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Questions and pictures
03-05-2011, 10:03 AM,
RE: Questions and pictures
(03-05-2011, 08:52 AM)Val Wrote: Thanks, Paul. I can't do the video consultation with Debbie cause I don't have a web cam. I can, however, make some more pics of better quality, for example with macro function in daylight.

Hi again .. you should be able to pick one up fairly cheaply ..or possibly borrow one off someone if you wouldn`t have any further use for one... just a suggestion....just install `Skype` [easy to download] .... the new/better pics will be good though if the cam is `out`..Paul.
03-05-2011, 11:18 PM,
RE: Questions and pictures
Ok, here is some more hi-res pictures of the back to help determining the density (double-click for full screen).
This is my 'out-of-bed' hair so scalp visible at the middle-low back is due to hair compression by pillows. The area covered with 24h old concealer is almost invisible here because it starts where the curvature of the head is placing it face upwards rather than backwards.

Also, two last pictures illustrate my question regarding template shape.

Top: should I go for straight lines or follow perimeter of good hair?

Temple flaps: have no idea how to cut them so any suggestions will be appreciated. My main concern is to make it blend with sides, particularly on the lower end. My hair in this region will be quite short.
03-06-2011, 10:10 AM,
RE: Questions and pictures
Still seems a shame to get rid of the hair in the centre of the crown there.... http://s768.photobucket.com/albums/xx325...ideshow%3E --- have a look at pics 4,5, 6 & 7 in particular there....snipe has shown a step-by-step of how to go about making your template....his head is shaved ..you will still [obviously] have your hair there..just dampen it down and it will help the clear film to stay in place ..you need to tie it under the chin so you can work on it...just draw your flaps and the top area on the film with a black marker.... make the thing rigid with the strips of tape...the more the merrier.... you simply cut out the shape with a scissors..... your particular `situation` is kind of `difficult`..while it`s a pity to be removing the top hair... due to the fact that the crown is thinning ....the temples have receded plus the fact that you want to `drop`your hairline, really leaves little alternative but to shave the top..... otherwise I`d advise you to just wear a partial at the crown....I can see how the temples would `annoy`you though...... looking at the new pics... I think you`d be better off taking John`s advice regarding the density..your own hair is not THAT thick...yes it`s thick but not exceptionally so in my opinion... go with straight lines along the top....you can keep it fairly narrow though [in order to keep more of your own hair] ... try your template and see how you get on..take your time...another few days won`t kill you..just do it so you`re happy with it..post a pic or two with it on your head and you`ll get some feedback..regards. Paul.

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