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u.k newbie
02-08-2011, 03:34 AM,
u.k newbie
hi all, at the end of the month im gonna take the plunge and order my first 2 hair systems from toplace. ive been using concealers for years now and cant get away with it any longer. from the research ive done i think i shall order a french bace with a swiss front, being detected scares the hell out of me as am sure it did you guys to. i just need some help with a few questions, so here goes, 1. on average, how long does a system last. 2. how undetectable are they?. 3. whats the difference between toplace and more expensive systems ,like farrell ? 4. does anyone on this forum come from the cornwall area in the uk. 5. i have long hair which i tie back for work, would this be an issue with hairline detection. 6. whats the best hair products to use and the ones to avoid. theres a few to begin with, i apolagise over my ignorance on theses matters, im nervous and excited at the same time. look forward to hearing from someone soon. thanks
02-08-2011, 05:31 AM,
RE: u.k newbie
Hi John..many of your questions have been answered already ..just have a read through the various posts there down along the page.... I had to laugh at question 3 there.....in a word? Ripoff!!! I `ve recently posted pics of my system [ admittedly not the greatest quality] of my system which is 6 months old now and still `going strong` but then I am `light`on them and detach nightly so am not lying on it etc. .. it varies from person to person really but you could reasonably expect a minimum of 3 /4 months ...again it`s influenced by many factors and an individual`s lifestyle too... the products to use ..well, I did a thread there too on Remysoft products ..just scroll away down and you`ll find it and other ones too as it`s obviously a big issue for wearers.... the main enemy of system hair is dryness so a good leave-in conditioner is advisable and use satin/silk pillow slips if sleeping on your system. A lace front will be undetectable to the eye for the way/style you want to wear.... you might like to consider a part-poly perimeter [also been well -discussed down along the forum ] some like them [me included] some like all-lace...again it`s really down to an individual choice...might like to consider ordering an all lace and a lace/part poly perimeter ... then you can see which you prefer for a subsequent order ? Just worth a thought... I like the ease of clean-up with poly, but the trade-off for some is that they feel poly is more detectable to the touch.....again, it`s not an issue for me, and I honestly find the poly extremely thin ...... Hope that`s of some use ..but as I say..take time to go down through the forum ..there`s a wealth of information there.. I know it might seem like too much for a newbie, but this really is NOT rocket science so don`t be a bit afraid of it..cheers.. Paul.

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