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Getting the blend right at the back for 3/4, pics of styles I want
05-28-2011, 04:16 AM,
Getting the blend right at the back for 3/4, pics of styles I want
The back hair is tricky for a fullcap, as it doesn't lay naturally. When you tilt your head forward its not flat against the neck.

So I'm thinking about leaving about 3inches up from the base of the neck as my own hair...this is the style I'm considering,

When dry:
[Image: maxwell+barcelona+presentation+2.jpg]
[Image: e75dade6e1e7183eb0a0699e99f5-medium.jpg]

When wet:

[Image: Maxwell_Seria_peligroso_pensar_ahora.jpg]

This style seems to be casual and smart, so good for work and going out. Also the temples and sides are concealed, and I could get away with tape for the front as the front seems relatively thick.

[Image: 2011-02-18_ENTRENO_38.JPG]

Notice how the back hair is kinda curly and wavey, my own hair gets like that when its long. There will be some obvious texture and shine differences though...but I'm hoping that the piece hair will fall down into my own hair.

What do you guys think?
05-28-2011, 05:38 AM,
RE: Getting the blend right at the back for 3/4, pics of styles I want
Hi Henry .. yeah, I think keeping a bit of your own at the back is good to avoid that `lift` which can happen ....mine is very thin at the back, but I`m going to keep about an inch of it... I`ll let the system hair down a little longer over it, [when it arrives soon I hope] I`ll then allow my own to come down longer `under`it ...so in the event I tilt my head forward, anyone looking at the back won`t notice the `difference`--that`s the plan anyway !!:-) I think your approach/idea is good....maybe those who have `gone before`us will chime in here!
05-30-2011, 10:47 AM,
RE: Getting the blend right at the back for 3/4, pics of styles I want
How much longer have you got to wait for your fullcap?

I'll only be able to afford 1 fullcap next month, then have to wait the following month to order another one.

Its annoying using concealers now. My hair is strange, as I have a weird alopecia thing. So my crown is okish, but other parts are thin...especially after 2 days of not washing my hair. It gets tiring washing everyday, because it gets poofy...which is good, but to get it to blend with the partial...I have to use gel or product. This is all time consuming,

So I'm weighing up the 3/4 cap. It will be time consuming having to shave every 4-5 days and getting used to the itching. But it will cut down the time spent in the morning getting it to look presentable.

Also with it raining more, im worried about the concealer running down my face, if i get caught in rain without an umbrella.
What would the specs for this be?

I was thinking, bodywave and 70-75%?
05-30-2011, 08:10 PM,
RE: Getting the blend right at the back for 3/4, pics of styles I want
I e-mailed John 26th to enquire on the status of the order as I sent the Template in towards the end of March...he`s not been back to me yet on it.... hopefully it won`t be much longer as my present topper [10months wearing] is now finally showing signs of the lace fraying at the front... I did get another topper about 3 months back, but I couldn`t `get on` with it as good as the oder one.. density was a bit thinner I thought and the ventilation on the poly strip was a bit different ..it kind of stood `out`in comparison to the way the hair lay on the lace .....still, you can`t expect every system to be a clone of a previous one and overall, all my systems from Toplace have been nice/good. I guess bodywave will be fine for the style you want there....not so sure about that higher density though.. 75% might be `pushing`it ? Depends on your age too of course....younger guys can get away with higher densities...I`m wondering would a high density on a 3/4 or fullcap be `heavy`to wear and maybe cause more itching? Just me thinking aloud..... I know what you mean about getting the blend right with your partial being time consuming...I`m in the same position which is why I want/need the bigger system now...my own is just so thin now, I`ve had to thin the topper further to hide the blend..... the bigger systems bring their own issues as you know though......the joys of hair-loss !! Regards, Paul.

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