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can anyone recommend a stylist in Dublin/ Ireland or london?
01-02-2011, 01:30 PM,
can anyone recommend a stylist in Dublin/ Ireland or london?
Hello, any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated Smile also when bringing the system to the stylist, will they bond it to you and begin cutting or do you bond it first and then go in? probably a silly question i kno but thought id ask anyway
01-02-2011, 10:06 PM,
RE: can anyone recommend a stylist in Dublin/ Ireland or london?
Hi tylerdurdan... No, it`s a very practical question. If you are using a stylist who is well -used to working with systems, they will do that for you, but in the case of a `normal`salon, they will not be used to tapes/glues [ which I reckon some of them then charge through the nose for the cut-in--they can `justify`a high price for the `hassle`they`ve had you know ? ] so you`ll have to do a basic bond yourself. Using strips of tape is probably the easiest to work with..you only want the thing to stay in place whilst being styled....you can do a more `permanent`bond when you get home....... again this brings me back to a point I`ve made before...... if you are going to wear your hair on the short-ish side, let`s say like Antywanty wears his ..... why order 6 -inch hairlength to begin with when about 50 % of it will be cut off? It`s only `in your way`when trying to see where your base is sitting on your head before you peel off the backing strips from the tape and gives the stylist more work to do too. It`s a good idea to simply measure from where your perimeter will be sitting i.e. where the system will `meet`your growing hair, down to the point at which the hair will `end`[the nape is probably the best spot ] ....in most cases really it will be about 3 or 4 inches.... you could `allow`maybe an extra inch for a `safety margin`..... I know you`re probably thinking ``oh well that means the system hair will need to be 5 inches so``...yeah that`s fine but you`d be surprised at how that 1 inch `less` of hair-length from the standard length, can make life a bit easier ...... like if you look at the pics of mrjoejohn ..he wears his hair quite short..... can you imagine his system when it arrived with the hair 6 inches long ? Imagine how much had to be cut off in order to get it to the way he wears it ? I`d love to hear his comments on this ...did he go for a shorter length on his second order in order to make his `job`easier ?? I`d say he did somehow ! It`s just something worth bearing in mind.... I mean you don`t want to literally ``leave yourself short` but why order 6 inch length if your `finished`hair will be literally half of that you know ? First time I ordered ,obviously it was standard length....when I saw what ended up on the salon floor, I said to myself it was time-consuming for the stylist, and meant it took longer. That first `session`took almost an hour...the next time took 15 minutes max because I went for much shorter hair...all I`m saying to newbies is try to keep it simple and use a bit of common-sense. I found it easiest to apply tape to the system before I went to the salon, leaving the backing -strip on it.I wore a baseball cap on my head for the trip, and carried the system in a bag. Once we positioned it on the head and were happy with that, we just peeled off the backing bits, and pressed it to the skin..... job done. You should ensure your stylist can give you a little privacy such as a screen or `private`area just for the attachment... mine has an area down the back of the salon and she has a portable screen which can go behind / around the chair so others can`t see you... I also made the appointment for more or less the end of the day...kind of `last appointment` you know. These are all very real issues for us wearers so your question raises a very valid consideration.
Now I cannot help you with a stylist in London/UK generally, nor Dublin. I saw a post on here from a person who was paying 150 Euros for a cut-in [ outrageous] in Dublin. John has the addresses of two stylists in Northern Ireland [Belfast area] I live just near Cork on the south coast and my stylist would be happy to facilitate you --she`s really nice and good at the styling...the most she ever charged me was 50 Euros [that was for the `long`cut in, and 30 Euros for the `short `one ! ] Are you in Ireland or England ? There`s a Salon in Dublin [ I can get the number from the phone book] Now they are a husband and wife team .. I know they do systems...whether they would oblige with a cut-in or not I don`t know, if you hadn`t bought from them, but for the sake of a phone call what the hell ? Dublin might be more convenient for you....to be honest, any half -decent stylist should be able to oblige you in your own area , but if you feel `safer`with a person who has experience, you`ll probably have to travel..... let me know if I can be of help anyway [ sorry for the long post guys..I get ` carried away` as you all know by now !! ] Regards to you all, Paul.
01-03-2011, 02:56 AM,
RE: can anyone recommend a stylist in Dublin/ Ireland or london?
Much later--- I`ve done some research for you tylerdurdan.... I found the addresses on here for Northern Ireland, and also a place in Dublin..now I saw a post by a guy who said the Dublin one supply their own systems and do teeth-whitening and all that jazz .. they quoted him 150 euro for a cut-in if he supplied the system.... I didn`t see any testimonials or how it`went`...but I can let you have the details if you like --they are in Swords, so quite near Dublin airport. Personally I wouldn`t pay that kind of money but it might not be so much of an issue for you ?
You can drop me an e -mail if you like to [email protected] and I`ll get back to you but it will be from my `Yahoo`account as I can only receive mail on that first address.. I cannot send from it. Paul.
01-04-2011, 01:08 AM,
RE: can anyone recommend a stylist in Dublin/ Ireland or london?
hi paul,
just a quick reply because im on the move here, but will write more soon, thanks very much for your info and time Smile ur a great guy
01-04-2011, 02:34 AM,
RE: can anyone recommend a stylist in Dublin/ Ireland or london?
You`re welcome ..keep us posted anyway ! Paul.
01-06-2011, 07:01 AM,
RE: can anyone recommend a stylist in Dublin/ Ireland or london?
sorry about late reply i was in the midst o travelling, you know how it is over the holiday season, visiting pple and what not. that is a great reply Paul, thanks very much for your time and effort, i will email you to the account u stated, as regards the hair length, i understand the standard/ default length to be 6 inches, which probably is alot but i was always used to wearing my hair longish/something like ashton kutcher i guess, so myabe the 6inchs will do fine. 150e is quite alot but ill consider it. your stylish also sounds good. i was doing my template today actually, i was following michigan baldys instructional video from youtube, it went quite straight forward.

can i ask, after i ddi the template, the actual surface of the template felt not exactly smooth, in fact it was kind of "wrinkley" is this normal? also did u follow MBs advice in making the template a tiny bit smaller so u can strench the sytem out a bit?
and finally what is the best method of posting the template to toplace? in an ordinary evelope? or with proper packaging?

one again thanks for ur advice, im in ireland btw
01-06-2011, 07:32 AM,
RE: can anyone recommend a stylist in Dublin/ Ireland or london?
Hello again mate.. no bother at all -everyone is only now getting back into a normal routine after the end-of-year mayhem !
I didn`t want to post all the details on here for Ireland stylists as it would only bore people -- I`ll keep them to hand anyway if any others are looking for them in the future.As to the template not being smooth--don`t worry about it...this isn`t exactly rocket-science [LOL! ] --as long as it`s the correct size for your thin area and fits the contour of your head--that`s the important bit for a nice snug fit, unique to you. Likewise as to MBs advice.. I seem to remember that post [ think it was a while back] ..he possibly made his slightly too large for the thin area, and found he was shaving a little more off his hair than he`d have liked....the lace has a certain amount of elasticity for sure, but if you have to pull it too much, it can feel `tight`on your head ...it`s a little bit of a balancing -act....... I wouldn`t make it very much ``too small`` --- just sit your template on your head, have a good `overall `look at the perimeter and check it`s not `overlapping` onto your thicker growing hair [try to `see past`` the thinner hair which will be shaved off] ....it`s all part of the initial learning-curve, and honestly, you`ll never get it down to the exact millimeter as such.. don`t sweat too much over it..I`m sure it`s pretty accurate. In any case, it`s not going to be visible as such..possibly MB was more concerned about the `gap`as it could be detectable to the touch [ just a supposition on my part ] You can just press your template flat and pop it into one of those padded/jiffy envelopes [about the size of an A4 sheet of paper] ....they are all shipped to the factory like that [boxes too bulky etc] It will retain it`s shape so don`t worry about it on that score. The hair length -- I was just `thinking aloud`for other readers who might be into shorter styles..just to help keep it as simple as possible..... again, it`s a matter of what style you like to wear as an individual--- let me know how you get on with your contacts/ calls to the stylists etc.. I`d be very interested to see how you get on..... Paul.

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