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Story, questions & more questions
02-08-2011, 05:11 AM,
RE: Story, questions & more questions
Hi again... Toplace don`t `do`anything to systems ..... Debbie,who has her own company and supplies glues/tapes etc. is who you need to contact for that side of things... the link to her site is attached to step 3 on the `` How to order` tab. I wouldn`t cut any hair from your system for colour-matching purposes ...just send in a sample of your growing hair.... looking at the pic it looks like a `1b`coulour to me [off-black/slightly brown] Your system simply had a poly perimeter all-around with the scalloped front...... the lace fronts really come into their own if/when you`d like a little `exposure`of the front hairline as they are literally invisible to the eye. The main issue with poly is that the hair is ventilated into it in a different manner to lace where the hairs are individually tied [knotted] to the lace..some reckon it`s noticeable, others say it`s no issue for them [ me included] At the end of the day it`s all a matter of your own choice as to what materials you`d like to wear --what`s comfortable for you. I certainly wouldn`t leave ANY system bonded for a period of 3 weeks at a time... even though the main-part of your system is lace you said, so your bonding is only around the perimeter ..still, your skin needs to be cleaned etc more frequently than 3 weeks....I`m surprised you haven`t had scalp issues so far due to extended bond-duration. I re-read your original post now --you appear to be doing an `` in-between salon visits`` cleaning yourself so I guess that`s been helpful in avoiding scalp-issues....if you really think about it, if you are able/used to doing that on your own, you should be well-able for doing it without the need for attending that `club/salon` in the first place ... hope a few more wearers will chip in here too..best wishes, Paul.
02-08-2011, 07:31 AM,
RE: Story, questions & more questions
Hi Paul thanks for clearing this up. Just to clarify a couple of things. I always wear the front hairline exposed with a similar style to some of the hockey players.. as in example below. Infact my hair length is just a tad longer..


My one gripe has always been that hairs come out, and if a few too many come out in the front, you can see the polybond scallops. I assume that will happen more easily with lace.

I don't mind doing a reattach every 1-2 weeks at all, just that I've never done that on my own since it's never come off. What do you suggest I use to attach around the sides and back?

My cleaning that I do is just lift up the front of the piece where the scallops are, use rubbing alcohol to take the glue off, then shower so I can my fingers under the piece so I can shampoo a little. Then when my hair is dry I use the Eurobond in the front.
02-08-2011, 08:23 AM,
RE: Story, questions & more questions
Well .... the lace front is very invisible so in the event of any possible shedding [which should not occur with the application of knot-sealer] it won`t be obvious to the casual observer. My systems have never suffered excess shedding, or any noticeable amount of shedding at all really ..I guess if the system is `treated`correctly and the knots are sealed to prevent them becoming un-done and the hairs falling out, you should have no worries... as for what you want to use around the sides/back ..again it`s a matter of what you find easiest to work with ...many wearers use tape there and glue at the front..others use glue all the way around....just have a look down through the different threads there and you`ll get people`s experiences and opinions on what they find best..... I have a part poly perimeter and just use tape on the poly and glue on the front......but again..that`s just what I find easiest to work with...... have a look at Debbie`s site and you can see the various tapes and their strengths .... hope that helps a bit ..Paul.

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