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Question about both release and clean up
01-13-2011, 06:25 AM,
Question about both release and clean up
I'm getting my first unit and just want to make sure i'm on the right track.

To remove a system with both glue and tape I would use lace release? What is the difference between lace release and glue melter? If glue melter is only for glue, is lace release also used with tape?

Once off, to remove residue from the hair system, I would then continue to use lace release and follow the mirror slide system? I saw vids of people saying to soak it in a solution, is that solution just lace release?

Do I then use either product for removing residue from my scalp?

01-13-2011, 11:25 AM,
RE: Question about both release and clean up
You use lace release to spray on the piece to loosen the bond for both tape and glue. Wait a few minutes, then slowly pull your piece off. If you've done it properly, most of the tape and glue will be on your scalp.

You use a "glue melter" I use something called Amber, I spray the base with it and let it soak in cold water for a few hours. I don't do this often, only if I cant get the residue off the base. I also use Amber to spray on my scalp to remove the residue there.

Use a glossy magazine instead of a mirror, its easier and there is no clean up.
01-13-2011, 11:36 AM,
RE: Question about both release and clean up
HI FreshHair.... I`m not the best one to advise on this as I do a nightly de-bond, therefore only do a very light bond [ a light layer of glue at the front and 3 short strips of `mild`tape on the poly] so I simply peel the system off at the taped section and use lace-release to free the system from the glue. I then clean off the glue layer with `pure` adhesive remover, and just peel the tape off the poly. A lot depends on what strength of glue/tape you use and duration of your bond..... some products can get `` messy`the longer they are left on and therefore, more laborious to clean up. The lace -release should also work on tape, if sprayed down through the hair onto it...... the ``pure`` is best to remove the residue from the scalp..... have a read of mrjoejohn`s thread there `` Back again and reviewing Ghostbond vs Ultrahold`` ...he`s done other posts/threads too of his methods and materials for de/re-bonding. Hope a few wearers who do longer term bonds can advise you here. Paul.
01-13-2011, 12:16 PM,
RE: Question about both release and clean up
I use blue liner all the way around, and Super Stick at the front (3 coats).

This lasts me about a week, with no touch ups at the front, except if I'm exercising. Then I touch up midway through the week.
01-13-2011, 10:59 PM,
RE: Question about both release and clean up
Hi Henry... I had been planning on going full cap or at least a 3/4 Topper soon, but haven`t gotten my butt into gear yet ! I had actually bought some stronger tapes than the `Sensitac`one which I use for my daily routine,in anticipation of ordering/receiving a full cap, but I haven`t used them yet, so I`m not best-placed to comment on strength of them or clean-up issues etc. The reason I do a daily de-bond is my scalp tends to be oily and I like to clean it properly daily without a system ``in my way`` ----that`s not practical for many people ,I know, so a bond of a week or so is best for many wearers due to pressure of time in getting to work early daily etc. I have the `luxury`of having time to pop my system on daily [only takes a few minutes anyway] nor do I share living accommodation with other people so I can easily de-bond nightly, without issue. I think your routine of wearing for a week at a time is about right ....this avoids the glues/tapes degenerating into a messy goo making the clean-up more laborious.... I also recommend - if possible- do your de-bond at night, and wait until next morning to re -bond.......it`s good to allow the scalp skin, which is normally in contact with glues etc. to `breath`--- can really help in avoiding issues like sensitivities to products... my own guess is that redness/itchiness is actually a result of the pores not being able to exude natural oils, sweat, etc. rather than an issue with the actual product itself.. even though your hair is very very thin/gone, the pores still carry on producing/exuding natural oils.... this will also coat/adhere to your base material, and needs to be cleaned too in order to avoid bacteria building up and causing health issues ...I`m not trying to scare anyone off of wearing, just advising a bit of common sense in regards to hygiene.... I know when I wore all -poly [from a salon] some years ago, my entire scalp was totally coated in glue and this system stuck on for anything up to/beyond 3 weeks .... I can tell you, that especially in hot weather, the scalp would itch like mad at times and when the thing was taken off....the odour was most unpleasant, and red/livid areas were clearly visible on the scalp. Once I began wearing lace ....not a bother at all, as it`s totally breathable and doesn`t trap sweat etc. Paul.
01-14-2011, 06:21 AM,
RE: Question about both release and clean up
^You make a important point.

I make it a rule to always do my reatachment at night. That way the tape loses some of its shine after sleeping, I wake up a bit early, shower, just using water on the piece. Blow dry, and then use product. This gets rid of alot of the shine, the next day the piece is the best appearance.
01-19-2011, 08:22 AM,
RE: Question about both release and clean up
clean up hell, after wearing for 3 weeks,i note my bonds washing on calender, abbreviations.
as its so easy to underestimate or vice verca,
anyway, i de bonded this morning , more so because i really only wanted to do a front hairline touch up.
but i knew i should do a full debond and clean up.
omg it was about 60mins+my own hair had grown 1",glue was tangled in it.
the glue had broken down in parts and was a yellow transparent gue.
so i washed my system hair on my head, dried, hairdryed on warm,then removed.
and worked on using my clippers to shave the new growth.
then came the hair system hairpeace, what a pain getting the glue of,no to bad on the poly sides, but the lace is a bloody pain.
i use lace release, oil based ect.

then ended up having to stay at home.
caused some irritation to my hairline scalp,
redness and you guessed it , because youre body releases plasma, the glue woudnt bond,the exposed hairline (lace)woudnt stay down.
this happened once before.

when its good its great.
when its bad its badd.

would you reccomend tape rather than glue?
will i get a strong bond?with tape?got no experiance with tape at all.
i'll prob do a de bond every 2 weeks.

found this post thread after searching forum for cleanup bonding tipps

anty Smile
01-19-2011, 09:35 AM,
RE: Question about both release and clean up
I wouldn`t recommend leaving any system in place for 3 weeks.... for the reasons you`ve outlined. No matter whether you use tape and / or glue, leaving any bonding products on for that long will lead to problems.....they become unstable / degenerate and cause a right mess [as you`ve discovered] .....not all tapes are suitable for lace..check with whichever supplier you are ordering from ....some tapes are more suitable for Poly and others are for lace..... interchanging them is not advised...... I was watching a DVD last night which covered that very point [ I`ll do a thread on it soon]. You will also have scalp irritation [redness] etc because of all that gunge sitting in your pores. It`s a good idea to do a more regular de/re and give your scalp a little TLC while you`re at it ....nice gentle clean [Debbie has a nice Deep -cleansing Mask for the scalp ] ..you can probably get some similar product in Boots pharmacy ..... I`d also advise [as a final step before your re bond] to wipe the scalp with one or two of those pre-injection swab wipes [alcohol] as this will kill any bacteria still lurking. .... you`ve simply made the mistake of wearing for too long a stretch. Do a weekly de/re and you should only need an occasional touch-up.... if possible, leave the system off overnight and re-bond in the morning.....just allows the scalp to `dry`and breath ... I`ve not had a bit of bother since I began doing that [ yes I do it nightly now, but used to do it once a week]..... it`s far easier to do a clean -up when the adhesive products are still fairly `intact`... it`s a classic temptation to leave it on your head when it`s still nicely bonded, but the downside is what you`ve just gone through...... cheers, Paul.
p.s. .. I checked with John and he tells me all tapes supplied by Debbie are compatible with lace/will not cause any issues....some of the `older`tapes were not ideal...just to clarify.
01-20-2011, 05:41 AM,
RE: Question about both release and clean up
thanks very much for the reply paul,
very true when youre hair seems ok, youre tempted to leave it,
but hell is there a price to pay.
i still dont know why i get the irritation and body reaction at the fron hairline,
(plasma)as i do a touch up about once a week to keep things tight,so i'v cleaned the area once lace and skin to ensure a clean bond, dont get ths irritation all the time.
p's do you print of and save any good tips, or is that to risky ?
do you lot hide youre lace release and alchol,
as someone finding thease reading the intstuctions is enough to start someone wondering.
many thanks for replys. hairlines recovered and bondings good,
happy again.
01-20-2011, 06:06 AM,
RE: Question about both release and clean up
No problem Anty... it`s just a case of forgetting [because the hair looks grand etc.] what`s actually going on underneath your system both with your adhesive materials and your scalp itself... all part of a learning-curve. You might try a different glue at the front there but my suspicion is that it`s [redness] more to do with moisture/sweat caught/trapped there.....if you can leave the system off overnight and apply a layer of sudocreme to the red area....it`s brilliant as it`s antiseptic,very soothing on the skin and has a drying effect [it`s used for nappy-rash in babies].....just give a little wipe across the scalp with the alcohol -soaked wipes before your re bond, and you should have no further bother. Personally, I have no issues with products being visible.. I have my own little private cupboard, as I`m sure everyone does for their private things ? I`ve printed off some of JRob`s instructions about full-cap templates etc. purely because I like to be able to thumb through it rather than sitting to a PC screen ....but that`s just me !! Paul.

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