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important question for new wear
05-23-2011, 11:25 AM,
important question for new wear
1. Can the knots be bleached on your second attachment. ( if you didn't do it the first time you wore it)
2. Is there any spray that you can use to serum your hair.
3. is it mandatory to shampoo and use condition one a week
4. is the second attachment as clean as the first attachment more importantly the hairline, i feel the first time it was clean but now that i see it lifting i wonder if the second attachment will be the same
5. are the re order usually consistent with the first as far as the size and parting goes etc.
6. I know everybody is different but does the glue damage ur existing hair , i feel like if in the future I want to go with a shaved head. I feel there will be some skin damaged from the glue on the scalp

thanks in advance

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