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First re-attachment check list
05-21-2011, 11:15 PM,
First re-attachment check list
I once saw here a list of things I gonna need for my first re-attachment but I can't find it anymore. Anyone knows where was it?

What I already have (all from Debbie) is:
1. Lace Release
2. Walker no-shine tapes and contours
3. GhostBond

What else will I need?
05-22-2011, 03:16 AM,
RE: First re-attachment check list
I`d advise you to apply `knot-sealer` [available from Debbie under the `accessories`link on her site ] If you are intending to bleach some knots, you can get the kit off too if it suits you to do so, but only apply knot-sealer AFTER you have bleached them..... I find it`s best to apply it maybe after 7-10 days of wear....just to allow time for the hair to `settle-in`. You`ll need solvent to clean off tape/glue residue from your skin..you can get that from Debbie too... you should really have ordered the lot together and kept costs of shipping down [as you already got some products] Still, can`t be helped now.... Debbie sells ``Pure`` adhesive remover....you might like to have a look at this link http://www.foreverhair.co.uk/Store/TapesAdhesive.htm
It`s a UK company [ I think you are there ? ] which sell `` Re-move`` which is an excellent citrus-based removal /clean-up solvent.... it`s a bit pricey but excellent...am hoping to order a bottle from them [there are restrictions on air-freighting it as it`s a flammable liquid] You might like to compare the prices of the adhesives ..Debbie is very reasonable for many of them ..... just use the scroll-bar on the right to scroll down ..you`ll see the `Re-move`` there..... Paul.
05-22-2011, 04:48 AM,
RE: First re-attachment check list
Bummer. I though the rest I can get locally. Can I just use Lace Release for a solvent? If not, can I make one myself, say with water and lemon juice or whatever else?

The reason I am asking is I am going to travel now and won't be able to collect orders from Debbie or ForeverHair.

And how about bubble wrap? Is this needed for cleaning?
05-22-2011, 05:58 AM,
RE: First re-attachment check list
Lace release is not a solvent as such.. it has alcohol in it to break the bond...you need the stronger solvents to help dissolve/remove the residue... you should be able to buy surgical-spirit [basically alcohol] at a pharmacy.. I bought a 500ml bottle for the equivalent of 5£ here. It`s not ideal, but better than nothing... bubble wrap can help to remove residue from the lace... the solvents are more aimed at cleaning residue from your scalp... I suppose you could try lemon juice and see what way it works...never tried it myself.

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