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New user, quite young and would appreciate some help.
06-08-2011, 04:14 AM,
New user, quite young and would appreciate some help.
Hey guys,

First off I'd like to say thanks to the website makers, I've found some of the best information about hair systems here over anywhere else...it's really helped.

So I'm 23 and started receding at 19, this year it accelerated and I'm left with a lot of balding at the front. It's turned my life upside down, people really can be uneasy around this sort of thing. I can't shave my head, it just doesn't look good so I'm keen to get a hairpiece as soon as I can. Just a few questions and I can upload pictures if need be.

1. I'm still very thick everywhere but the temples, the crown is fully intact still. Can I shave up to the front of the crown to apply a piece so that I can keep it? or would you suggest otherwise?

2. When it comes to shaping the hairline when applying it, would I need to worry about the curvature of the forehead and is there a way of measuring this if need be? (hope that makes sense..)

3. I'm in the UK, are there any decent stylists for cut its here? I've heard of good things about Debbie and seen a video of her work, she seems to have a talent for this anyone close to her would be fantastic

4. As the rest of my hair is still very thick and I'm young would it be a good idea to have a non graduated hairline? from what I've gathered only some people find success with this.

5. Can chlorine effect the piece? if so would a swimming cap be plausible?

Thanks for your time reading this and sorry to write an essay, just want to make sure I get as much right as possible.

06-13-2011, 10:39 PM,
RE: New user, quite young and would appreciate some help.
Hi optimistic...... I only just saw your post/questions this morning, and see you posted it a few days ago.... time I made an appointment with my optician I think ...must be going blind !! :-)
Can you post a pic or two of your remaining hair ? Would help to answer some of your questions more accurately and advise on density etc. -- sounds like a partial would be sufficient for you at the moment by the sound of what you say at [ 1 ] above.......
Yes chlorine is not good for hair, system hair especially, so yeah, a swimming cap might be a good idea /help to avoid the worst of it.
If you can also state the area you are in, in UK, it would help to locate a stylist nearest to you...... there are wearers scattered around the UK, so hopefully one can help out with a stylist near you...... you ask about `curvature of the forehead`... I assume you mean the shape of the front hairline........ just mark your template to the approximate outline of where your hair used to be .....you are simply re-creating/replacing your original hair-area so just mark it out as near as possible to the original shape...... can advise on graduated/non-graduated with a pic if you can post one... cheers, Paul.

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