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Does it really match ?
01-03-2011, 05:14 AM,
Does it really match ?
Hey guys. I'm not wearer but maybe soon. Wink
Just a question, I'm just receding in the front of my hair-line. So there's just a little part of my head to cover with a toplace Unit.

I can't believe that the two hairs (my real hairs and the toplace hairs) can really match together. Every kind of hair is so different (not only the color, but the curl, the texture, ...). And I'm afraid that we can distinguish the two different hairs.

Thanks !
01-03-2011, 06:51 AM,
RE: Does it really match ?
Hi Hiver,
Send in a hair sample and we'll match the color and texture. But keep in mind that even the hairs on your own head all vary to some degree. Many people have numerous colors and textures in their hair. This is really evident in the summer time when you're out in the sun. The hair oxidizes and you get the 'beach boy blonde' effect.
01-03-2011, 07:28 AM,
RE: Does it really match ?
Thanks John for the answer.
Can we ignore this change of color in winter/summer or it's too noticeable and detectable ? (maybe it depends of each one.) What does people normally do ?
It's easier to send a hair sample just one time and then you keep it in my toplace folder; and not send another sample every change of season!!

I'm happy to hear that you can match the textures too. Now I think the both hair really matches ! I'm looking forward to see it.

My last question : Can we dye our hair with a toplace unit ? Or doesn't it work with the lace and it will dye the lace too ? If it works we are sure to have exactly the same colour and it's more undetectable.
01-03-2011, 09:25 PM,
RE: Does it really match ?
dont worry,iv been wearing for 12 weeks, and its fantastic,
no more hair washing , styling worries,i guarantee that you wont beleive someone who tells you there wearing, if its a modern hair system, and theyv followed the golden rules, of density , blending, colour,you'll comment"take it off then if its not youre real hair, there that good,hell its real hair and they are fantastic.
im a natural worrier,if i can feel totaly at ease , happy hell,
"one life one chance to look and be youre best , who woudn't want that"
01-03-2011, 09:58 PM,
RE: Does it really match ?
Hiver13... I can totally understand your concerns so I am not being critical now ok..... you are `imagining`all kinds of problems which in fact don`t really exist to a huge degree..as John said, even people who have all their own hair will see differences in colour at times, especially in summer time and in very hot countries where a lot of exposure to UV radiation takes place, hence the `` blonde beach-boy`` look. System hair does eventually fade, like growing hair...too much shampooing can contribute to it too .. it`s not really severely noticeable....my own hair is a very dark [almost black] colour, but there are times under certain lighting [usually strong natural light] when I look `critically ` in a large wall mirror, I can see a subtle difference in the 2 types of hair [system and growing] ---- have a bottle of `Back2natural` colour restorer/conditioner to hand and in a few minutes, the two colours will be perfect.... don`t worry unduly about fade...it`s easily managed. We are our own worst critics and we look for every flaw/imperfection as wearers [naturally] so you`ll spot it long before anyone else does and in any case you won`t notice anything until well into the `life `of your system...so in the early days , you just get used to de/re bonding etc. As long as you get a good colour - match at the start by sending in a hair sample, you really should have no major issues with colour fade......just have the `` Back2natural`on hand ! Best wishes.. Paul.
01-04-2011, 07:25 AM,
RE: Does it really match ?
I wanted to know if the toplace unit and the real hair can really match together and becomes undetectable. I think it's very difficult for the factory to make a piece with EXACTLY the same color (and bending), the same texture, the same kind of curl, etc... just copying a little sample of hair that I've sent !

Thanks for the answers.
01-04-2011, 08:01 AM,
RE: Does it really match ?
You`d be surprised !! :-) Send in a pic of your desired -style with your order-- helps in a big way too. Paul.

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