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Been wearing for 4 months
01-12-2011, 03:06 AM,
Been wearing for 4 months
Thus far it's been a good journey.
It is worth the effort.
All I've had is SFS systems light density dark brown 5% white with body wave.
I get them cut-in by Maria in Chicago. The cut in is huge. Don't do it yourself unless you know what you're doing.
The best glue for perimeter/full head bond etc is Ghost Bond. Easy to clean-up. Holds like nails.
The best tape depends on chemistry of person. Proflex or supertape variants are a good bet.
The last 2 attachemnts I just did with tape full perimeter.
The front has a bit of shine but it goes away after you sleep and take shower.
I like to use a strip of tape down the middle for stability. I could de/re every 2 weeks but I've been doing it every 10 days or so just to feel clean.

One thing I noticed. When I take a shower and shampoo, the tapes hold good. When I use conditioner though, I compromise the long term bond. The right thing for me is to spray the conditioner/water after I shower.
Conditioner has this unique ability to "lubricate" all the nooks and cranies and make it through the edges of the tape.

I decided to take this route (hair system) while I still had hair on top. I just could not hide my bald spot/receeding hairline anymore. . .
Actually, I wish I did this 2 years ago.

So far . . . nobody knows I did this. I know they are not "being nice" etc.
There are no stares or glancing at the hairline etc. They are freaking clueless. For real.
I forget I have one on myself.

I started with a very light density piece (could see lotsa scalp). This compelled me to use glues.
My new system is denser now. I can wear tapes and get away with it.

Thanks for all the help here on forum.

My next adventure is to try the TL700.
01-12-2011, 06:04 AM,
RE: Been wearing for 4 months
Hi balamouti.. thanks for sharing that and I`m pleased you`ve found it a positive experience. It`s nice to hear how a new wearer found the `journey`and their practical tips etc. Should be an encouragement to those waiting on their first system to arrive and those still wondering what to do about their hair-loss.......go for it !! Cheers, Paul.
01-12-2011, 06:15 AM,
RE: Been wearing for 4 months
Nice post! I'm a newbie and user experiences are a great help.

One question, you mentioned conditioners. Are you using a leave in conditioner? Which one do you recommend? (or any other users?)
01-12-2011, 07:09 AM,
RE: Been wearing for 4 months
been wearing for nearly 3 months,since oct 14 2010,
was it worth it, hell yes,
the glues messy,but youre allways megga happy with the finished result.
a clean, modern,head of hair,
i envied other folk with clean, glossy hair.
as the concealler made youre hair look matte.and dull.
with concealers you'd style youre hair and look again and think, dam theres to much black in a paricular part,
put to much on and thered be a graduated nothing at the top a little mountain at the scalp.
and combing it off youre scalp to re do was painfull,
and caused me alot of pain and bleeding.
well thats allover.
dont get me wrong if youve got a lot of density concealers are great!
they start becoming a pain when you ignore youre losing density.
not the fault of the product,

if its taking you a long time to do youre hair with concealers say more than a hour.you really need to be asking why.

as i seid earlier the glues messy, but its worth it.
i now forget im wearing ,
and hell its only a maintainence(bond de bond) every 2 weeks,
and frontal/hairline touch ups every 5-6 days.
offcourse that was the and is the winter oct jan.
sumer temps will bringshorter bonding periods ,but hey if i have to bond every week during peak temps , im not worried.
im happier more confident than iv been in years.

i'll repeat this i see so many people as we all do who could benefit from hair replacement.
and you just wanna share the joy.
im concentrating on weight loss now,
i might one day return to a mountain bike in the summer , wearing a cylce hat.
something i'd never do with my old thining hair.

its all good not one regret. what better recommendation
01-12-2011, 02:31 PM,
RE: Been wearing for 4 months
@balamouti, thanks for the pm but I have never owned a TL700 thats why I started a thread asking people for their experience with the system.

Hope this helps.


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