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Short hair style-- (Extreme close-up Photo of Hair Line)
04-16-2012, 06:23 AM,
RE: Short hair style-- (Extreme close-up Photo of Hair Line)
"So is the reality of a hairline that looks like that unlikely with a hair piece? "

Well... it might not look that perfect every day, in all lighting to us.
But at the same time, in real life no-one else is EVER going to get THAT close and stare at it for as long as we can in a picture with a light source directed at it, at that angle.
So the general effect will be an invisible hairline to everyone we meet.
We, however, might be able to study our attachment in a mirror (for hours) and find imperfections.
04-16-2012, 06:36 AM,
RE: Short hair style-- (Extreme close-up Photo of Hair Line)
Good point Hersute.
04-16-2012, 07:30 AM,
RE: Short hair style-- (Extreme close-up Photo of Hair Line)
i must admit im wearing my new skin peice,but i really do think i prerfer a lace hairline,
i like the natural scattered hair directions, skin hairline is to uniform,
ill wear my skin peice im wearing it at present, but for me i rekon ill stick with a sfsl front in the future,next hair systems forward....
ok so im doing what my hairdresser advised nearly a 18 months ago try lace and try skin,
well i reon lace is the real hairline deal,
she seid oohh lace is so yesterday, skins the in thing now,
well the jurys kinda out but, studying hairlines whats youre opinion on lace hairline v skin

just gives me more confidence,
anty Smile

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04-16-2012, 05:27 PM,
RE: Short hair style-- (Extreme close-up Photo of Hair Line)
Im not trying to offend, but the last 2 pictures look extremely "wiggy." The hairline on the first page looks totally natural
04-16-2012, 08:40 PM,
RE: Short hair style-- (Extreme close-up Photo of Hair Line)
ThAt's the diff I suppose between,
Skin hairlines, and lace,
The injection or similar used with skin
Looks very uniform, And precise,
That's why I prefer my sfsl at the hairline,
This hair system is relatively new nearly 3 Weeks
Into wearing, the skin hair,that I've had in storage
For around a year,

I've got enough money for another,
I'm definitely ordering sfsl hairline
next order,
Will keep this as a backup

Of course to you're eagle eye
But average Joe doesn't bat a eye lidd,
I agree ,prob look better wIth
a touch.f product at the haIrline
Gel,mud,ect to break the wall and show some scalp and introduce some random messiness
04-16-2012, 11:14 PM,
RE: Short hair style-- (Extreme close-up Photo of Hair Line)
Again, Ants picture is taken at an unusual angle and doesn't represent what those around us are seeing.
I agree that the hairline is quite uniform but I wouldn't say it was "extremely wiggy".
Lots of people have a uniform hairline with their natural hair.
I prefer a less dense & irregular hairline, but thats for MY benefit, not others.
At this stage in my life, its also more 'age appropriate' for me.

I KNOW I'm wearing a wig and seeing scalp makes me think it disguises that fact.
People around me aren't looking for signs of my hair being a wig and so a uniform hairline would just be accepted.
04-17-2012, 05:07 PM,
RE: Short hair style-- (Extreme close-up Photo of Hair Line)
It could also be that the picture is magnified 4-5 times than the actual size of his head that makes it more prevalent. Anty I would really like to see you get into a lace front and compare results. Again I'm a newbie that knows nothing but from my current research it seems that's where the great hairlines are made!

I showed it to my girlfriend and she had a similar outlook as me. About the pictures on the first page she said she would have never known in a million years, she was actually impressed. When she saw the second set of pics she said she would have known right away. Please please dont take this as an insult, as it probably is not noticeable in real life, unlike magnified here. If you take any offense to what I'm saying please let me know here or privately and I will remove my posts. Everybody has an opinion and sometimes people dont want others opinions pushed on them. Basically what I'm getting at is that I want you to have a result more similar to the first page. I think the new thinner laces will do that and maybe less density with a gradual hairline... I may be wrong though.

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