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want to order - last couple of questions
07-17-2011, 07:41 PM,
want to order - last couple of questions
hi guys! so finally i'm set and ready to join the ranks. however theres still a couple of things i just have to ask.

1. how accurate does the template for a custom piece have to be? i made one, but i think its really not that good. it does sit on my head nicely, but especially the hairline in front is not symmetrical. would the piece be designed with that assymetrical hairline or is only the curvature and size considered?

2. would you recommend adding temple flaps? are they hard to manage, or hard to get looking real?

3. i have until october till i start a new job, however if i order 2 custom pieces now they would probably only arrive (i live in europe) in late september, right? however getting started with wearing while not having the stress of a job seems to be a good thing to me.

so would it make sense to order 1 stock piece and 1 custom piece? the stock piece would arrive alot earlier, so i could get started with it. this way i also would already know wether stock pieces are for me or not.

what do you think about this idea?

4. what other products do i need? is there any non-alcoholic hairspray you guys use? the styling options with a strong hair spray are so great.

5. how hard is the first time attaching? weren't you guys scared of shaving your head? Smile

that's all, thanks in advance guys
07-17-2011, 08:34 PM,
RE: want to order - last couple of questions
i woudnt worry to much about alchol in hairspray, they have conditioners added to them anyway.i use standard hairsprays.or use styling mudd, wax,gell,ect.again alot have conditioners in them, dont get caucht up in being terrified of products containing alchol.
long as you use a decent conditioner that will replace moisture in the hair, as it receives no natural lubricating olis,and spray in a leave in conditioner working it gently through the hair,you should get longevity from youre peice, and looking good aswell.
i allways remember my hairdresser telling me dont comb the base when youre styling, just as long as whe youre styling youre hair,make sure youre brush is maybee a 1/4" above the base so youre not going to acciedntly tear,snagg the base material,
just have read through the newbie tipps section,or search function
as most newbie questions have already been answered pretty Comprehensively
or look on u tube hairdirect have some good how to videos.

want to see all types of hairstyles and looks ect,
upload a pic of you and have a mess around ,the software does a fantastic job,
go to tazz.com

heres one i knocked up this morning in minutes.
you can change all the parameters, colour ect.
not to mention , the makeup, eyes,ect......
and its free.Smile
a great tool for everyoneSmile
*p.s its not me in the uploadede file, just a random pic pulled from the


regards anty Smile

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07-17-2011, 10:18 PM,
RE: want to order - last couple of questions
Ordering a stock will help ease you into wearing but you have to be aware of the [several] limitations with them..... they are all `freestyle`, medium density, and come in 2 standard sizes..... measure your thin/ing area front-to-back and side-to-side ..you`ll be sent the nearest size to that....it means you will either have to cut /trim the system to `fit`your thin area or shave a little of your `strong`hair at the sides so that you can avoid cutting the system at all but ensuring the system doesn`t overlap your growing hair as you need to be able to bond the perimeter to bare skin--not onto growing hair...... you could send in 2 templates..... one `good`/ accurate one for the factory to make your custom, and the other one just representing your thin area itself so John can `match`it to the nearest stock size.....both [stock and template] can be sent to Debbie if the stock needs to be cut/trimmed down to fit....you can pay her separately.....make sure you mark your `stock template` CLEARLY so John knows which is which. It`s important to remember that stocks will normally NOT give a really snug fit to the contours of your individual head..they are a standard fit and we all have different head-shapes. Have a look at Snipe`s post on template -making here : http://forum.toplace.com/showthread.php?...light=fred
click on the photobucket link there.
Getting the front hairline part accurate is important... it`s going to be the part of your system which is likely to be most visible to others and creates that `` first impression`when people look at you...if it`s `odd`or `off` it will draw attention ...it`s simple enough to get right.....if your template needs more material added to it..that`s simply done by adding more sellotape...... have a look at these pics.... http://forum.toplace.com/showthread.php?...rob+mohawk ignore the fact that the guy is marking for a fullcap...just look at the hairline itself [front] .... simply draw a line like that with marker [so you can see it through the cling-film] representing your hairline, thus helping you make your template accurately-shaped at the front. Custom-fit is THE best way for most wearers....some are lucky and find a stock will fit like a glove but they are in the minority. Take a long length of film initially, moisten your scalp with a few sprays of water[to help hold the film in place] and lay the film onto the scalp and tie loosely under the chin.....`iron`out and wrinkles etc. with your hands ......start adding your layers of sellotape side-to-side, evenly onto the film to give it rigidity, then trace/re-draw your hairline contour with black marker onto the film while you can still see through it----the more sellotape you add, the less visible it becomes---you need to be able to see the shape in order to cut around it later with your scissors. Then begin adding strips of sellotape front-to-back to add more firmness/rigidity.....simply mark the rest of the shape of your thin area onto your template as shown in Snipe`s tutorial......then just untie the cling-film under your chin and remove the template and trim off the excess.... always leave about half an inch of `excess` on it all the way around.....then sit it onto the head and see how it looks.....gradually trim off more / in towards the black marker outline...... until it is to the desired shape.... if you think you have cut a little too much off anywhere, just add on some more sellotape to build it `out`again.....it doesn`t have to be accurate to the last millimeter....but do try to get a nice outline for the front...not lop-sided. As for temple-flaps : always try to re-create/cover the hair you have lost only ...... how you looked when you had all your own hair.....if that includes temple flaps well so be it...add them in too. I think the easiest style to pull off with those is forward and down rather than backwards as there`s less chance of the base material becoming visible .... rather like wearing an exposed front hairline ..a non-exposed is easier to pull off. Certainly having a stock will help ease you into wearing but don`t expect miracles and you won`t be disappointed ...as you`re in Europe, the October `deadline` for your new job might be tight for having delivery of your custom .... 6 weeks is a minimum at best ...it often takes longer from the time you post off your template/Toplace getting it and sending it to China, then it goes into the Queue, sent back to Toplace and then back to yourself........ personally, if I had to trim the stock to fit my head, I`d opt for a professional like Debbie to do it for me for the sake of it..... I have no bothers trimming off excess lace but as to cutting the actual system itself..no thanks !! lol ! Hope that helps... Paul.
07-18-2011, 09:02 AM,
RE: want to order - last couple of questions
thanks alot guys! guess i will have to wear a cap the first couple of weeks at my new job. im still excited though, really can't wait to make this step. i don't think people will notice since i can still disguise my baldness decently.

oh and i better make a better template! million thanks again.
07-18-2011, 09:58 AM,
RE: want to order - last couple of questions
well this is where it pays you back bigg time, you took the time and patience to disguise youre baldness, hairloss.
yeah we all know some days its heartbreaking.
but youre going to benefit from all that hard work.
because wearing is way better than using concealer in the later stages of hairloss,when there little for the fibers to bond to.
i swear by sfsl for the hairline, anything behind that youre choice, poly, skin ect, combination.
i'd spend hours with my trusty concealer , and look at my hair and nearly be in tears thinking who are you kidding.
well those tears have never returned since wearing.
best thing out there,
when you spend time styling bonding youre system you think at the end of it, ohhh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the old me is back, or the new me.deffo worth the effort for the superb results it gives you back.
you invest a little time and expertise and practice, and you'll be repaid with a feeling of euphoria!
a turning back the clock,in many ways a new attitude a new beginning,
passion makes you rattle on like this.
anty(content at last)

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