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new costumer - some questions before i make the order
01-04-2011, 01:43 AM,
new costumer - some questions before i make the order
good day to you all

i'm from israel and i have hair replacement units for 10 years.
until today i used the local service we have here in tel-aviv but i decided to stop paying lots of money to them and buy base for here.
i have some questions and i hope someone can help me:

1. which base to order

O.k so i went to the style options and i see i have lots of options.
i found here in the forum this film in youtube and i would like to have
the same front line he has in the film. but with all that i would like
my base will have durability. so what do you say about the TL550 or
the TL250? i would like to have the poly on the back and side
because i want it to be easy to put glue or tape and easy to clean. so
what do you say?
i put here some hair cut options i like to get - if it's help

2. Glue or tape?

so after you helped me find my perfect base i want to be able to take
it of once a week or once a 2 weeks and to be able to put it on by
myself so i don't know which system to use for it to be safe on my
head but also be easy to clean and put it back on. i heard a lots of
people put tape on the side and on the back and on the front but in
the hair line they put glue - is it the base way to make un

3. which glue and tape to buy?
i found here and in the hair direct lots of options for glue and tape
what is the recommended?

4. hair density?
i want hair density like in the youtube film - what percentage should
i order?

5. hair length?
i understand that the base is not ship to me cut what can i do? is
there a place that work with toplace in israel?

thanks for all the helpers

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01-04-2011, 05:57 AM,
RE: new costumer - some questions before i make the order
Hi james341.... so many questions..so little time !! LOL ! Welcome to the forum.. I`ll do my best to answer you and point out a few considerations .
You live in a hot climate, so definitely go for lace. The style you want has a fairly exposed hairline so you`d be best off with Swiss lace at the front, and you can either have French for the rest with a poly perimeter, or Swiss all over and poly strip [ that`s what I wear] I find the poly is fairly wafer-thin and not really detectable to the touch..but that`s just me. It`s also easier for cleaning and it`s `tough`..like you can be that bit rough with it compared to lace. What I like too is the fact that it `seals`the edge of the lace, so no chance of snagging it with a brush/comb and possibly tearing it. I de-bond from the back, fold the system forward and spray lace-release onto the scalp just behind the front [glued] hairline..rather than spraying solvents down through the hair itself.. I prefer not to expose the hair to alcohol-based liquids, as it is very harsh/drying on the hair. The lace simply comes off with hardly any glue residue on it..most is on the skin. If you want a week/2 -week bond, you`ll have to go for a stronger glue....such as ultra hold or Ghost bond [again, due to the temperature where you live].... I can understand why people who are/have been Salon customers are apprehensive of `` going it alone`` after all, you are in a `comfort zone` of letting them take care of everything [a fact they use to full -advantage $$] and you are `used`to a routine. On your own, can look like a rocky road--trust me, it will be fine with a little planning/advice.
I`m unable to advise you on density as I don`t know which video you are referring -to [you didn`t post a link] so maybe post a pic or two of your present condition [though I think that may not be possible if you are wearing a system and cannot de-bond it at the moment as the salon does that for you] Maybe next time you go to the Salon, when they take the system off, and they leave the room, could you take a few pics with a digital camera ? I was often left alone in the room when I used to go to the salon with no system on my head.Just a thought. You can source glues/tapes form many sites... Debbie is the recommended supplier via Toplace... she has her own website and she can also do styling/cut-ins. You will receive your system from John, and you can then send it to Debbie for attention...she can do it from photos of the style you`d like if you pop them in with the system. Have a look at her site http://www.splitendshairreplacement.com .. you can e -mail her too and she`ll be happy to answer any questions regarding styling for you. Maybe there are wearers in Israel who can recommend a stylist for you, though yours is the first post from there that I have seen/can recall. Can you post a pic of your present system on your head ? I could probably recommend a matching-density for you to order from Toplace by looking at that as it will also show your own side hair etc.[ you can blank out your eye area for your privacy ] Going back to glues for a moment--it`s really a matter of your own choice..wearers often have to `experiment`with a few to find what suits them best..there are no real `rules`..it can vary from person-to person and your body-chemistry, climate where you live and active lifestyle..these will all influence how long a bond will last.... best to order 2 or 3 different strengths glue and tapes and find which suits you best...it`s part of the initial learning-curve. You will find out soon what is best for YOU, and you`ll perfect `your`way of doing things.If you have an old system,you can send that in to John and your new system can be made to the same size/contours for a nice fit. Pop in a picture of the style you`d like, and that will greatly help too.
I think that covers most of your questions for now --feel free to ask more.. I`ll do my best to advise, and I`m sure some of the other guys here will chip in too... regards for now, Paul.
01-04-2011, 06:32 AM,
RE: new costumer - some questions before i make the order
whoo paul
thank a lot for your answers it help me a lot to understand what i need.
i think i will go with the TL150 (super fine swiss with poly)
by the way for how long can you use this base? will it last for lets say 6 months ?
about the link ( i forgot) here it is - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJgSiwDdcok)
about my system that i wear now - this is what i don't want to have it look terrible and i can't show my front line.
are you using both tape and glue? and if i can ask what do you use?
can i be rude (: and ask you to make me some new costumer shopping list (all the things i need home to open the saloon in my bath room ) like you know : which 2 glue , which 2 tape, which Cleaning products and removing products and all the package - it will help me a lot

and thanks again from the bottom of my heart for your help
01-04-2011, 07:13 AM,
RE: new costumer - some questions before i make the order
AH.. no problem at all..glad to be of help. Yeah I`ve seen that vid a few times[ there was a link posted a few days ago of the same clip--it IS a good clip ] The density on that is a medium....so go for 60/65% ..John will know anyway ..just explain when you order... pop in a pic of your preferred-style..that will be sent to the factory...... you`ll have a spikey front. It`s a nice style I have to say. I posted a few pics recently showing the system I wear at 5 months of wear...... I`m now going into the 6th month and the hair is practically as good as on day one. I found a really good leave-in conditioner recently [UK supplier] I`ll take a pic in a day or two and post along with their address if anyone might like to try it.... I am not a fan of frequent washing .... I use the `Remysoft` [ just Google it] treatment system when I DO actually wash,and the conditioner in between as it`s very important to keep hair `moist` especially in hot temperatures/ climates. I simply hold the system `in the air`, then back -comb the hair [gently], spray/mist with water, then spray on this leave-in conditioner and allow to dry naturally --gives a lovely sheen to the hair....just like it was your own growing hair.
I do a nightly de-bond, so only 3 little strips of ``Sensi-tac`` tape [ideal for frequent removals and Debbie sells it ] on the poly part, and a light layer of glue at the front...my glue is one called `Tracksafe`.. I got it a long time back in the salon..a large tub which is still half full...... it`s more or less the same as ``Ultra hold`` or ``Ghost bond``... I just use it very sparingly in one layer ... for a weekly bond or longer, you`d use the glue in 2 or 3 layers.
Sounds like you`re not getting very nice systems from your present place ? I can assure you the Toplace hair quality is brilliant ....my stylist even commented on it when doing the last styling for me ..first-class ! Why don`t you see if a stylist in your area will do a style-in for you ? If you don`t ask you`ll never know ..just make an approach..the worst they can do is say `No`! It`s basically a hair-cut and nothing more ! Cheers for now... Paul.
01-05-2011, 09:49 AM,
RE: new costumer - some questions before i make the order

Being a newby myself, can you explain what you mean by nightly debond? Do you mean you remove your system every night, or that you change tapes and what not nightly with some sort of scalp cleaning? Also, if you don't want to nightly take the system off, what would you recommend? And I did read where you wrote about silk pillow slips if you sleep in your system. Thanks for all your information and help, as always.

01-05-2011, 10:25 AM,
RE: new costumer - some questions before i make the order
Hi John,Yep --exactly that--I pop the system off every night --just my personal choice....we all have different lifestyle needs...in my case I don`t have to be up very early and ``have time``.. I like a `normal` shower and wash / shampoo my own hair and scalp, as it tends to be oily. Hair is so thin now, I like to `fluff`it up by daily washing. If you don`t want /have time to do a nightly de-bond [and many wearers don`t ], just use a combination of glue/tape of the stronger-hold variety ---- personally, even if I chose to wear for a number of days continuously, I`d rather not stick my head under the shower while wearing ....you CAN shower properly, without sticking your head fully under the spray ----I just think that frequent exposure to warm/hot water isn`t really great for a system....the lace is a fabric and I just feel that saturating it daily will lead to a shorter `life`for it.... I mist the hair nightly and gently brush the hair and `re-arrange`the style, then I use my leave-in conditioner and let it dry overnight, fresh for the morning. That can [obviously ] done with the system bonded on...it`s just me and my little `quirky`way !! You`ll find your own likes/dislikes --don`t fret over it though....wearing is pretty straight-forward really...just get a nice cut-in at the start, and then just take care that you position it accurately when you re-bond, then after that it`s just a matter of keeping the hair itself in a nice condition..... satin / silk pillow slips are the kindest to system hair.....just a little tip ! Paul.

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