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Generic units and shipping time to the UK
02-08-2011, 09:17 PM,
Generic units and shipping time to the UK
I am thinking of ordering my first unit but as I live in the northern UK, I have some questions.

First – the customs. I understand if I order custom-made unit there will be several weeks waiting time. But after it is sent, how about British customs holding time and extra charges (VAT and such)? You have some clients in the UK so I wonder how long it takes for unit to arrive from the day it was posted.

Also, because customised units have such long waiting time, I am thinking of getting a generic unit for my first time. How much influence I have on it? Can I send in hair sample for best generic unit colour match, or do I have to rely on colour numbers? My hair is rather tricky to classify, as it is dark blond in general, but some days it looks brown, others lighter blond.
I would also like to get some highlights of lighter shade on the unit - is it better to do it before ordering or when cutting it in at hair stylist?

Another thing is how much can generic unit be cut? At first sight, I pretty much have full head of hair so would need to shave the top off from temples, beyond the crown, but not much more cause my sides are rather thick, even quite high-up.
02-09-2011, 01:06 AM,
RE: Generic units and shipping time to the UK
Stock systems come in a standard Density [medium] and Free-style.... 2 sizes also so you`d need to measure your thin area front -to-back and side - to -side and the nearest stock-size will be sent. Have you made a template yet? If not, it`s possible for your template to be sent firstly to Debbie along with your stock system...she can cut it for you and style it too if you send her a pic of your present hair style. You template can then be sent to the factory for your custom system..... as to customs etc.. that`s obviously something which Toplace has no control-over.....normal postal time from USA to this part of the world is about 4/5 working days and will need a signature on receipt. You could always enquire from your Customs people but as it`s non-commercial and only for personal use, I cannot see how/why you would be charged import duties ... yes, it is coming in from outside the E.U. and I suppose could incur a charge, but you`d have to enquire from British customs to be sure ..it`s never been an issue for me in Ireland anyway....always just delivered normally without charges. If your hair is a `difficult`colour, you would be advised to send in a sample of your own hair ... about a pencil diameter size, and about an inch or so long. Paul.
02-09-2011, 03:34 AM,
RE: Generic units and shipping time to the UK
I realise customs don't depend on Toplace. I was asking for experience of UK buyers. Thanks for your input.

As for the template - that's another problem. How would I do it without shaving my head? And how would I know how to draw the lines in the crown/back area? I have no idea what is the best practice and I can't rely on perimeters of the thinning area because it is simply too small and have absolutely no joining points with the temples.

If I understand correctly, sending hair sample implies requesting custom unit and hence long waiting time. Am I correct or can you do that with stock units, too?

What % is the standard density? Is it the only density it comes in? And can it be non-graduated?
02-09-2011, 04:42 AM,
RE: Generic units and shipping time to the UK
Hi again.. I guess you`ve looked at the thread there `Short video of template - making etc`` ... there`s a link there showing Michigan Baldie doing various routines including template-making. There`s no need to shave your hair for the making of a template...just mist/damp your hair down ... then you`ll more easily see the thin area through the clear film..it doesn`t need to be spot -on as such....what`s more important is to get the contours of your head replicated.Use a hand -held mirror to enable you see the back/crown area... sit if possible in front of a large standing/fixed mirror in a well -lit room and use a large hand-held mirror so you can see the crown properly. I suggested you send a hair - sample to enable Toplace to select a near-match for you .. I`m not fully certain now, but I think most colours are available in stock systems..maybe another wearer can confirm if they got a light or more blonde colour in a stock system? Stocks are normally medium density so 60/5%. Your hair sample can then be forwarded with your template to the factory for your custom-made system. I`m not too sure about the graduation question so maybe another wearer can let you know on that point...regards, Paul.

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