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Back2Natural - Retail?
07-21-2011, 04:18 AM,
Back2Natural - Retail?
Do they sell this stuff at any local drug stores, or even Sally's?
07-21-2011, 11:23 PM,
RE: Back2Natural - Retail?
Hi expriest ...... How did your cut-in go? I`m open to correction but as far as I know `Back2natural` being specifically for system-hair, is not available generally, as it`s a `Niche market` product so you`ll only get it on-line as it would tend to sit on the shelves of an `ordinary`retailer .... it is a good product though...... really helps with color-blending issues and conditioning.....Paul.
07-24-2011, 06:28 AM,
RE: Back2Natural - Retail?
Hi Paul, cut-in was perfect! I'm lucky I have a top stylist who just charges me what he did for normal hair cuts. $25 and I get a high-end salon cut. I tip him $10 so it comes to $35. Can't beat it. He never cut pieces before, but it doesn't matter. Which makes me want to tell newbies: don't let any stylist trick you into charging an arm and leg for cutting a wig. A haircut is a hair cut. If they can't blend it they aren't any good at cutting any hair, wig or real.

Do you recommend the Back2Natural product? Or is it better to just re-dye it back to the color #?

07-24-2011, 10:30 AM,
RE: Back2Natural - Retail?
Ah you`re so right... don`t get ripped-off guys..... any half-decent stylist should be able to give you a decent cut-in.....the fact that half your hair is sitting on an artificial scalp should have no bearing on things....yes there will be a bit of shortening/cutting as your system hair is a bit long-ish , and if they have to give you a little help with positioning it well.....no big deal like and you`ll happily give them some extra cash to show your appreciation, but if someone quotes you big money just walk on.....you`ll find someone who is `decent`.
Glad it went well for you expriest as it`s one of the two most important things to get right--the first one [ for custom wearers] is a good template and specs. and the second being the cut-in. I think the `Back2Natural` is better for the hair as it also conditions and has no harsh chemicals which can shorten the life of your system, so you can be confident tat you are actually prolonging the wear/life of your system....also it won`t stain your lace like `` normal`` coloring chemicals will if it gets onto it..... it creates a really good `even`color-blend between growing and system hair whereas if you apply `Salon-grade`chemicals /color ... it can be really tricky not to let the color go too `deep` thus exaggerating the difference between system and growing hair..... system hair really `grabs` chemical-coloring products and will go too dark/deep in a matter of a few minutes....then you`ll have a dilemma of a noticeable difference between growing and system hair......it`s reasonably cheap and is specifically for system hair and is recommended by `Toplace`. I have found in the past that as the system really begins to age [ I get anything from 6 to 10 months wear usually ] you need to leave it on/in longer as it seems to have less effect...at that stage I have used the `normal`color-products carefully whilst waiting delivery of a new system. A good idea would be to `experiment`with the `normal`products only when you have a new system to hand and it`s been cut-in ready to replace a previous one, ..... that way if a `disaster` happens it won`t really matter as the system is shortly for the bin anyway and you have a new one in place ...best wishes for now.... Paul.

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