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Thinning front (photo)
12-26-2010, 03:07 AM,
Thinning front (photo)
Here's a photo from a customer that is interested in a hair piece and is asking if he needs to shave the thin hair from his front and top. This hair will only get thinner and thinner with age. A lace unit cannot be placed on top of the thin hair--- the hair will show through the translucent base. Plus you need clean shaven skin to get a strong attachment.

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12-26-2010, 08:30 AM,
RE: Thinning front (photo)
hey hes what hair systems are intended for,
provided you shave youre hair at the crown to the front which to be honest some may find worrying.
but let me assure you of this!
its thye best thing you'll do, lose hair shave it its more trouble to you than its worth.
then the wow factor once you start wearing,styling is a breeze,
no more worrying about hair wash daY,
no more thinking when a night out comes up ect,,,aghh my hair.,
its great iv been wearing for 10 weeks,
yes my salon hairdresser did shave my hair,from crown to front hairline, but the benefits far far out weigh the draw backs.
one life, one time through this world, one time to look feel & be youre best,
hell who woudnt want that.
regards antySmile

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