so you can see the hair lengths around the perimeter, and then sitting on that glass form thing I have, just to give 2 views of it as it looks when I`m not wearing it. Regards for now, Paul.
p.s. I almost forgot---- I know the issue of itching etc. is a worry/problem for some guys... I was thinking about this today and it seems to me from all I have read here over a long time, is that it seems that tapes seem to cause irritation more than glues for many who experience redness/irritations etc..... also, in the case of fullcaps I definitely think that the areas at the nape and behind the ears there seem to have more sensitive skin than on the crown....I haven`t really heard of French-lace topper -wearers having so much of an issue with itching whereas Fullcap wearers who [generally] wear French lace seem to experience it.....personally I think the Swiss is a `finer`/softer material....French can have rougher texture in comparison and I think our scalp skin `detects`it and reacts.....I`m wondering if it would be a helpful thing to use `Got2b`glued spiking gel to coat the scalp with as a kind of `barrier`between lace and skin and just use a good glue if required around the perimeter ? Got2b is not brilliant for holding the very edge of the perimeter and tends to lift after a while especially if you get a bit sweaty from humidity etc, so maybe a `normal`glue for the very edge, while using the `Got2b` to [ hopefully] minimize / eliminate itchiness over the majority of the head? Possibly someone has some feed-back on this having tried it already?

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09-08-2011, 04:14 AM,
RE: Hair underlying Fullcap [ pics]
Brilliant! Exactly what I needed, Paul. You are a great model for me as our side hair is about the same low density. Do you have any problems with itching?

Also, is this all french lace? And lastly, how do you attach?

You're a great help, thank you Smile
09-08-2011, 07:49 AM,
RE: Hair underlying Fullcap [ pics]
Hi again expriest.... it`s all French lace which is more advised for full-caps as it`s more robust and will withstand removals etc. especially at the sideburn area which gets tugged-on and subjected to stretching etc. as you can imagine.... I`m new in the fullcap zone as you know but I reckon Swisslace would be that bit too delicate for a large system though it`s grand for a Topper. I`m very lazy with attachments I must admit but my lifestyle allows me to be so... I take this off my head nightly....I never sleep with it on...not everyone can do that. I only use either a little glue under the sideburn /flaps and the very front bit [ middle] of the hairline. Recently I`ve only been using a little strip of the `sensitac` [red roll] tape which holds it sufficiently in place at those points until bed time --- Sensitac is for light/short term holds.... this is not an option for many people....... I find Sensitac very easy to `work`with as it`s a wide roll and easier to peel the backing strip from without it all `scrunching`up as other tapes can do, and I get no irritation from it. I apply it to the skin first, then peel back a corner of the backing tape, scrunch it up a bit so I can grip it in order to peel it off when I want to, then I sit the system on, fold back the flap as in the pic above, then peel off the backing from the tape and then press the system in against the tape....I lose patience with tapes rapidly...they can be very `fiddley` I find although maybe I`m being a bit unfair as I have various types here but have never done an all-round perimeter bond with this fullcap yet, preferring to just use a bit of glue here and there..... you`ll really have to do a bit of experimenting to find what you can manage best with....as you know, we are all `different`in the way our scalp skin will react/cope with various products...... I think my suggestion regarding using `Got2b` to coat the scalp and provide a barrier between the base and skin while preventing the system moving against and itching the skin might be worth a try.....you can use a tape or glue around the perimeter to hold the very edge of the system in place..... the only thing to remember is that Got2B is not really suitable for long-ish holds and will need to be removed/cleaned in the shower every 2nd or 3rd day so there`s no point in using a really strong tape designed for a hold of more than a week if you`re going to have to replace/renew the Got2b much sooner. I got a bit of itchiness in the first 2 weeks or so...at the nape area and behind the ears....thankfully it has died off totally....I think it was just a matter of the skin becoming accustomed to it and the base material `softening` a bit from the few washes and wearing.....this whole game of wearing has so many variables/issues from person to person that it`s really a matter of perseverance until you find the right products/method which suit you as an individual. I think many people get very `hung up` on having every last millimeter of their perimeter practically `super-glued`to the skin due to some nagging doubt that their system will somehow suddenly come flying off in a breeze---it won`t !! Relax on this score.... I use as little as possible as I don`t want a big chore with clean-ups. Fullcaps are really good that way....with the snug fit and the way it`s right down almost to the nape, it would take considerable effort to lift it once it`s anchored in front of the ears and at the front hairline area..... I have yet to bond the back and sides of this system !! Best regards, Paul.
09-08-2011, 09:10 AM,
RE: Hair underlying Fullcap [ pics]
That's amazing you haven't even bonded the nape area. Wow. I'm definitely not in that category of wearing, however I don't want a million strips of tape everywhere either. Oil Resistant White Glue works very well for me, I wonder if I can get by just using that on the perimeter and hairline, and some on the top for a secure attachment, not having to use tapes. I find them to be 'fiddley' also. The white glue is great, I just use my finger to rub it around the perimeter and it holds very well. I just bought Jrob's DVD and watched it, very informative, but he uses tape. I don't know, I guess I'll just have to experiment and see. I wonder if anyone uses just white glue to bond their full caps?

Anyway, I appreciate the help. I think I'm going to make a template based on your pictures. I love the idea of keeping just a bit of my nape hair and sideburn/temple area and having a nice, snug piece that will fall right into place. Your pics of your finished look are great. Looks totally natural.

Oh, I wanted to ask how short are your sides? I know with a full cap you can't keep them as short as you otherwise could. Also, how did you tell the factory how to ventilate your system? I am worried about the sides and back sticking out and not down.
09-08-2011, 08:31 PM,
RE: Hair underlying Fullcap [ pics]
Yeah I was concerned about the hair sticking out at the back [especially the nape area] but I think the factory has gotten a lot better recently--I did see older posts where this was an issue and people were using perming solution on the hair the get it to `sit`in tighter... they certainly tied the hair in nice and snug and downwards on this..... I simply drew arrows on the template showing which direction I wanted the hair to lie and marked in the percentages too. One important thing to remember too for anyone considering fullcap wearing...... the area just above the ears.... the perimeter/ edge is only about a quarter of an inch above the point where the ear meets the head,,,if you get a high-ish density at the sides there, when the hair is cut in/up and is therefore shortened, it can feel a bit like steel-wool when / if you place the palm of your hand flat against it as you are kind of into the `grain`of the hair...my advise is to go no higher than a medium at that area in particular.... if you can visualize a lot of hair[dense] just there and when it`s trimmed/cut to a very short length [otherwise it would be covering your ears] it will feel like little needles to the touch, as it`s dense and short....I guess it would be like a guy who has very healthy/thick hair and he gets it buzzed in to the shortest possible cut.... the remaining `stubble` feels prickly ...same thing with a fullcap in that particular area due to the need to cut the hair in tight-ish there......so go no higher than medium at that area. To answer your question ..I normally get 4-inch hair length from the factory and I guess the finished item ends up with the hair being cut to about 2--2.5 inches length. I also had a thought since my last post.... I wonder would a product such as `Scalp protector` help to minimize itchiness when the system is new before it settles- in/softens? If `Got2b`is not a practical option, maybe applying Scalp protector all over the scalp would help provide an `itch-barrier`? I know it`s meant to provide a barrier on oily skin as a foundation for glues etc.....maybe it might work to coat the skin and prevent irritation from the base ? It`s cheap too so might be worth getting a bottle of that and see if it helps?
Cheers for now .... Paul,.
09-09-2011, 12:46 PM,
RE: Hair underlying Fullcap [ pics]
I wear full caps as well. I also agree that the factory seemed to improve in the ventilation of the nape area for my most recent unit compared to my previous ones. I hope this trend continues, as it makes the unit so much easier to wear. I wish I had enough nape and side hair to do what Paul does, but I don't. So I shave my entire head. Paul--your full cap looks great. It is very similar looking to mine, although mine has a touch more wave to it. I also concur that the nape seems much more sensitive to the strong tapes than the rest of the scalp. I think this has to do with the flexing of the neck. To my frustration, my experience using scalp protectors and liquid bandaids to remedy the irritated nape has not been successful. Thanks for your posts.
09-09-2011, 08:28 PM,
RE: Hair underlying Fullcap [ pics]
Thanks dino.... the last pic I saw of your system I thought it looked really excellent and actually inspired me to finally take the plunge....I was very impressed with the back/nape area as it looked so natural. Have you tried `Got2b` ? I know it tends to come loose at the very edge but if you can adjust your routine to it, it might help eliminate the itchiness of tape. Regards, Paul.

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