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Ordering first unit
12-28-2010, 10:46 PM,
Ordering first unit
Hi all,
I am about to order my first unit.
I would like to get the swiss lace and maybe get the new ghost bond plus some low profile supertape.
My question is, I like it to be as undetectable as possible, so thats why I am choosing Swiss Lace, can I workout everyday using this?
I do not swim, I just lift heavy weights, and once a week I do aerobics, which is basically 20 minutes in the treadmill.
I plan to change it every week and go to my local stylist who does hair systems every month ( to cut my own hair, coloue etc. )

Anyways, I was thinking of getting the 70%, bodywave and being flexible to be able to do this style:
as well as this one:
at about the 2:00 minute mark.

So is the all lace swiss ok for my workout purposes and also have an invisible hairlne? ( combed back and maybe front sometimes )
Thanks in advance

Over and out in Japan

ps. this is the state of my hair now Sad

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12-29-2010, 01:12 AM,
RE: Ordering first unit
Hello Japan.... welcome... your two pics look a bit different in the way they show your hair...the first looks like you have reasonable coverage at the front with the hair growing forward...the second looks like it`s much thinner and swept/growing backwards..... I think a free-style system will be easiest for you to work with for your first `dip-in-the-sea` of wearing! [you can `play`with freestyle] I reckon 60-65% would be best ..70% is a bit high....not sure that your side hair can `support`a higher density.
It`s a common enough `error`people make in their anxiety to have a full head of hair again....you go from one extreme to the other......look at it this way :- if your sides/back is a bit on the thinnish side anyway, a new system with a light-ish density will not be too noticeable `against`it whereas a high-density will be obvious and lead you to be conscious and maybe want to thin it out a bit.....you don`t really want to `` go there`` [thinning] as a new wearer....you`ll have other things to keep you occupied ! Get at least 2 different strength glues and tapes ....finding what `agrees`with your body-chemistry is part of the initial learning-curve. You do weights ..well I assume you don`t do it to the point where you sweat excessively [as opposed to aerobic exercises] but with a lace system, you can shower and the water can get at the scalp through the lace and dilute the sweat. I`d plan your weekly detachments for just after your aerobic work-out when you will have perspired the heaviest..you can then give your system a nice cleaning and help protect it from the acid in sweat. You might find the ghost-bond glue a bit strong for weekly de/re-bonds, but then again, you could apply it more sparingly if planning weekly de-bonds. I reckon a nice freestyle with maybe a gentle body-wave through it would be easiest for you until you`re `comfortable` with wearing..consider also, a part-polyurethane strip on your perimeter like I wear --it`s very hard-wearing and easy to apply tapes etc. to......makes the clean-up less of a chore too..... the only real `down-side` of poly, is that it can be more detectable to the touch than all-lace...again it`s just a matter of choice..you could order an all-lace and a second one with lace/poly combination and see how you get on with each.... it can make things easier for a subsequent order...regards for now, Paul.
12-29-2010, 02:49 AM,
RE: Ordering first unit
Hello Paul,
thanks for your advice, I actually have good hair in the back and sides.
Let me show you this picture of me.
Do you think 65% is still ok for me?
Or can I get away with 70%?

The pic with short hair was a few months ago when I cut my hair real short, now I am letting it grow out as you can see from the attached picture.
Hence why the pictures look different.


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12-29-2010, 05:11 AM,
RE: Ordering first unit
Hi Japan..yeah that gives a better view all right...... I`d still say 70% might be a tad on the high side..hopefully others will chip in here with their views..... I`ll post a few pics in a new thread shortly [like this evening] which I took an hour ago showing my own system, which is 5 full months in wear now, and has hardly shed at all, and I just treated it and my growing hair with the ``Back2natural`colouring conditioner [ my webcam thing is crap but I hope viewers will be able to see there is no colour difference] My system is 55% ...now my camera really exaggerates things in general and it might look as if it`s really too light [density- wise ] but in reality it`s fine. Looking at your hair there looks quite wavy so probably go the next step up from bodywave on your order or just pop that pic in with your order and it will help greatly to get a good match-up from the factory. Cheers for now, Paul.
12-29-2010, 05:34 AM,
RE: Ordering first unit
yes i agree with paul, 70% is a bit too high and that could look wiggi. I wear 65% and that is realy alot hair.A lower Density is much more realistic. But for a better decision you should try it. But for the first run i would consider not more than 65%.
12-31-2010, 11:18 PM,
RE: Ordering first unit
Hi Japan,

Im in Tokyo myself and I would say go for 60% at first considering.
65% and 70% is a lot of hair.

Ghost bond is good also supertape, if you sweat a lot and lift heavy weight like I do I would go with blue lace tape for sides and back taping.

Just go real easy when pulling it off the system.
during summer months ghost bond and blue lace or walkers tapes and glues hold up well.
For humid japanese summers I found that other tapes and glues had a hard time sticking and tended to lift .

but thats because summers are so wet and muggy in Japan.

hope this helps Wink and yes SFS is the most undetectabe although you have to handle it it with care as its more fragile also.

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