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Why is it sooo hard??
07-15-2011, 01:52 PM,
Why is it sooo hard??
Why aren't there more videos showing how to attach lace hair pieces? I am beyond upset right now. I ordered one that came in bigger than my template, then I shaved my head, then I realized it was going to overlap big time (that's how i noticed it was bigger) so I trimmed the piece but now I think I trimmed it too much so I'll really have to stretch the lace. I tried oil resistant white glue thinking it would be great and the lace wouldn't even stick to it! I could literally pull it right off. Anyway, what's really frustrating is that even if the glue had worked I just have the hardest time getting it nice and taut at the hairline and where everything is flush (no ripples) around the perimeter. Every time I try to attach like MB does in his video (starting from the front and tacking it down, then pulling it to one side, tacking it down etc) I always screw it up. This is like my 5th time wearing and you would think it'd get easier. I just don't know what to do now. I was supposed to get it cut in tomorrow morning but I had to cancel cuz I have to find some ultra hold. And I was supposed to go on a trip with friends on Sat and now I can't go there either. I'm beyond depressed.

Do you guys start from the front and work your way back, or do you start from the back? Why aren't there more videos on how the "top" guys do it? I get so damn nervous now every time I do it cuz I have no confidence in doing it and I know after you got glue on your head you're stuck with your attachment (good or bad). When I see guys that have great looking pics I just get so frustrated. It can't be that hard! I have really thin lace but it just seems to be bubbly and impossible to get it stuck hard in my scalp so I can comb the hair back and feel like it looks natural.

What am I missing?
07-15-2011, 03:35 PM,
RE: Why is it sooo hard??
Hi Expriest,
When things don't go right it gets frustrating. And when the size gets trimmed down too much and you need to stretch then it's one problem leading to another. And that affects the ability to stick to the scalp. I don't recommend stretching the base--it really shouldn't be necessary. I'll help you. Please call me tomorrow on the toll free line. We can get you a stock unit till we get a new custom unit for you. We'll get you back to normal.
07-16-2011, 03:01 AM,
RE: Why is it sooo hard??
John, thank you for your kind words of concern but this is not a toplace system. And I haven't had much luck with stock systems. I have very thin back and side hair and need like 55% density tops. Color #4 ash.
07-16-2011, 03:10 AM,
RE: Why is it sooo hard??
Hi Expriest.... I was unable to log on until now as the site was down.... Sorry to hear you are having problems.... and I do hope you were able to speak to John...... it can be a big panic when things don`t go `your way`..... don`t lose heart though..... you might find [ initially] that using some strips of tape applied to your system and with a corner of the backing-strip on each one peeled back and `scrunched`up a bit so you can get a grip/purchase with your fingers [or even a tweezers] in order to peel them off, once you have your system positioned correctly, will/may be easier to work with than all-glue initially....... I think for a beginner, that trying to achieve a full-bond using glue can be problematic and lead to frustration and a total head-ache. An easier compromise would be to use tape/s for the back and a bit of the sides... and once you position your system properly, just peel off the backing strips and press the system against the skin.....you can then mark the front hairline itself using a few little `dots` from an eye-brow pencil or just the back edge of a comb pressed firmly against the skin and drawn around the outside of the system ... the resulting mark will remain for quite a while before the skin returns to normal....you can apply your glue from just behind the line, working back an inch or so....simply fold the front of the system backwards onto the crown..the tapes will prevent it from slipping off.... once you have your layers of glue applied and allowed to almost dry....then fold the system forward onto the glued area.... I would assume John will have given you more help and advice. Can you try ``Got2b`` glued spiking glue as an easier alternative to acrylic glues until you are more used to bonding?.... I am not sure what exactly `went wrong` because the factory will only make your system to the size you submitted [Template] ...... while other things such as density can sometimes be `off` a bit, they normally follow the outline of the template as it has been sent to them..... I do hope a stock will help you out of this situation and you can relax a bit .... it can be scary when things `get on top ` of you when trying to do a bond.... don`t let it dishearten you ...... you`ll get it to your satisfaction [ soon] I hope...best wishes ... Paul.
07-16-2011, 04:28 AM,
RE: Why is it sooo hard??
HI Paul, thank you for your advice. I should have said from the outset that this was not a toplace system, my apologies. The system was a full inch wider on the sides than my template (1/2" on each side). I'm not going to mention the co. because I just don't feel that's fair.

I'm having trouble visualizing what you are describing, although I certainly appreciate the effort to explain. You are one helpful person on this forum and should be applauded. However, this attachment business just seems like something that needs to be seen/experienced vs. reading someone explain it.

I did find some ultra hold at a local hair shop and I'm going to pick up a bottle for $9 (retail!) today. This is the only glue I've used before that REALLY works for me. I mean when I stick it on there it stays. Once I get it I'm going to have another go at attaching tonight. It may only be 1/8" too short on each side so even if it's a bit underlapped it shouldn't pose too much of a problem (I HOPE!). My main concern is getting the front tacked down w/o any bubbles. The lace is so fine and threaded/slightly frayed (with most trimmed to the hair) that it seems a bit difficult to lay it down hard enough w/o getting any hair in the glue. But like I said, I don't want any bubbles, I want to have it stuck on there hard so I can comb it back like it is when on my styro head. The hairline looks great when on the styro head, tacked down with pins and combed back. What I don't want is ripples that need to be matted down with a comb that cause the hair to bunch up and look matted/unreaslistc. I know the goal is to get the lace to stick to the glue and not the hair. This is my goal for the night. If I can get it done and cut in in the morning I'll be ecstatic.

Hopefully I can get that done and rush to see my stylist and still make my trip to chicago with my mates. The hairline is paramount at this point though. A lot of people will see me and I'm a bit nervous diving back into this.

Any tips on just getting the front down nicely? Do you push hard in the middle of the hairline, then stretch, tack, then stretch, tack etc.. then after the front is tacked down hard with no ripples, pull the rest of the unit on the side and to the back stretching and pulling (gently) along the way?

Right now Ultra Hold is all I got to work with so I hope I can nail it.

Btw, it's amazing how different our body chemistries are. ORWG is touted by so many as being amazing glue. My lace wouldn't even stick to the damn stuff LOL. I wasn't sweating either and the glue was nice and tacky with the back of my finger.

07-16-2011, 05:40 AM,
RE: Why is it sooo hard??
i'v had a few bad days in my wearing experiance,9 months now,
i'd have to say what youve probably thought,you should have gone to a salon first then once you knew the ropes you can go it alone,yeah it can be expensive,but youre not going to be married to emm for life.
i type here with a bitt of passion, as we all do here because we know that when it works, hell theres no feeling like it,and its fantastic once you know how honestly it aint rocket science.
golden rules.
1) make sure youre scalp is bone dry after washing and remove glue.
if it still feels slightly oily even after using alchol on youre scalp,then you may not have removed all the glue residue.take no chances apply a tiny dropp of shampoo and massage into a lather , rinse.
2)make sure you wash youre hands, prior to applying glue, you dont want, natural oils getting into the glue when you apply it to youre skin.
make sure the lace is free of most glue, particulaly the hairline lace, you can give a few shots with a hairdryer on warm, cool. make sure the lace is totally dry.
3) applying glue, once youve done the prep above.
leave the glue on for 15-20 mins.
and for god sake dont guess the time.
write down the start time, and end time on paper,and usng youre trusty watch, time it.
you can get on with other things while the glues drying .
maybee,after the 15 20 mins you can start at the front lay down the laCe at the hair line.
flatten lace with the handle of a thin comb, i use a metal comb handle works a treat.
long as you get the hairline good, the rest as long as it bonds and holds should be ok.
i use orwg,

*golden rules for a cracking bond, dry, dry , dry, scalp , lace. even if you blow the hairdryer on the lace for a few mins on warm.
make sure both surfaces are megga dry thets the main secret, goal

happy wearing
07-16-2011, 06:01 AM,
RE: Why is it sooo hard??
Hi again......thanks for that.... well I guess it not being a Toplace system clarifies a few things...in the meantime I think part of your problem is in actually stretching the front....I appreciate you are a bit `short`at the sides but 1/8th of an inch should not pose too much of a big deal really --it won`t really be noticeable with the hair styled over it ...yes, you`ll be aware of it but the casual observer won`t see anything [most unlikely anyway ]. I think part of your problem is that you are pulling/stretching at the front there ....it`s better not to stretch it at all .....it should really sit snugly [if it`s a custom-made system] If it`s not a really great fit, try to `spread` the slackness evenly so as not to have it on nice and tight one one area and then all bunched up on the rest of it.....nothing worse than pleats/lumps resulting in `lumps`of hair especially at the front. OK... without being able to see your system at the front I can only try to visualise it....... I assume you have no tapes or `Got2b` to hand and are using Ultrahold only. Got2b is great to work with as it allows you to `tweak` the position of your piece before it sets....you have a `window` of opportunity and if you lightly mist it with water it will take longer to `go off`... a good product to have to hand for wearers who use glue is `Adjust-a-bond` which is simply like lace -release [alcohol] and prevents glue from gripping the lace immediately and so allowing you to re-position the system to a degree. What I would do is as follows: Sit your system onto your head while sitting in front of a large mirror. Have a hand-held mirror available too. Position it until it looks `good`...you can have a look at the back by using your hand-mirror....... once you`re happy it`s not too far forward/back, just lightly mark the skin directly in front of where the system is sitting following the shape of the system temple-to-temple...use anything you like...even an ordinary pen/marker [lightly] ..you just need a guide-line [you can wipe it off later with a cotton pad and a little de-bonder fluid on it] Remove your system. Then carefully apply a THIN layer of glue EVENLY just behind the line/mark temple-to-temple and say, half an inch back/ `wide`..no need to coat your scalp ....... when your first layer is pretty much dry [timings between coats should be on the bottle] then apply a 2nd layer ...again wait the required time before applying a 3rd coat...that should be enough [3 layers] It`s crucial to allow adequate/appropriate time between layers......... next, take your system and `fold`/flip back the front hairline part/area onto the crown area [to keep it off the glue]...sit the system onto your head at the crown point...you can feel the back area with your free hand to ensure it`s not over lapping your growing hair. .... do the same at the sides..... then, looking straight at the mirror, gently fold the system forward and hold it just off/above the glued area..... does it look symmetrical ? [ not too far to one side or the other /`crook-ed` ? ] Once you`re happy it`s fairly well sitting on evenly, guide the front edge down towards the marked line... just check that it`s not forward of the line ..even a millimeter behind it is fine [you can clean off the `excess`glue later with a cotton pad and a little glue -melter fluid].....try to bond the middle bit first..then gently pat the lace down either side of the mid-point in the direction of the temples.....don`t stretch it if possible ...it will only bunch up elsewhere as a result... it should sit down onto the glue evenly without stretching. Don`t worry about the sides/back just yet....just make sure the front part there is ok as much as you can get it...... now, once the front bit has bonded, fold your system from the back forward onto the head, exposing your shaved area......using your mirrors, apply glue like you did at the front, just from the temple points/area towards the back, say, an inch or so on each side and again say, half an inch in width ..... you can then begin to fold your system back onto the glued area nice and evenly...ensuring that you have minimal `ripples` on your perimeter...so now your front hairline is glued and partially the sides. These will not now come loose...again fold the un-bonded part forward and apply glue to the skin just inside the growing hair using your hand-held mirror...... you`ll have to use a little judgement with your eye to `paint` a little inside the growing hair itself.......no point getting it onto your own hair..it`s messy.You can complete the rest of the way around in the same manner. Don`t try for total perfection initially as in having every last millimeter of your perimeter bonded down ..as long as it`s `reasonable` it will be fine...... a good thing to hold your system out of your way while you apply your glues around the back/sides is a large elastic band under the chin and up onto the head....or simply `clip`the folded-up bit onto the front there using a clothes-peg.....just allows you use both hands......try not to stretch your lace into any particular direction as this will simply make it `crimp`up in another area...try to sit it down evenly -- I appreciate you aid there`s a gap at the sides where you`ve shaved your hair.....that`s actually useful at times..it`s better than having your system overlapping your growing hair.....the early bonds can sometimes be `` trying`` and disheartening......just take your time and try to do it bit by bit .....if you try to coat your entire head with glue and then sit a system down onto it in the correct position, you`ll go absolutely `` off track`` ... getting the thing to sit correctly at the front first will ensure the rest of it `` falls `` into place as you go backwards...... hope that makes more sense.... Paul.
07-16-2011, 11:57 AM,
RE: Why is it sooo hard??
Paul, thanks so much for your help. I did everything you said, except I used my template to make my guide lines instead of the hair piece (the front to back measurement is dead on with my template). With how pliable this lace is and all the hair that's attached to it it's almost impossible to trace it with the dots, I don't know how you guys do it, if there was not hair then that would be different. Is it easier once you get it cut so there's not so much hair flying around? I used a fine point sharpee marker to make my guide dots. Then applied the glue, then removed the dots with alcohol and cotton swabs. I was really nervous but I knew that I had it in the correct place because I set the back of the piece down and felt with my hand that it was in the right spot, like you said, and then checked to see if it was on track, slowly moving back to front. It was. Then I laid the lace gently down and got the front and temples down. Then did the rest as you described. This is one of my best attachments, no ripples Smile

I still have a few holes of the swiss lace that aren't down into the glue, tiny tiny bubbles, but you really have to look hard to see it. The hairline isn't perfect, but it's pretty darn good, and it's more than enough to have it cut in tomorrow morning and be off to Chicago to see a concert tomorrow night! I got saved by finding a local place with ultra hold.

Just wanted to say thanks. I learned a lot in the past day and no doubt will learn more and tweak it as I go. I can't wait to get this cut in and have it settle down and then make my next attachment even better! Next order I will get much less density and when I cut the front lace I will leave a little lace.

Is there anything that will help settle this hair down faster? It's quite an extreme difference from what people are used to seeing me. I would like to see it flatten out a bit
07-16-2011, 07:21 PM,
RE: Why is it sooo hard??
Hi Expriest... that`s great to hear now... really pleased you managed to `nail`it --- you`re still on the early learning-curve ...it will become really second-nature to you as time goes on, and yes, it will be a lot easier to see what you`re doing once the hair is cut/styled. I just used `Got2b` to give a quick/easy bond in the salon for the cut -in a few weeks ago.... the thing Timguyperson is referring to is Silicone which is sprayed on to the hair before shipping..gives a shine etc....it can get onto the lace and interfere with your glue etc.... I usually give a new system a light shampoo/wash to remove any silicone residue on the lace and also helps to `dull` down the `bounce` which all new systems have for a while when new.... if you have a little too much density you can [carefully] reduce it using a product which women use to remove hair from legs etc. called `` Nair`` [there are other brands available ] Tutorial here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPULkcyVD2Y ...you can only do this BEFORE applying knot-sealer...... once you apply knot sealer..that`s `it`..... if you do it, proceed slowly as not all the affected hair will come out immediately ...more will shed out the following day so don`t get carried away thinking `` oh it`s still too thick---I`ll dab on plenty more`` otherwise you`ll end up with a system any scarecrow would be proud to wear !!! :-) Best regards for now and hope the cut-in etc. goes well for you ... Paul.
07-19-2011, 05:25 AM,
RE: Why is it sooo hard??
reading through all of this is giving me a headache.. Just be patient and think of a method that works best for you.. I recommend getting a concealer or make up pencil for areas that aren't a perfect fit.. If u have a little space between ur hair system and hair u can use a little bit of concealer to touch that part up with no problems.. As far as attachment,, everyone has their own method.. U just have to experiment and use ur own common sense as a guide. If you want to hear the way I attach Ill post it.

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